I’m completely embracing Christmas and winter today. It snowed last night, so everything is dusted in white as far as the eye can see from my office window. Naturally, Luna was unimpressed with the snow and pretty frustrated that the world decided to freeze her on our morning walk this morning. If you haven’t already gathered, she’s not the most adaptable dog. But, then again I’m not the most adaptable human. Like mom like dog, right?

I FINALLY did my first bit of Christmas shopping this weekend and the stores were packed! After moving to Colorado last year, I’ve always loved how many fewer people were here. There’s less traffic and shorter lines for everything. I’m notoriously impatient, so that’s a huge win in my book. However, this weekend there were easily 2x or 3x as many people out and about.

SO if you’re like me and still have tons of Christmas shopping to do, but you could do without all the waiting in line or just really want to avoid crowds, then online shopping might be the place for you. I’ve gathered 42 of my favorite items that you can purchase online for good dogs and dog moms. Some of these are my go to items and are tried and true. Others are actually on my Wish List and I’ll be so jealous if you get them first. Most online stores will guarantee delivery by Christmas if you order by December 5, so get to shopping! Make sure to check out each individual shop though because each one might have different shipping options and you may also be able to add on expedited shipping.

Keep on scrolling and you’ll find 42 (yes, FORTY-TWO) great gift ideas for almost any kind of dog or dog parent out there. On top of that great news, our 2018 Holiday Guide also kicks off Beagles & Bargains’ 6th Annual Stocking Stuffer Giveaway celebration!

Starting TOMORROW – Tuesday, December 4, come back each day through December 14 for a chance to win a few of the products featured right here in the Holiday Guide. We will take a break on Sunday, December 9, so don’t fret if you don’t see a new giveaway posted that day. I can certainly say this is one of the BEST Stocking Stuffer Giveaway celebrations yet. This year we have 12 fabulous giveaway sponsors, 10 days of giveaways, and 40 prizes valued at over $1,700! Double check that your are following Beagles & Bargains on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram AND subscribed to our newsletter, so you don’t miss a single one of these amazing giveaways.

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Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Want to see the whole list of gifts on Amazon (+ a few more)? CLICK HERE to make your online shopping extra easy!

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - Treats for All Occasions

Treats for All Occasions

1. Full Moon Duck Jerky Fillets

I can never say enough about the quality of dog treats coming from Full Moon. Both Ralph & Luna go bonkers for these. I haven’t found a treat yet from Full Moon that they don’t like. I almost want to issue it as a challenge for Full Moon because everything is SO GOOD! The Duck Jerky Fillets are a definite favorite and right now you can order them from Target.com for just $8.99!

Come back on 12/12 for a chance to win Full Moon Duck Jerky Fillets of your own!

2. Spot Farms Turkey Meatballs

Spot Farms is another favorite in our household for delicious dog treats. When I opened up the bag of Turkey Meatballs, Luna immediately wanted to eat the entire bag. Surprisingly Ralph & Luna hadn’t tried these treats before. These treats are made with real cranberry, so it’s definitely like Thanksgiving for dogs rolled up into a ball! You can find them any many online stores like Petco, PetSmart, Chewy, and Amazon.

Come back on 12/10 for a chance to win your own Spot Farms Turkey Meatballs!

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - Meals Worth Celebrating

Meals Worth Celebrating

3. Spot Farms Dehydrated Grain Free Chicken Recipe

Not only is Spot Farms a favorite of ours for dog treats, but in the last few years they’ve also released a line of dehydrated dog food. We’re big fans of dehydrated food because it allows us to adjust how much water intake the dogs both get a little easier. It’s also great for traveling because it takes up WAY less space. And, I think both Ralph & Luna like it a bit better than regular kibble.

Right now Spot Farms, has seven different recipes including Chicken (Grain Free or Whole Grain), Turkey (Grain Free or Whole Grain), Pork (Grain Free), Duck (Grain Free), and Beef (Grain Free). You can find many of the different food recipes online at Petco, Chewy, and Amazon.

Come back on 12/10 for a chance to win your own samples of Spot Farms Dehydrated Dog Food!

