November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month (and I’m getting this in right under the wire).

My parents’ dog, Keto, is the dog I grew up with. He is a senior dog and will be turning eight in January. The realization that he is a senior dog has gotten me thinking about what it is like living with a senior pet.

All this thinking has left me with a few questions and today I will share ten of them.

If you have answers or comments for any of them, please leave them in the comments below or send them to me at If not, share something about senior pets that you wonder about.

I’ll gather the questions and answers, do a little investigation myself, and then post them in a follow up post in about a week.

10 Questions About Senior Pets

  1. When is a pet considered to be a senior?
  2. Can old dogs learn new tricks?
  3. How do you know if a senior dog needs hip and joint supplements? What brand works the best? Will glucosamine help?
  4. Could a raised food and water bowl help with a dog’s joints? How high should it be?
  5. Is there anything senior pets can do that young pets can’t?
  6. Should senior pets see a veterinarian more often?
  7. Is all the testing veterinarians recommend necessary? What tests should be done and how often?
  8. What accommodations should be made in a household with a senior pet?
  9. Do senior pets cost more than young pets or vice versa?
  10. How much will a pets energy change as they get older?

Cousin Keto with Luna

Cousin Keto with Luna

Jessica Shipman
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