When the heck did June get here? I had all these wonderful plans to kick off a series all about doing different outdoor activities with your dog back in May. “Right in time for the start of summer and after we’d have the chance to get outside” I thought. Then we had 11 straight days of rain (plus even more that were not in that terrible streak).

Luna cooperates with most things and is usually excited to get outside, but she does not do rain. She will stand and whine lifting one paw at a time with the most pitiful look on her face until we finally go back inside. I already subjected her to running a 5K race with me in the rain, so I just couldn’t put her through even more rain.

And so here we are in June and finally (almost) rain free. We’ve been able to get out on long walks, Starbucks dates (a dog’s gotta have her puppuccino), and even a few bike rides. We haven’t been able to hit the hiking trails or go on a camping trip just yet, but we’re looking towards the rest of the summer for those!

So in the meantime, I wanted to share our go-to outdoor products for the pups this summer season. Some of these products are long time favorites and we have them with us all the time, while others are brand new things that I’m really excited about!

15 Must Have Outdoor Dog Products - 2016 Summer

1. Tick Key by Tick Key Products $
Here in Virginia we have a serious tick problem, so having a handy tick removal device is a must for camping trips, hiking, or any outdoor activity really. I’m a big fan of the Tick Key because it’s made of durable high-strength anodized aluminum and can easily be attached to your keys or a lanyard, so you don’t lose it! It can even be attached to your dog’s collar. I love the variety of color options and that you can even get them customized (great swag idea!). Plus, it’ll only run you about $6 and you can pick one up on Amazon (affiliate link).

2. Flea, Tick, & Mosquito Control for Pets by Wondercide $$
Wondercide has been our go to natural flea and tick spray for several years now. I’ve been thrilled with the results to keep bugs away as well as how quickly it works to get ticks to “let go.” In the past Wondercide was available in Cedar and Cedar + Lemongrass, but this year Wondercide has added a new scent – Cedar + Rosemary – to the flea and tick line. I’m a big fan of the new scent! A bottle of Wondercide will cost $12.99 for 4 oz (perfect for travel!) or $24.99 for 16 oz. They have some bigger options available too that you can use to refill your smaller bottles.

3. Pink Bone Tie Tag by Twigo $
We’ve been using Twigo Tags for a few years now as well. I love that they are waterproof, lightweight, and customizable. I attach one to Luna and Ralph’s harnesses, life jackets, backpacks, and other gear items as an extra precaution. They have super cute designs and I love that you can update the tags if your phone number changes. Each tag is only $10!

4. Sun Shield Tee by Gold Paw Series $$$
The Sun Shield Tee is new to us this year and I’m excited to have it available for future BBQs and other fun days out in the sun. Sun damage isn’t just limited to humans; pups can get it too! This lightweight t-shirt provides sun protection with a rating of UPF50 by blocking 98% of the sun’s UV rays. The shirt is lightweight and comfortable enough for your dog to wear it all day long. Plus it comes in super cute colors! Sun Shield Tees cost from $20.25 to $36.50, depending on the size your dog needs.

5. B’Seen 360 by KRUUSE $
Another long time favorite of ours, B’Seen 360s are small blinking lights that can be easily attached to your dog’s collar or leash. We always bring these with us on camping trips and they come in super handy for power outages and even late night walks. I also wear one whenever I run in the evening! They come in so many colors, so one will be sure to match your dog’s style and they’ll only run you about $10 on Amazon (affiliate link).

6. Sun & Bug Blocker by Hurtta $$$
The Hurtta Sun & Bug Blocker is another new item this year! The Sun & Bug Blocker is made of a lightweight material that won’t cause your dog to overheat. Just like the Sun Shield Tee, it is designed to protect your dog from the sun’s harmful UV rays and has a rating of UPF40+, but unlike the tee, it provides complete coverage! The extra coverage allows the outfit to block against bugs as well as it makes it harder for them to attach to your dog. Even though your dog might look a bit like a Ghostbuster while they wear it, it won’t restrict any of their movements at all. Trust me – Luna put it to the test! A little on the pricier end, you pay for quality at about $50 on Amazon (affiliate link).