4. Caru Real Beef Stew

For the holidays and special occasions, I always love to treat Ralph & Luna to a stew from Caru. These stews are made with 100% human grade ingredients and are just all around high quality. When you pour them out of the carton, it really does look like a stew! Plus, there isn’t a dog in our family who doesn’t gobble it right up (of course I make Ralph & Luna share). You can pick up a variety case for all the dogs in your family over at Amazon. It features four different recipes – Chicken, Pork, Turkey, and Beef.

5. WellyTails Cartilage Hip & Joint and Coconut & Fish Oil Blend

I wanted to include a BRAND NEW product that WellyTails is releasing called SUPERSAUCE. It’s so new that I couldn’t even get the images and links in time for the Holiday Guide. Stay tuned for more information about this brand new functional kibble topper (pssst… We’ll be giving some away!)

As a stand in for WellyTails, I’m including one of my favorite products ever. The Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil & Organic Coconut Oil Omega-3 Blend has been a life changer for the skin & coat of both Ralph and Luna. It’s crazy how much of a difference it made. Don’t believe me? Check out this post on Why We Use Fish Oil. WellyTails also offers a full Fish & Cod Liver Oil option.

Come back on 12/14 for a chance to win your own SUPERSAUCE from WellyTails!

Would you rather shop directly on Amazon? CLICK HERE to see our Holiday Guide there!

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - Holiday Fun for Fido

Holiday Fun for Fido

6. Wellness Gingerbread Crunchy WellBars and Soft WellBites

These holiday dog treats from Wellness Pet Food are the best of both worlds. Cute & festive and super tasty (at least according to my dogs). These treats are Gingerbread flavor and specially released at the holidays. There are two options available – soft & chewy WellBites or crunchy WellBars – so there’s an option for any dog. I can’t get enough of the adorable shapes of the WellBars – a Christmas tree, stocking, star, and snowflake. You can find both the Gingerbread WellBars ($4) and WellBites ($9) over at Chewy!

Visit Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day #1 – Enter to win Wellness Gingerbread Crunch WellBars and Soft WellBites of your own!

7. Brooklyn Bowtied – Holiday Bow Ties

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with putting bow ties on Ralph. I mean he’s already wearing a tuxedo, right? While I make my dog’s my own bandanas, I don’t quite have the skills to make them adorable bow ties myself. My go to for seasonal, all occasion, and even custom bow ties is Brooklyn Bowtied on Etsy. The shop is run by friend and fellow blogger, Rochelle of The Broke Dog. For the holidays, she has released 5 new bow tie patterns – The Blackstone (pictured), The Emeline, The Conifer (pictured), The Elmgrove, and The Ives. Be sure to get your order in ASAP because the last day to order for 2018 is December 10!

Save 20% off full-priced dog bow ties with coupon code SANTARALPH through 12/10!

Visit Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day #3 – Enter to win Brooklyn Bowtied Bow Ties for your dog!

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - #PetParentsWhoBake


8. Messy Mutts Silicone Dog Treat Maker

If you’re planning to make your dog any festive treats for the season, I highly recommend getting a super cute and durable silicone mold. I was first introduced to Messy Mutts back at the Global Pet Expo in March of this year and immediately knew I just had to have their Silicone Dog Treat Maker. It’s safe to use when baking or making frozen treats. The mold is available in two different sizes – Large (8 Bones) and Small (15 bones). You can get both on Amazon for about $20.

9. On Point Pupcakes Original Pupcake Mix

I just recently learned about On Point Pupcakes when the owner introduced them as Betty Crocker mixes for dogs. How genius! I love spoiling my dogs with special treats, but I don’t always have time to bake from scratch. And I bet these mixes would work super well in the silicone mold above though I haven’t tried it just yet!

Right now On Point Pupcakes offers three different flavors of mix – Pumpkin, Original, and Carob – for $7 each. Or you can order a Pupcake Party Pack with one of each flavor for $19. If you love supporting small businesses, definitely check these out!

