You may not be thinking of camping as we start December and head into the winter months, but we are! Earlier this year, we made the move from Virginia to Colorado. The last few months for us have been super busy with trying to settle into our new home and traveling all over the place. While we have been able to hit the trails a few times in our new home state, I want even more! I cannot wait to do more exploring in Colorado this spring and am excitedly waiting for our first camping trip next year.

Springtime may be a few months away, but if you need something new for an upcoming camping trip why not ask for it for Christmas? That’s why I’m sharing the top items any pet parent would need when planning a camping trip with their dog for our very first Stocking Stuffer Giveaway this year.

Top 5 Camping Essentials for Dogs

Our Stocking Stuffers Giveaways are an annual celebration that I created as a way to say thank you to all our dedicated readers who’ve stuck with us through the good and bad all year long. I’ve worked extra hard this year to bring in some amazing sponsors that produce some of the best pet products currently on the market. If we’re giving it away as part of this festive celebration, then you should know we absolutely LOVE it!

Today marks the first day of the our 2017 Stocking Stuffer Giveaways and a great one. I don’t generally pick favorites on things – I don’t have a favorite movie, actor, song, or even color (just not navy blue – blah!), but this brand is hands down one of my favorite pet brands! We’re all so lucky that alcott has generously agreed to sponsor this giveaway!

Top 5 Camping Essentials for Dogs

Quality Made Leash and Collar

Investing in a quality dog collar and leash is important for any pet parent, but even more so for those who love outdoor adventures! If you are going to spend a decent amount of time outside, then you definitely want a leash that is going to hold up to the elements and everything that mother nature throws your way.

When looking for a quality leash and collar set, look for one that is comfortable for both dog and human to use. Also, take a look at how well the leash is made by inspecting the thickness of the material (nylon or otherwise), the regularity of the stitches, and any imperfections. It’s also great if your leash has a warranty against defects! Don’t forget to also inspect buckles and enclosures. The last thing you want is your leash to disconnect from your dogs collar because they caught a glimpse of a wild animal or someone else’s tasty campfire meal!

Top 5 Camping Essentials for Dogs - Quality Dog Leash & Collar - alcott

Our go to collar and leash over the years has been the Adventure Collar and Leash line from alcott. The collar itself is padded and the leash features a padded handle, which is great if you have a dog who pulls a bit. I love the fun bright colors they come in and the reflective stitching is a major plus, especially when you do any walks (or hikes) at night. We generally use alcott collar and leashes and nothing else. I may switch up the colors or get a new set just to make them look a little fresher, but I have never had an issue with the collar or leash breaking over time.

If you are looking for a new collar and leash for 2018, I highly recommend you pick one of these up for your pup! If you have multiple dogs, you could also give their braided rope leash + coupler a try.

Reflective or Light Up Gear

When you’re out camping there are no streets lights to help you see and see your dog at night. You just have the light of your lanterns, flashlights, and the fire. It’s great because you get an amazing view of the stars, but unless you constantly keep a light pointed at them, you may lose track of where your dogs are (even with them tethered). To help keep an eye on Ralph & Luna, I always clip on a light to their collar. Two good options include Nite Ize SpotLit Clip-On LED Light and the KRUUSE B’Seen 360.

Not only with these lights help you make sure your dogs aren’t getting into too much trouble, but it will also help others see them and keep them safe. If you are staying at a campsite, there will be still be some car and RV traffic and it’s always a good idea to make sure your dogs are visible.

Lights may also be handy if your dog gets loose or lost. Though eventually the battery will die, they may be able to help you spot them sooner. Another great option is a collar and/or harness with reflective stitching. No batteries are required there, but it will still help you locate your dog and improve the visibility of them to others. In addition to all their other benefits, alcott collars and leashes feature reflective stitching!

Somewhere to Retreat

After a long day outside full of hiking and other adventures, I bet you’d want somewhere to just chill out for a bit. Your dog probably does too! If you go glamping like me, then you probably bring along a folding chair or something else a comfortable to sit on and rest your feet. Sure, you could let your dog go in and out of your tent, but keep the entry open may also invite unwanted creepy crawlies inside and no one really wants to share a bed with a spider or tick. YUCK!

Top 5 Camping Essentials for Dogs - A Safe Place to Retreat - alcott Pup Tent

Instead, we bring along a smaller tent for the dogs. It allows them to curl up and get out of the sun (or rain) while we are hanging around our campsite. The pup tent also provides them a special place where they can feel safe while they are away from home and in an unknown place. Even dogs that love to explore want somewhere they feel safe!

In the past, we had a smaller tent for the dogs but we just upgraded to the Explorer Pup Tent from alcott! It’s a bit bigger at 28″ L x 45″ H x 35″ W and a great fit for both Ralph & Luna, but still only weighs 1.5 lbs! I think that is actually lighter than the one we used before. Though alcott only has one size, it is designed to fit most breeds and their beds (for extra comfort). Just like a human tent, it has ventilation panels for optimal air flow (4 in fact). I’m also obsessed with the bright green color. It makes for some super cute photos!

