Thanksgiving has come and gone, so I’m finally ready to get into the Christmas spirit! I absolutely love Christmas time. It’s the perfect time to spend quality time with family and friends and a great excuse to eat delicious food. …What diet?

But with the amount of sunlight getting less and less each day and the seemingly never ending list of things to do, this time of year can also be a bit stressful. Baking cookies, decorating the tree, writing Santa a letter, and finding the perfect gifts can seem like a lot!

Never fear! I’m here to help reduce that stress by providing you with some great gift ideas for all the adorable pets and amazing pet lovers in your life. Plus, as an extra special bonus, our 2016 Holiday Guide also kicks off Beagles & Bargains’ 4th Annual Stocking Stuffer Giveaways celebration!

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Beagles & Bargains Holiday Guide 2016

Holiday Themed Treats and Chews

Beagles & Bargains Holiday Guide 2016 - Holiday Themed Treats and Chews

1. Jones Natural Chews Holiday Box (Jumbo Bone)

If your pup is a fan of chews, I highly recommend Jones Natural Chews. it is pretty much our favorite option for high quality chews that keep both Ralph and Luna busy. While Jones has plenty of treats perfectly sized for my two 20 pound dogs, they don’t forget about giant breeds! The Holiday Jumbo Bone would make the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite large dog. After all their stockings are a bit bigger, right? You can get your Jumbo Bone at or on Amazon.

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2. Caru Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

There’s nothing better on a cold winter night than a warm soup or stew. Now with Caru’s Beef Bone Broth, you don’t have to leave your pup out of the delicious holiday meal. Either add a bit to their kibble or add some cooked veggies and meat for a festive stew. It retails for about $11.99 per 1.1 lb carton and you can find it at various online retailers such as

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3. Jones Natural Chews Canine Christmas Cruncher

The Canine Christmas Crunchers stocking is a great way for your pup to try a few different natural chew options from Jones Natural Chews. The stocking contains 1 beef hoof, 1 pig ear, 1 beef knee cap, 1 beef center bone 4″, and 1 pork k9 bacon roll 5″ and comes in a cute plastic stocking. You can pick up your Canine Christmas Crunchers online at or on Amazon.

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4. Whimzees Hedgehog and Alligator Dental Chews

These cute hedgehog and alligator shaped chews have been a long time favorite in our house. I adore the super cute shapes and both Ralph and Luna love to chomp on them. The fact they can help keep their pearly whites clean is an added perk! The hedgehogs come in Large and Xtra Large sizes, while the alligators are a bit smaller and available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Local pet stores like Petco and PetSmart both carry these dental treats.

Treats for All Occasions

Beagles & Bargains Holiday Guide 2016 - Treats for All Occasions

5. Full Moon Artisanal Jerky

The very first treat I ever gave Ralph was from Full Moon. He was so scared and timid, but the delicious treats encouraged him to warm up a bit and start trusting me. Full Moon treats have long been one of our favorites, but now even more so! We’re always excited to see what they come up with next and this year that is their Artisanal Jerky Treats. With fun flavors like Maple Blueberry Chicken, Black Cherry BBQ Beef, Honey Peach Pork, and Rosemary Apple Chicken, these treats have been a huge hit in our house. Each bag sells for about $16.99 for 12 oz. You can find these dog treats at Walmart, Target, or online on Amazon.

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6. Spot Farms Artisanal Jerky

If you’re more on a budget, I recommend checking our Spot Farms! These treats are equally as delicious for dogs, but a few bucks cheaper. This year they have also added a selection of Artisanal Jerky Treats in fun flavors like Peach Ginger Pork, Cranberry Sweet Potato Turkey (hello Thanksgiving!), Honey Mango Chicken, and Rosemary Apple Chicken. You can find a 5 oz bag at Petco or on Amazon for about $8.