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - Adventure Pups & People

Adventure Pups & People

10. Alcott First Aid Kit

I’m notoriously a worrier, so I always like to be prepared. It doesn’t matter if we’re at home, traveling, or out on an adventure, I have to have a first aid kit for BOTH dogs and humans nearby in case of an emergency or just minor accident. You can definitely create your own first aid kit, but sometimes buying one that is already assembled and comes in a cute little bag is the way to go. PLUS, it is super portable. That’s why I’ll definitely be keeping my Alcott First Aid Kit in the car from now own! If you don’t have a Pet First Aid Kit yet, then you can order one online for $29.99.

If planning to order from Alcott, then don’t forget to join their Rewards Program! Plus, if you use my link then you get 500 points which is worth $5 towards your purchase!

Visit Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day # – Enter to win an Alcott First Aid Kit of your own!

11. Sleepypod Go Bag

For pups and people on the go, this is a fantastic gift idea. The Sleepypod Go Bag is brand new this year and has been selling like crazy. The bag has two side pockets for water bottles, 1 small zippered pocket for smaller items, and a large padded pocket inside the main compartment designed to protect important documents or electronics. The set also comes with three other organizers – two padded mini cubes and one insulated food bag. All the organizers come in Glacier Silver, but you can pick between Jet Black, Glacier Silver, Strawberry Red, and Robin Egg Blue for the exterior bag. Everything is $79.99 over on Sleepypod’s website.

Come back on 12/13 for a chance to win your own Sleepypod Go Bag!

12. Kurgo Gourd Water Bottle & Bowl

I don’t have this bottle, but it’s been on my to do list for quite some time. The smart design from Kurgo allows both pets and people to drink from the same water source at the same time without adding extra bulk or being a super awkward shape. The bottle holds 24 oz and has a detachable bowl on the bottle for pets.

13. Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowls

Another one of our must have items from Sleepypod for adventures and travel are the Yummy Travel Bowls. These bowls are designed perfectly for food and water on the go. Plus, you can even freeze them to keep the water cool through your entire journey!

Come back on 12/13 for a chance to win Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowls of your own!

14. 4Knines Black Regular Split Rear Seat Cover with Hammock

I’ve used several car seat covers since first getting Luna back in 2012 and this is hands down my favorite. I love the flexibility of the split in the middle. It allows us to put half the seat down or even pull down the extra drink holders in the middle of the back seat. The hammock feature also prevents the dogs from falling down during a drive and is a great way to put items out of sight during road trips or just around town. I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality from 4Knines and absolutely think it’s worth the $89.99 price.

Visit Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day #2 – Enter to win your own 4Knines Split Rear Seat Cover with Hammock!

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - Toys for Good Dogs

Toys for Good Dogs

15. Chuckit! RingChaser Launcher & UltraRing

My dogs are super weird and don’t seem to get how balls work. When I learned about Chuckit! launching a new fetch toy in a ring shape, I was excited to see what they would do! The verdict? Ralph LOVED chasing after the Chuckit! UltraRing™ as it rolled away. We had a blast using this in our local dog park. He still didn’t quite get the whole fetch concept down, but it definitely is going to be a new dog park staple in our household.

Visit Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day #4 – Enter to win a Chuckit! RingChaser Launcher & UltraRing of your own!

16. P.L.A.Y. Ho Ho Ho Hot Chocolate Dog Toy

If you’re looking for some of the cutest and most creative dog toys in the world, look no further that P.L.A.Y.! Last year I shared their Yummy Yuletide Log which is both ADORABLE and interactive. This year, I’m a bit obsessed with the Ho Ho Ho Hot Chocolate. This too is so cute that I even saw it at Crate & Barrel yesterday morning! Don’t worry; you don’t have to drive to your mall to get it. You can order it right off P.L.A.Y.’s website for $12.90.

Save 30% off your entire order at P.L.A.Y. with coupon code CANDYCANE at checkout through 12/9!

17. Chuckit! Breath Right Fetch Stick & Ball

Chuckit! also recently launched a new line of Breathe Right® toys including a Ball and Fetch Stick. These toys are purposely designed to help improve breathing and airflow into dog’s lungs during play time. The Ball also floats and is compatible with a regular Chuckit! Launcher. PLUS, the you can also entice your food motivated Beagle to run around and play by in slipping a small treat into the holes of these toys.