To go with the Pup Tent, we also have alcott’s Explorer Sleeping Bag. If you don’t want to bring along your dog’s regular bed, this is a great camping alternative. The new design (as of 2017) features a waterproof base to keep your pets protected from any moisture in the ground or spillage! The sleeping bag can be used as a floor pad in the tent, unzipped fully for more coverage, or used as a standard sleeping bag. My favorite thing about it though is that when you roll it up, it actually fits back in the travel bag unlike any other sleeping bag I’ve ever had!

Top 5 Camping Essentials for Dogs - A Safe Place to Retreat - alcott Sleeping Bag

If you don’t go camping, both the Explorer Pup Tent and Sleeping Bag from alcott can be great for indoor use! Have you ever made a blanket fort and wanted your dog to join? Now they can have their own tent! It’s also a great pop up way to contain a dog or provide a safe place. Any dog (or cat) that loves to snuggle would also love the sleeping bag as they can slip inside and stay extra warm!

First Aid Kit

You can predict when accidents will happen, but you can probably know that when you are out on an adventure they are more likely. Any time we go camping we are sure to include a full first aid kit in the car. You can find what we put in it here. This kit is super handy because most items can be used for BOTH humans and dogs. While there are a few specific items that you can’t use for both, it’s good to be prepared for injuries or illness for both you and your pups.

Top 5 Camping Essentials for Dogs - Quality Dog Leash & Collar - alcott

We also generally bring along a smaller, more compact first aid kit when we are hiking and far from the car. If you don’t want to put your own first aid kit together, you can search for one on Amazon or pick one up from alcott!

Also, don’t forget to bring allow your flea & tick preventative or at least treat your pets ahead of time. We use natural flea & tick options in our house, but whatever you use in yours also works!

Food and Water

Of course, you can’t forget to bring along food and water for your pup! If you won’t be doing much backpacking and will have regular access to your car, you can probably just bring along whatever they regularly eat. If weight is an issue, I’d recommend checking out a dehydrated food option. We love the recipes from The Honest Kitchen and they’ve even started offering Single Serve Cups which are perfect for travel! If you are interested in having your dog try dehydrated food, you can claim your free samples from The Honest Kitchen with our promo code AMBBGJS7123.

Pack a collapsible bowl like one from Dexas Popware for Pets to take along when you’re hiking and make sure to offer your dog water often. For your campsite, I’d recommend a more sturdy bowl that with keep dirt and bugs out and prevent your dog from flipping it over. Our go to is the Yummy Travel Bowls from Sleepypod!

More About alcott

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And if I’ve convinced you to check out one of my favorite brands, then don’t forget to join alcott’s Rewards Program! Plus, if you use my link then you get 500 points which is worth $5 towards your purchase!

Top 5 Camping Essentials for Dogs - A Safe Place to Retreat - alcott Pup Tent

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Have you ever been camping with your dog? What is your must have item to bring along?

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Top 5 Camping Essentials for Dogs

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  • Ruth Epstein

    I used to camp with Baby and the must have is water,food, first aid and covering like a tent with blankets

  • Dianne H.

    We are always out-of-doors, hiking, etc. Would love to try camping with our girl. That Alcott tent is super. I love the green color too.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    It’s been a while since we’ve taken any of our dogs camping with us. We were up to five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds for the past few years, so it was just not feasible to take them all with us. Now we just have the two boys and I’m sure they’d love to go! Once we get through winter, I definitely want to take them camping!

  • Jackie Preas

    It has been a long time since we took a dog camping.We would always have a leash,food and dishes to eat from,treats and a bed for the pup.

  • Kayla Lussier

    I haven’t been camping with my dog yet but plan to next summer. I would make sure we have plenty of food, treats, fresh water, toys, comfy bed, her pet safe bug spray to protect her from mosquitoes and other bugs, first aid kit, and her glow in the dark collar and leash.

  • Melody

    Not yet, but would love too! 🙂

  • Jason Diehl

    Zoey Monster went camping once and locked herself in the truck by stepping on the auto lock button, luckily she was able to unlock it herself(by accident) because the keys were inside the truck. she had a blast, the only thing she needs is a bed and blanket

  • Mary Somerville

    We have been camping with Bandit. A must have is a stake and tie cable- For the times we want to make sure he dosen’t go exploring without us.

  • Shelley P

    Yes, we have gone and love camping with the dogs. A few of the must haves we take are blankets, towels, toys, bowls, leashes and collars (plus extras to be safe) and food, water and treats. I’ll have to remember a first aid kit and reflective gear for next time – great suggestions 🙂 Thanks!

  • Will Griesmer

    I’ve never taken our dog camping before.

  • sandy weinstein

    no never been camping with my dogs. love the outdoors but no camping. did that too many times in college and my internship and did not like it then. i like my luxuries. stayed in an rv with several dogs while at a dog show on a campground.