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7. The Honest Kitchen Propper Toppers

I sure love anything with versatility! A treat that can act as a food and vice versa? That’s exactly what Propper Toppers are. They can be used as a topper to your pet’s favorite meal, in place of the meal, or as an occasional treat. Though they might be a bit high in fat for a regular meal, they are great if you are in a pinch! Propper Toppers are available in two recipes – Chicken or Turkey in 5.5 oz bags ($9.99) or 14 oz bags ($19.99). Get yours on The Honest Kitchen website! Don’t forget! You can save $8 off a 2 lb box (affiliate link) of dehydrated food from The Honest Kitchen with our promo code AMBBGJS7123.

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Meals Worth Celebrating

Beagles & Bargains Holiday Guide 2016 - Meals Worth Celebrating

8. Loving Pets Wicker Dolce Diner

After gaining our second dog early this year, I found it challenging to manage meal times. With multiple bowls sliding across the kitchen floor in totally different directions, we were left with various trails and remnants of meals past. I got the chance to try out the Wicker Dolce Diner from Loving Pets and we haven’t gone back since! The matching pair of stainless steel bowls fit perfectly inside the base and the little rubber feet keep the whole thing in place. Best part? The whole thing is dishwasher safe! It comes in two sizes (15 oz and 28 oz) and three colors – brown, black, and white. Get yours on Amazon!

9. Loving Pets Bella Bowls Classic

The Bella Bowls are classics from Loving Pets and I wish I had known about them sooner! Ralph has a tendency to walk his bowl around the entire kitchen while he is eating, so I absolutely love that these stainless steel bowls have a removable rubber base to keep the bowl from sliding. Plus, they are dishwasher safe! While we use the Wicker Dolce Diner on a regular basis, these bowls are perfect for water. We always bring them when we travel because they take up a lot less space and keep Ralph in place. Bowls are available in four sizes from small to x-large and at least nine colors with a cute paw print and bone pattern. We selected the Merlot color because Hello Wine! but I kind of not so secretly want ones in each color. Get yours on Amazon (Classic or Metallic)!

10. The Hydro Pet Bowl + Timer

If you live in a warm weather climate all year round, this is the gift for you! The Hydro Pet Bowl is an automatic outdoor pet water bowl that refills itself with fresh, clean water just for your pet. The bowl is specially designed to expel water dirtied with grime, insect larvae and plant life to keep your pets happy and healthy. The bowl hooks up with your hose, sprinkler system, or drip system and only costs $29.95!

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Toys for Good Dogs

Beagles & Bargains Holiday Guide 2016 - Toys for Good Dogs

11. Kurgo Outdoor Toys

It may be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean the backyard fun has to stop. Kurgo launched a set of new toys this year themed with some of my favorite backyard games like badminton and horseshoes! These toys are great for both indoor and outdoor and durable enough to last the whole winter season. Toys range from $8-12 and come in fun bright green and purple colors. Some of our favorites are the ball, jack, and birdie!

12. PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mat

Cold winter days can leave everyone feeling cooped up including the dogs! Mental stimulation can certainly help with that problem. And if doggy mental stimulation is what you are looking for, PAW5’s newest addition – the Wooly Snuffle Mat – will do just trick! The Wooly Snuffle Mat is made up of fabric tubes that hide treats or bits of kibble from your pup. They have to sniff their way through the mat to find each yummy bit of food, which mimics natural foraging instincts. My favorite part is that the mat is machine washable! Get your own mat on PAW5’s website for $39.95.

13. Chuckit! Sport LX Launchers System

I’ve been familiar with Chuckit! products for quite a while now and often seen them used at the dog park. We actually bought our first one for Ralph this past summer because he actually fetches (unlike Luna)! When I saw the new Sport LX Launchers System, I absolutely loved the idea! Not only can you use it to throw a tennis ball extra far, but you can play a game of catch with another human and your dog at the same time. A set with two scoops and a ball will run you about $19.99 on Amazon.