Visit Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day #4 – Enter to win your own Chuckit! Breath Right Fetch Stick & Ball!

18. Hear Doggy™ Flats with Chew Guard Technology™

A current toy obsession at our house are the Hear Doggy™ Flats with Chew Guard Technology™. These toys are durable enough for a determine Beagle mix to play with and feature an Ultrasonic squeaker that the dogs can hear, but us humans can’t. Ralph & Luna both love squeaking this for hours, but fortunately it doesn’t bother me one bit! Our pups have the Pig, but these toys also come as Giraffe, Elephant, and more! You can pick one up in your favorite animal and size on Amazon.

19. P.L.A.Y. Poinsettia Wobble Ball

I’ve been secretly ogling over the Wobble Balls from P.L.A.Y. and just recently learned that they have a festive Christmas version. The Wobble Ball is an interactive puzzle toy that mentally and physically stimulates dogs by allowing them to both hear and see dog treats spinning around inside. All you have to do is insert your pup’s favorite kibble or treat!

Save 30% off your entire order at P.L.A.Y. with coupon code CANDYCANE at checkout through 12/9!

Want to see the whole list of gifts on Amazon (+ a few more)? CLICK HERE to make your online shopping extra easy!

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - Seasonal (or Separation) Anxiety Busters

Seasonal (or Separation) Anxiety Busters

20. True Leaf Pet Calming Sticks

My pups are lucky that both their people work from home, so we’re with them almost all the time. However, we do venture outside of the house on occasion to get dinner, see a movie, or interact with other humans. Luna has always suffered from separation anxiety and while adding Ralph to the family has significantly helped, living in a busy apartment building definitely doesn’t help. She can be a bit sensitive to hearing activity from neighboring apartments or in the hallways. We’ve made numerous adjustments to help her relax, but if she’s particularly anxious we’ve been utilizing chews and treats designed to help. A current favorite is the Calming Sticks from True Leaf Pet, which utilize hemp oil but not CBD. She seems to love the flavor and the sticks generally last for a few extra seconds compared to regular treats. You can find them on Amazon for about $8.

21. Benebone Pawplexer

If Ralph could ask for only one thing for the rest of his life, it would be an endless supply of Benebones. That little dog LOVES to chew. I think his favorite shape is their classic Wishbone. I love the newer Pawplexer because it allows you to combine it with a bully stick causing both to last longer and provide a little variety for your pup. You can get both on Amazon or at Petco in three flavors – Chicken, Bacon, and Peanut Butter.

22. JW RoboBone Electronic Treat Dispenser

Every once in a while there is a product that I learn about that I can’t wait to get my hands on. This year that product was the JW RoboBone. At an affordable $22.95, this is a electronic treat dispensing toy that will keep your pup occupied for a while. You just have to put favorite kibble or treats in the holes of the wheels and turn it on. It randomly moves around keeping your dog on their toes. While Luna was a bit cautious, Ralph’s new life goal is to outsmart this new toy.

23. Red Barn Puff Braid

I’m constantly on the hunt for chews that will actually keep Luna occupied for more than just a minute. The Puff Braid from Red Barn is an esophagus baked chew. It’s made with one ingredient and is rawhide free. It’s nice to finally have another option besides the classic bully stick! Luna goes absolutely nuts whenever I get one out. You can order some for you pup off Amazon.

24. DOGTV Subscription

To also help combat Luna’s separation anxiety, I’ve been leaving the TV on to help drown out other noise and keep her calm. After doing that for years, I learned about DOGTV – TV designed specifically for dogs. It’s a subscription based service that was developed to provide dogs the right company when left alone and is available 24/7 online or through a streaming device like Roku or Apple TV. Right now you can purchase a 6-month subscription for only $49.99.

Interested in trying it out? Sign up with our referral link and get 30 days free – http://dogtv.refr.cc/jessicas

Come back on 12/11 for a chance to win a DOGTV Subscription of your own!

