There is a fun photo challenge making its way around the internet right now and we were invited to join the fun by both It’s Dog or Nothing and Dolly the Doxie! Thanks for the invite!

Another blog called Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet started 8 Photos of Happiness earlier this summer to help spread the happiness of photos among all kinds of different bloggers. What a great idea!

I take A LOT of photos. I have an external hard drive to store them all, so it took a while to sort through all of my photos and pick out just 8 to represent my happiness. Fortunately, I’m perfectionist when it comes to organizing all my photos by date and activity. But, it was still hard!

1. Luna

You all know Luna, right? I’d say she is pretty important and brings me a lot of happiness. I’m thankful everyday for my opportunity to have such an awesome and sassy dog.

8 Photos of Happiness - Luna

2. Family (and Holidays)

This picture isn’t the best quality, but it is one of the last I have of my Grandpa before he passed in December 2014. This picture represents what the holidays were like in the Shipman household. There was never a dull moment with 15 people and 3 dogs under one roof. It’s bittersweet because my family sold the house I associate with “going home for the holidays,” but there are so many happy memories that I think this photos needs to be included.

8 Photos of Happiness - Family (and Holidays)

3. Struan (and Fall)

Also known as the boyfriend. After almost 7 years together, I’d say that he definitely brings me a lot of happiness. He gets my quirky sense of humor, puts up with my ridiculous need to take 3 million photos of Luna, and makes a kick ass dog dad. Fall is pretty cool too. We (or at least I) love to go apple and pumpkin picking in the fall!

8 Photos of Happiness - Struan (and Fall)

4. Friends (and Wine and College)

Graduating from Cornell University in 2012 was one of my proudest accomplishments. Not only did I live up to my grandparents’ legacy, but I can proudly say I have an Ivy League engineering degree. Plus, I learned how to drink good wine and made some of the best friends of my life. If you love wine, go visit the Finger Lakes in New York right now.

8 Photos of Happiness - Friends (and Wine and College)

5. Photography (and Blogging)

This photo was actually taken about 10 months before I started Beagles & Bargains while on a trip to London. I’ve always loved photography and am known to have a camera on me at all times. I’ve never taken any formal training, but hope to some day. Photography is a key part of blogging and is definitely one of my favorite parts!

8 Photos of Happiness - Photography (and Blogging)

6. Llamas

I liked Llamas before Llamas were cool. Don’t believe me? Just look here. There is just something about these fuzzy Camelids that makes me smile like crazy. Some day I hope to give a loving home to as many Llamas and Alpacas as I can.

8 Photos of Happiness - Llamas

7. Camping (and the Great Outdoors)

I love blogging and I love technology, but there is something so relaxing about spending some time disconnected in the Great Outdoors. Be it hiking or camping or even picnicking – I love it! Now if only Virginia wasn’t so darn humid!

8 Photos of Happiness - Camping (and the Great Outdoors)

8. Sunflowers (and Gardening)

My absolute favorite flower is the Sunflower. It’s so bright and happy! I won’t say too much now because I have a whole post on Sunflowers coming soon!

8 Photos of Happiness - Sunflowers (and Gardening)

Many of my blogging friends have already accepted the challenge, so I’m not going to call anyone specific out here. If you are a blogger and haven’t yet been invited, here is your chance! Leave a comment below with your post. I can’t wait to see your 8 Photos of Happiness!

Share a photo in the comments below that represents your happiness!

Jessica Shipman
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