Since adding a second dog to our family, there is one thing my boyfriend and I have felt changed the most. We barely fit in the bed anymore. Yes, we’re some of those people that let the dogs in bed with us. At night we think it’s so cute as we snuggle up with our pups, but in the morning we’re sour from being poked by 8 tiny dog feet.

Luna was always a challenge because she would start out sleeping nice and vertical in the center of the bed. She was still taking up space, but there was enough to go around. But then throughout the night she would slowly rotate until she was horizontal in the bed. She didn’t stop there either. She would use her four legs and try to push both of us out of bed. What a greedy pup, right?

Then we added Ralph to the mix and now we pretty much have zero space. I thought trying to sleep with one dog in bed was bad, but I was mistaken.

Luna and Ralph snuggled in bed

The problem now is that we have two dogs who find their way into the middle of the bed and slowly rotate until they take up more than half of the bed between the two of them. Boyfriend and I are left hanging on for dear life with pointy dog feet pressed into our backs.

Because we’ve been living with it for the past two months, we are ready to start thinking of perfect solutions so that everyone is comfy. We’ve been going back and forth between a few different ideas, but now I think we’ve finally got it.

The answer? Inner tubes.

Yes, like those ones you float around on lazy rivers with or go down giant water slides in.

See I think if we got one of those two person tubes and each stuck our legs through it, then we couldn’t be pushed off the bed. It would still leave enough room for Luna and Ralph to snuggle, but not take complete control over our queen sized bed. (High quality photograph below)

How to take back your queen sized bed from your dogs

We’re gonna give it a go tonight after we pick up a inner tube. Luckily stores have already started stocking for summer weather!

I’m really pumped for this. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but I think it has potential. And boy could I use a night of sleep where I don’t feel like I’m falling of a cliff!

If it works, it is a simple and cheap solution to a common problem pet parents face, which leads me towards another exciting announcement. I’ll be trying to tackle the Blogging A to Z Challenge for my third year. You can see my posts from previous years by searching “A to Z Challenge” on the blog or by clicking here.

In the past, I completed the challenge with 26 somewhat random (but awesome) posts. This year I am striving to complete the challenge under the theme “Surviving Pet Parenthood Without Going Broke” so we’ll be talking about money saving solutions to pet parent problems (like this one), what’s worth investing in and where you can cut, reusing and recycling, and so much more! Stay tuned for a full list of topics, I’ll be covering and feel free to leave a comment below with how you save money as a pet parent.

Luna and Ralph in our queen sized bed

So let’s get the ball rolling! Oh and also A is for April Fools!

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