Pawtastic & Fashionable Accessories

Beagles & Bargains Holiday Guide 2016 - Pawtastic & Fashionable Accessories

14. Brooklyn Bowtied Holiday Bowties

I’m not going to be the least bit modest when it comes to Ralph wearing a bowtie. He is just TOO DARN CUTE. Since he already has a built in tuxedo, all he needs for our Christmas gathering is a classy holiday bowtie. Luckily Brooklyn Bowtied has just the pattern! With three sizes available and a bunch of super cute patterns, you will definitely find one for your pup. And in case you were wondering, girl dogs can wear bowties too!

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15. Alcott Leashes and Collars

If you have followed us for a while, then you shouldn’t be surprised to see Alcott Leashes and Collars on this list. They are hands down our absolute favorite, but this year they got even better! Instead of just using reflective stickers, the collar and leashes are made with reflective thread to make them last even longer. BOTH the collar and leash are padded, which is fantastic when you have a dog that pulls and pulls and pulls like Luna does. Collars start at $11.99 and leashes start at $16.99. If you get one, tell them Beagles & Bargains sent you!

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For Pets Who Travel

Beagles & Bargains Holiday Guide 2016 - For Pets Who Travel

16. Sleepypod Clickit Sport

We’ve been using the Sleepypod Clickit Sport to keep Luna safe in the car for a few years. This year Ralph got his own in bright orange! We picked Sleepypod because this high quality harness has received a five star rating from the Center for Pet Safety, so it will actually help keep your dog safe unlike many other pet harnesses on the market today. The Clickit Sport is super easy to put on and utilizes the seat belt already in your car. The harness is also a bit pricey at $69.99-$89.99, but it is definitely worth the investment!

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17. Solvit Deluxe Hammock Seat Cover

Keeping your pets safe during a car trip is the most important concern, but any pet parent knows it is also important to keep your seats clean and hair free (or at least covered in not so much pet hair). The Deluxe Hammock Seat Cover plays a part in both. The hammock style prevents your pups from wandering all over the car and distracting the driver, if you don’t have them strapped in. The cover also provides a protection layer for your car seats from pet hair, nails, and slobber.

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18. Kurgo Loft Wander Bed

The Loft Wander Bed is another great product from Kurgo. If you have a dog who loves to travel or go camping, then this is the perfect gift. The bed is portable and rolls up just like a regular sleeping bag. It provides a bit of extra cushion, so your pup doesn’t have to lay on the hard ground. We also used our Loft Wander Bed during our road trip for the dogs to lay on while they were in the car. Don’t worry about having this bed outside because it is machine washable and super easy to clean. A medium bed costs $65 and a large costs $75.

19. Tall Tails All Season Travel Blanket

One side of the blanket is made of soft fleece while the other is made of a water resistant nylon. This combo creates a comfortable blanket that can shield you from wind and rain or provide a dry spot to sit. The All Season Travel Blanket measures at 40″ x 60″ and was field tested at Beargrease Dog Sled Race 2015 in Duluth, MN! It is machine washable and perfect to share with your favorite pup while you’re out on an adventure. A blanket will cost about $45 and is available on websites such as BaxterBoo.

Ready to Get Warm and Snuggly

Beagles & Bargains Holiday Guide 2016 - Ready to Get Warm and Snuggly

20. Tall Tails Fluffy Fleece Blanket

Can we talk about how cute this pattern is? For me it was love at first site! This blanket is perfect for snuggling with your pets on a cold winter night. Writing this has got me wanting to finish this post up and do that right away! Get your own adorable blanket at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

21. The Green Pet Shop Achy Paws Self Warming Pet Mat

Imagine a warming pad that doesn’t need to be plugged in. Well The Green Pet Shop has just that! The Self Warming Pet Mat utilizes a unique Bamboo Charcoal Technology that provides self-warming properties. It’s a great option for aging pets, pets which aches and pains, or pets who just get a little cold sometimes. The natural warming property can soothe sore muscles and help aid with relaxation, so sign me up! PS – Humans can share with their pets too. Depending on the size you need, the Achy Paws mat ranges from $19.99 – $59.99.

