When Luna and I were offered a free chance to try Nutrish Zero Grain, a grain free dog food, I became curious about the benefits that grain free could offer. I was excited to learn more about those benefits and started to do a bit of research.

Nine reasons to consider going grain free - Nutrish Zero Grain

Nutrish shared two major reasons why feeding Luna grain free could help her overall health. These reasons were also reinforced on a variety of other online resources.

A Dog’s Natural Diet is Low in Grains
Dogs are native scavengers, who will eat anything that provides some amount of calories, but for the most part this included meat, vegetables, and even waste. Grains only began to really enter dogs’ diets from our table scraps. Because dogs are primarily carnivore by nature, a healthy diet contains high protein and fewer carbohydrates. Hence, grains cannot be the center of their balanced and healthy diet. For this reason, premium kibble brands, like Nutrish Zero Grain, produce dog food with real meat as the primary ingredient.

Dogs Can Have Allergies
The most common dog allergens are grain and gluten. These allergies can cause various problems including skin irritations. By removing possible allergens and other less than ideal ingredients like by-products, artificial flavors, and fillers, Nutrish Zero Grain provides an allergy-friendly option. Additionally, dogs (just like humans) can develop allergic reactions overtime after frequent exposure.

After reading about these two reasons, I did a bit more research to find additional benefits.

Dogs Eat Less on a Grain Free Diet
A grain free diet is more nutritious than one with grains. Dogs can consume less grain free food and feel satisfied, while still getting the same nutrition. Although a bag of grain free dog food may cost more, it will last longer, which could offset the initial cost.

Better Overall Health
Most grain free dog foods, like Nutrish Zero Grain, are high quality. Lower quality dog foods may contain chemical additives, which have been linked to cancer, joint problems, liver problems, and many other health issues. A diet with a lot of grain also causes insulin and inflammatory chemical production. Too much insulin can make it hard to maintain body weight, while too many inflammatory chemicals can cause aches and pains.

Easier and Healthier Digestion
Grains can provide a dog necessary fiber. However, lower quality grains can be difficult to digest.

Healthier Skin and Coat, Less Shedding
The real meat and protein found in grain free food, like Nutrish Zero Grain, can improve a dog’s skin and coat by providing necessary oils and nutrients. Although we all shed a little, shedding is a sign of malnutrition in both dogs and humans. Appropriate nutrition from grain free foods can help minimize shedding.

Nutrish Zero Grain is a grain free dog food

Better Smelling Dog Breath
Nutrition has a huge effect on dental health. A healthier mouth has much better breath than one with poor health.

Easier Stool Movement and Less Poop!
More of the ingredients in grain free food, like Nutrish Zero Grain, is used by a dog’s body than when consuming food with grains. When more is converted to energy, less comes out the other end. This results in fewer and smaller bathroom trips. Some people even claim that it smells better. It probably does not smell like a bunch of roses, but any improvement is a good one!

Grain Free Dogs Have Increased Energy
When a dog processes grains, they are turned to sugar and found in the dog’s blood. If Luna ate a food with a lot of grain, this would be like me eating McDonald’s for every meal. Grain free foods, like Nutrish Zero Grain, generate plenty of energy and nutrition for dogs. Older and less active dogs, may gain weight on grain free food, but the portion amount can be made smaller without loosing nutritional value.

A dog’s ideal diet varies across all dogs, so use this as a starting point, but always do your own research and consult your dog’s veterinarian before switching.

Have you ever tried going grain free? What was your experience like?

This post is sponsored by Evolution Impressions. I am being compensated to share my thoughts on Nutrish Zero Grain, but the opinions expressed on Beagles and Bargains are my own and I only share information I feel is relevant to my readers.

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