7. Woof Pouf by Absorbine $
I just can’t get enough of the name… WOOF POUF! Excuse me as I go giggle by myself. But in all seriousness this makes baths on the go super easy! All you need is a bit of water to lather up your pup and then rinse them off. We’ll be bring ours on future camping and road trips. Woof Poufs feature soap beads that provide a rich lather for 15+ washes. The green Woof Pouf has soap with natural flea and tick repellent and the blue is designed to eliminate super tough odors!

8. Cape Towel by Tall Tails $$
My dogs NEVER want to sit still when I try to dry them off. Doesn’t matter if it’s after a bath, a swim, or just a whole bunch of rain, they both just want to zoom around like crazy. I learned about the cape towel recently and though it was a brilliant idea! It attaches around your dog’s neck so you can keep them in relatively the same place while you towel them off. Available in both white and orange, you can pick one up for under $20 at places like Bed Bath & Beyond.

9. QuickBath Wipes by International Veterinary Sciences (IVS) $
Sometimes you don’t have the time or water for a full on bath and sometimes just your dog’s paws need a little washing. When that happens, I go to QuickBath Wipes! The small packages are easy to bring along or keep in the car. They are super soft and are great at getting your pup clean. A pack of 10 will only cost you $3-4 from online stores like EntirelyPets.com (affiliate link).

10. Scout & About Toss and Float Toy by P.L.A.Y. $$
P.L.A.Y. always has the cutest toys, but they are also made with the highest quality. This year they added a line of outdoor toys to their already fabulous line. One of my favorites is the Toss and Float Toy because well… it can be used in or out of water. When we pick camping spots, we tend to chose locations near lakes and rivers so floating toys are a must. A little on the pricier side for toys, you can order one for $17 or $20 depending on size.

11. All Season Travel Blanket by Tall Tails $$$
Another fantastic product from Tall Tails is their All Season Travel Blanket. One side features a water resistant nylon while the other is made of soft fleece. It can keep you and your pets comfortable and dry on a picnic and is great for a little extra warmth on cooler summer nights. The blanket is 40″ x 60″, so you should definitely be able to share! It’ll run you about $45, but keep in mind you benefit from it too. Currently you can find it online at shops like BaxterBoo.

12. Fun Fish Life Jacket by Outward Hound $$$
Oh my goodness. Can we talk about how cute that little fish life jacket is?! We don’t actually have the Fun Fish Life Jacket, but Luna does sport an older Outward Hound life jacket in bright orange. I’m sure it is made with the same quality! If you and your dog do any water related activities, I highly recommend investing in a life jacket for them. We’ll be picking up one for Ralph soon. The Fun Fish is available on Amazon (affiliate link) for around $25.

13. Backyard Birdies by Kurgo (affiliate link) $
Brand new this year, but how cute are these lawn game inspired dog toys? Kurgo launched a new line of dog toys that include these adorable Backyard Birdies plus Doggie Darts, Huck-It Horseshoes, Target Jacks, Wapple Balls, and Tossing Discs that allow you to include your pups in all the traditional outdoor games. All the toys are made of durable material that floats and is dishwasher safe and are available in two colors – Courtside Green or Just Violet. They each cost between $8 and $12.

14. Mariner Inflatable Pool by Alcott $$$
Okay so this might not be a required outdoor dog product, but it sure is a cute one. If you have a backyard then 1) I’m super jealous and 2) I bet your dog would love a pool. Alcott always makes high quality products and their inflatable doggy pool is no different! It’s a bit of a splurge item at $50, but wouldn’t it be great for a doggy pool party?

15. Loft Wander Dog Bed by Kurgo (affiliate link) $$$$
Another item from Kurgo on the list! This year we gave their Loft Wander Dog Bed a try and it was a huge hit. The dogs loved laying on it and it kept them up of the hot ground. The top is made of a waterproof fabric that is durable, but still super comfortable for your dog and the bottom is non-slip in addition to being waterproof. It rolls up just like a sleeping bag and has a nice handle for carrying purposes. Ours will be coming with us on our big road trip in a few weeks!

Pricing Guide:
$ – under $10
$$ – $10 to $25
$$$ – $25 to $50
$$$$ – $50+

What are your must have outdoor dog products? What did I miss?

Disclaimer: I was sent product free to try from Tick Key, Wondercide, Hurtta, Tall Tails, IVS, Absorbine, and Kurgo. Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a commission if you click and/or purchase from the link to help support this blog. Do not worry, these links do not affect the price of products. I received no other compensation or additional benefits for mentioning the products in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Jessica Shipman
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