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - Your Favorite Pet Parent

Your Favorite Pet Parent

25. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off® Upright Pet Vacuum

For pet parents, dog hair is the seasoning of life. But just like with all spices, a little goes a long way. It’s a futile task to try to rid a pet friendly home of all dog hair, but reducing it is achievable. BISSELL has been releasing cleaning products specifically designed with pet parents in mind. Last year, I was lucky enough to get the Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off® Upright Pet Vacuum and I’m so thankful I did! It’s main clean up easier than ever. Right now it’s on sale for $219.99, down $80.

26. One Fur All Pet House Candles (Snowfall)

There’s nothing better than a good seasonal candle to put you into the holiday spirit. One Fur All makes my all time favorite soy candles. Soy candles are better options for pet friendly homes because they are cleaner burning with no toxins. This year I’ve got my eye on the Snowfall scent.

Save 5% off your entire order with coupon code BEAGLESBARGAINS!

27. Inspired Closet Dog Hair is My Fairy Dust T-Shirt

If the vacuum from above isn’t your thing, then maybe this shirt will help you embrace the dog hair lifestyle. I absolutely love the vibrant shirt color and fun design. I would definitely be proud to wear this shirt out and about town. If you like this, be sure to check out the Inspired Closet Shop on Etsy. This shop is owned by my friend and fellow blogger, Christina of The Everyday Dog Mom.

Visit Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day #3 – Enter to win a store credit to Inspired Closet Shop!

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - New Dog Moms (and Dads)

New Dog Moms (and Dads)

28. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

It’s fun to try to figure out what different breeds make up a rescue dog. Even though I’m pretty confident Luna is at least partially a Beagle, I wonder what else she is and hope to do a DNA test on her sometime soon. It’s a great gift for yourself if you have mystery mutts (like Ralph) or if you have a friend or family member who recently rescued a pup! Imagine the great Christmas surprise of finding out the breeds of your beloved dog.

Right now through the end of the year, the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is $40 off with promo code HOLIDNA. You can also find it occasionally on sale on Amazon.

29. Full Moon Organic Chicken Training Sticks

When you get a new dog, it doesn’t matter how old they are, training has to be a top priority. The key to training is a positive attitude, consistency, and finding a low calorie, but high value treat. Our go to training treats are from Full Moon. They are available in breakable sticks or bit size pieces in both Chicken and Duck. You can find these training treats online at Target and Amazon.

Come back on 12/12 for a chance to win Full Moon Organic Chicken Training Sticks of your own!

30. DIGGS Revol Crate

A new pup also means it’s time for a new crate. We also used the generic black wire crates until I learned about the DIGGS Revol Crate this year. This crate is not only nice to look at, but it was designed to be flexible and functional. It’s a bit pricey at the $224.99 price tag, but you can save $25 off when you sign up for the DIGGS mailing list.

31. Club Doggie Online Puppy Training Program

We’re not all naturals when it comes to dog training and we all definitely don’t have years of experience under our belt. When I have questions about behavior issues or trick training, I turn to the experts. One of those experts is my friend and fellow blogger, Kama of ChiPets and Kama Loves Agility. Kama has more dogs than anyone else I know in a wide variety of different breeds. I can concretely say that they are all better training than Ralph & Luna combined. She and her mom, Jubie, have years of experience in Agility, Tricks, Canine Good Citizen, and Puppy Training through Club-Doggie. Recently, Club-Doggie ONLINE came to life so that dog parents all over can enjoy their training expertise.

Visit Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day #3 – Enter to win a free month to the Club Doggie Online Puppy Training Program!

32. Messy Mutts Bolster Bed

Any new pup needs his or her own dog bed. I’ve become a big fan of the Bolster Beds from Messy Mutts. They have a few different collections, but I love ours because it is durable and water resistant enough to be used outside. I knew it was a big hit as soon as I unpacked it from the box and Luna proceeded to roll all over it. I opted to get the large size, so that both Ralph & Luna could fit, but Luna hasn’t been a big fan of sharing. Looking for a similar bed? Find it on Amazon.

Would you rather shop directly on Amazon? CLICK HERE to see our Holiday Guide there!

