There’s no hiding my love for bargains, but there is one thing I never want to get a bargain on and that is my pet’s health. I make my dogs’ own costumes and shop the pet store clearance sections with pride, but I will always splurge on my dogs’ food

Why? Because what you put into your dog every. single. day. is a direct indicator of their overall wellness. Your dog’s food along with regular veterinarian check ups have one of the largest impacts on keeping your pup happy and healthy.

It doesn’t hurt that a healthy dog is usually a bit cheaper than one in poor health at those vet visits. That’s why I like to think of buying high quality food as a wellness investment. My dogs are family after all and my family’s health is my number one priority.

I’m lucky that I’m not the only one with this belief! Wellness Pet Food is constantly making positive advancements and wonderful additions to their already extensive line of pet food. Each decision is made with the health and wellness of pets everywhere in mind.

5 Signs Your Dog Is a #WellnessPet

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Just earlier this year, Wellness saw the need for increased availability of grain-free dog food options and answered the call by launching three brand new grain-free recipes under the Wellness® Complete Health™ Line. On top of this, they launched two new treats under their Wellness® CORE® Line and updated the recipes on two of their most popular treats – WellBites® and WellBars®!

Luna and Ralph go on a shopping spree at PetSmart

This summer, Ralph and Luna eagerly tried one of the new Complete Health recipes along with as many treats as they could get their paws on. Both the new food recipe and the new treats were a huge success in our house, but you can read more on that experience here.

Since we had already tried the Wellness Complete Health Line, I wanted to round out our experience and have both Ralph and Luna try out Wellness® CORE®! Wellness CORE is one of Wellness’s more premium lines, so I’m going to do a little investigative research to see if the extra money is truly worth it! It’s looking good already because all the recipes under the CORE line are grain-free and packed with protein.

Wellness CORE dog food for sale at PetSmart

Though the Wellness CORE Line is significantly more expensive than your average grocery store brands, it is not too outrageous. A 22 lbs bag will cost you between $53-70 at PetSmart, depending on if you buy it on sale or not.

For the next 3 months, both Ralph and Luna will be trying out CORE and I’ll be posting at least two more times on our experience with this new-to-us food. Wellness has graciously agreed to provide us with 3 months worth of food for Luna and I’ll be purchasing food for Ralph. Might as well see how both dogs do, right? Plus, I don’t want any doggy jealousy!

Shopping trip to our local PetSmart to pick up Wellness CORE.

To get ready for our Wellness CORE trial, we headed to our local PetSmart to pick up a few bags of dog food to start. Luna was happy-go-lucky to be there because she loves sniff out treats left behind from dogs past. Free samples much? Ralph on the other hand wasn’t so sure why I kept putting him in a cart!

The current plan is to try out both the CORE Grain-Free Wild Game Formula and CORE Grain-Free Ocean recipes. We haven’t made the switch yet, but we will be starting this weekend. Stay tuned to find out how the new diet goes for both Ralph and Luna.

Luna is excited about trying Wellness CORE dry dog food

5 Signs of Wellness

So how will I be keeping an eye on Ralph and Luna’s overall wellness during our trial of CORE? I’ve got a five point check list that covers their health inside and out.

Skin & Coat

Is your dog’s skin and coat soft and snuggable? Wellness CORE’s essential vitamins and minerals plus quality Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help support the health of your dog’s skin and coat.


Is your dog ready for a game of fetch or a long walk? High-quality proteins, grain-free carbs, and select fats in Welless CORE provide your dog with the energy they need to be awesome.

Digestive Health

Are the results from potty walks regular, consistent, and not too squishy? Healthy fiber, chicory root extract, and probiotics found in Wellness CORE work together to help support healthy digestion.

Eyes, Teeth & Gums

Are there any changes in your dog’s vision? Do their pearly whites sparkle? Vitamin A supports healthy eyes while calcium and phosphorous in Wellness CORE support healthy teeth and gums.


Are there any signs that your dog has become sick or their immune system might be compromised? Wellness CORE supports a healthy immune system by including antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables plus nutritional supplements like Vitamin E.

Luna is all smiles while shopping PetSmart for Wellness Pet Food

Follow our journey trying out a Wellness CORE diet and visit to check out the extensive Wellness lineup in order to pick the right food for your dog. You can also visit a local PetSmart and see Wellness lineup in person!

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