We all made New Year’s Resolutions… well some had their resolutions made for them. This year I decided that Luna needed to shed the extra pound or two she has gained from doing so many treat reviews. I know weight can be a sensitive subject so I struggled with how to break the news to her.

I have compiled a list of 15 ways to let your dog know she is getting too fat. Some of them are more gentler than others, so pick based on your dog’s emotional state. Now my only question is can I get someone to do this for me now?

Slowly morph all her nicknames into something that will indirectly break the news.

Luna's Truthful Nicknames in a Piktochart

Sit down and examine all the tears in her Christmas sweater.

Remove all cheese from her diet.

Ban her from the bed until she has shed half a pound.

Require 20 puppy push ups before each meal.

Show her a size comparison.

Luna in comparison to her evil twin

Write her a love letter and mention it in the fine print way at the bottom.

Buy her a bag of carrots. Laugh at the way she crunches as she eats them.

Luna prepares to enjoy some carrots

Promise her a new toy to destuff with each quarter pound she loses.

Stop serving her meals in a bowl. It’s puzzles or hide and seek from now on!

Groan loudly every time you have to squeeze her
into her way too small winter coat.

Tell her it is bath time every day. Chase her until you catch her
and then tell her you were kidding.

Hang a mirror in front of her food bowl.

Luna eats in front of a mirror

Dramatically fall out of bed every time she jumps in.

Hang up an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini for inspiration.

NOTE: Pet obesity is a serious issue. If you are looking for ways to manage your dog’s weight, our friends SlimDoggy are a great reference.

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Jessica Shipman
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