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - Doggy Clean Up

Doggy Clean Up

33. Kurgo Tailgate Dumpster

If you’ve ever traveled with dogs, you know that they don’t always go to the bathroom at the most opportune time and there aren’t always trash cans to dispose of it. There have been countless times where we’ve had to stick a stinky poop bag in the car or tie it to our bike rack to get to a trash can. If we had the Tailgate Dumpster from Kurgo, that would all change. This is definitely on my wish list!

34. EQyss ELITE Conditioning Shampoo

I just learned about EQyss this year and have been super impressed with their grooming products. While half of their business is focused on horses, the other half is focused on family pets. For dogs, they have several high quality shampoos, deodorizing sprays, and conditioners. On top of that, they have natural Flea & Tick Care and an Anti-Chew Spray, which you can find on Amazon.

35. Bags on Board Waste Bag Dispenser

I’ve had two of these Waste Bag Dispensers for years. They have served us well on long hikes, road trips, and plenty of other adventures and they are still going strong. I love that these make dispensing the bags easy, but they also aren’t anywhere near as bulky as most dispensers. You can find the dispensers from Bags on Board over at Amazon.

Beagles & Bargains 2018 Holiday Guide for Dogs & Dog Moms - 42 Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers - Beagle Moms RULE

Beagle Moms RULE

36. Sagittarius Gallery Beagle Starry Night Print

This Beagle Starry Night Print is on my personal wish list. I have several other Beagle prints up in my office (along with photos of Ralph & Luna) and this would fit right in. If Beagles aren’t your favorite breed, Sagittarius Gallery on Etsy has Corgis, Chihuahuas, Westies, Shiba Inus, and more.

37. Ren and Thread Sniffing Beagle Ornament

I just happened to stumble upon the shop Ren and Thread while casually browsing on Etsy. They have some of the cutest Beagle gifts! They do ship from the UK, so take a look at all they offer before hitting purchase. I’m pretty obsessed with how cute these sniffing Beagle ornaments are and you bet they are on my personal wish list this year. And, yes. They have other breeds available too!

38. Ren and Thread Beagle Stickers

The world can ever have enough stickers and either can I. These Beagle stickers from Ren and Thread are a must have! I can’t get enough of the howling Beagle.

39. Ren and Thread Beagle Enamel Pin

If you love the howling Beagle from the sticker set, what would you say if I said you could also get an enamel pin? You’d be super excited, right? Well get ready because it’s true! You can get a pin in three different designs as well as three different color combinations to match best to your favorite Beagle or Beagle mix (Luna says she is Tri-Color in case you were wondering).

40. Fold It Creations Origami Beagle Enamel Pin

If you love Beagles and enamel pins, then you might want to know that there is another Beagle pin option out there! The Etsy shop Fold It Creations has a super cute Origami inspired Beagle Pin. I can’t get over how cute this is and I’m hoping Santa brings me one this year!

41. Pup Moms Beagle Mama Shirt

Who else is a Beagle Mama and proud of it? Raise your hands high! I’m pretty sure that I need this Beagle Mama shirt from Pup Moms on Etsy for walking Luna around town. I’ll definitely be holding my head high as she tries to eat all the pizza crusts and random other snacks she finds on the ground.

42. Inspired Closet Beagle Leggings

To go with my Beagle Mama shirt, I definitely need a pair of Beagle Leggings to complete the outfit. I don’t think there is a better way to show off the love of your Beagle than to wear their likeness on your pants. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. Want a pair? Order them from the Inspired Closet Shop on Etsy.

Visit Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day #3 – Enter to win a store credit to Inspired Closet Shop!

What’s the number one thing you hope will be under the tree this year? What is your pup hoping Santa Paws brings?

Disclaimer: Alcott, WellyTails, Sleepypod, Petmate, Wellness Pet Food, 4Knines, Spot Farms, Full Moon, DOGTV, Brooklyn Bowtied, Club Doggie, and Inspired Closet Shop sent free product to review. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Alcott, WellyTails, Sleepypod, Petmate, Wellness Pet Food, 4Knines, Spot Farms, Full Moon, and DOGTV.

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