22. Aspen Pet Luxe Velvet Wrap Lounger

Looking for a way to spoil your favorite pet this holiday season? How about getting them a luxurious velvet dog bed. The Aspen Pet Luxe Velvet Wrap Lounger gives you the feeling of luxury without the price. Any small dog would love to curl up in this velvety bed on Christmas morning. Available in both brown and blue, you can get one for your special dog on Amazon.

23. Molly Mutt Duvet Covers

Do you have a bunch of old clothes or towels laying around? Ever wonder if there was something you could do with them instead of just throwing them away? Molly Mutt Duvets are the perfect solution. You just stuff all your old clothes into a Stuff Sack and then cover it with a duvet. There are so many pretty patterns to choose from that I had to pick two! Luckily, they are super easy to change out and wash.

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Winter Weather Preparations

Beagles & Bargains Holiday Guide 2016 - Winter Weather Preparations

24. Gold Paw Series Stretch Fleece

Even with the heat turned on and the fire place burning, it can get chilly inside during the winter. I’m lucky enough to have a toasty dog to warm my feet when I’m chilly, but sometimes Luna needs a little extra warmth herself. We love the Gold Paw Series Stretch Fleece for this because they are warm, easy to put on, and super comfy. Available in tons of sizes and patterns starting at $20.

25. Pura Naturals Pet Nose Butter

Winter weather brings dry weather, which can affect your dogs too. Noses and paws are most susceptible, but luckily Pura Naturals Pet has us covered. The Nose Butter is made with food grade ingredients such as organic beeswax and castor oil to moisturize and soothe dry cracked noses. For only $9.99, this is a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite dog!

Enter for a chance to win a Pura Naturals Pet Prize Pack!

26. KRUUSE BUSTER Softshell Jacket

Last winter poor Ralph was subjected to wearing Luna’s pink hand-me-down jackets in the snow and cold winter weather. This year he’s sporting a bright red, manly jacket from KRUUSE. The BUSTER Softshell Jacket is both windproof and water resistant, which is important during the winter. Plus, it’s breathable and comfy for Ralph to wear for an extended period of time. Get one for your manly dog on Amazon for about $36.

27. Hurtta Body Warmer

My mom always taught me that when it’s super cold, it was best to layer. That’s true for dogs too! Hurtta recently launched the Body Warmer, which acts sort of like long underwear for dogs. It is designed to be worn as an extra layer under a winter coat and uses reflectors to reflect the dog’s warmth and create extra warmth. If you don’t live in a cold climate, then you might be more interested in Hurtta’s Sun & Bug Blocker instead, which keeps your dog protected from pesky insects and harsh sun rays.

28. Pura Naturals Pet Paw Rescue

Dry weather and ice melt can wreak havoc on your dog’s paw pads. Just like the Nose Balm, the Paw Rescue helps protect and heal dry, cracked paw pads. It’s completely safe if licked and utilizes Shea Butter and Vitamin E to moisturize. This better be in your dog’s stocking this year at only $12.99!

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Don’t Forget Pet Parents!

Beagles & Bargains Holiday Guide 2016 - Don’t Forget Pet Parents!

29. One Fur All Soy Pet House Candles

One Fur All is my go to source for pet friendly soy candles. Their soy candles burn cleaner than regular candles and smell extra amazing. With fun scents like Fresh Citrus and Lavender Green Tea plus festive holiday scents like Candy Cane and Gingerbread, Pet House Candles are the best! You can get most fragrances in full size ($21.95) and a mini ($3.49) candle plus free shipping over $45.

30. Petmate Holiday Heggies

Okay, okay. These MIGHT be dog toys, but they are just TOO adorable. Luna can be a bit of a terror with soft toys and I just couldn’t watch this little fellow get his stuffing ripped out, so mine will be sitting prominently on my desk this holiday season. Holiday Heggies are available as a Ornament, Angel, or Elf! Whether you buy this for yourself or your favorite pup, a Holiday Heggie better be on your list!

What is on your wish list this year?

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