  • Is it weird that I want to have a camping session in my backyard to use this? I’ve never been camping (EVER) but I really want to take Wynston. Now that I’m older I’m much more open to the idea.

  • christinegroce

    This is so adorable; it makes me want to go camping right now. But, I think I will wait for warmer weather. Thanks for the chance to win this.


    yes, so much fun. Always bring extra sleeping bag just for the dog and waterproof pad to put water on.

  • Molly Pitcher

    I went camping with my dogs once. They loved it! Although they stayed awake all night listening to the noises! Would love to go again this summer.

  • Connor

    Don’t forget a couple emergency blankets, as well. The reusable kinds can also function as a tarp.

  • Abigail Gibson

    I take my dog camping at a state park nearby. He loves it. I always have him on a leash which is a must in a state park.

  • lindsay bade

    We love camping as a family and that includes the dog! Our must have item for her is her waterproof dog bed. It wipes off easy so the dirt doesn’t stick on there.

  • Amelia Welsher

    I always love bringing my dog along!

  • Cindy Peterson

    We have gone glamping with our pup. A must have item is his microfiber towel for muddy paws and wet coats.

  • Nicole Martin

    I haave not taken my dog camping, but I’d imagine a good leash would be important to bring.

  • Char

    Thanks for the offer. My dogs love to camp!

  • Brittany Phillips

    We love camping, even winter camping in Minnesota! I would say our top three items camping with our dogs are Leash, Water, and Food!

  • Stacie H

    I’ve never been camping with my dog.

  • Jill Hanson

    Not camping, but fishing and this would be nice for them to lay in out of the sun on the shore, we fish from the shore

  • Heather D

    I haven’t but my husband has. She’s a rescue and he didnt want her, but she picked him as her number one human and now they’re besties.

  • marissa anderson

    not yet but i would love to soon

  • Michelle

    I always take my pups with me camping. I try to always bring at least one toy so that they have something comforting when we are all snuggled up in the tent at night. (One of my pups pretty much uses a toy as a pacifier or as a snuggle buddy. He always has one with him.)

  • kathy eyre

    We have never camped without our dog, he is great. He cleans all the dishes!! And we never travel without his collapsable water bowl.

  • jenny

    Our dogs go camping every time we do! They are part of the family!

  • Kellymcgrew

    We would like to bring them camping and can definitely do so with this tent! It is awesome! This would even be great for going to the lake and giving them some relief from the sun and/or a place to eat!

  • AnnaZed

    I always bring them and have learned that just like the big babies that they are they need their familiar toys and blankets.

  • Richard Hicks

    Yes we have taken our dog before. Always take with us collapsible water bowl

  • Melissa

    of course! Where i go she goes! My number essential aside from the basics is an extra dog leash!

  • ironmaven

    Our dogs are obsessed with camping. Our must bring item are elevated beds so they can cozy up to the fire or sleep on them in the tent. They are easy to pack because they come apart and easy to wash after they get dirty!

  • Joyce_Ycas

    A box-shaped collapsible dog bowl, her favorite squeak toy, and a reflective patch on her leash.Pets love camping with us!

  • meghan b

    Love camping with my dogs!

  • Virginia Patterson

    My dogs love to play and they will get a new pen and toys.

  • iggysaysno

    We’ve been camping with our dogs! We always bring tennis balls and fresh water.

  • DJohnson

    I have and we have to bring treats and toys for our pup.

  • Kristin McCall

    I have never went camping with my dog. I would love to start.

  • Tracy Davis

    I have to bring a lease for my dog.

  • Rachel Davis

    i have never been camping with my dog…or without my dog! If we had this, maybe we could start!

  • Natalie Schilla

    Yes I have. We have always brought a kennel with and lots of treats.

  • aieranne

    I haven’t been camping with him yet but I bring a first aid kit and toys and chews on road trips.

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    I haven’t taken him camping yet but I take a first aid kit and toys and chews on road trips.


    There is plenty of great dog information on this site !

  • Sarah C

    We used to take our old dog camping, she passed away this year. We haven’t taken Patty yet but look forward to in the future. Definitely need leashes, vaccine records, food and water bowls! (with food and water to go in it also lol )

  • Kyle B

    We always take our pups camping. They love ALL the sticks. We always make sure to bring extra towels though because they insist on jumping in every puddle we find.

  • Jessica Gipson

    Yes,we have taken our dog on many camping trips. I must have her doggie treats.

  • Fizzgig

    Have I ever been camping without my dog would be a better question! 😛 My must bring is the RinseKit, it’s saved us from quite a few mud filled attacks!

  • Dani S.

    We definitely take our pups camping. I always have to bring a long lead from when we are hanging around the campsite in busier campgrounds.

  • Christine Aiello

    I have never been camping with our without my dog! LOL! I would definitely bring all the doggie essentials if we did go though!

  • Surinder Gurm

    Got to be straight, Bailey is more likely to go camping with my daughter, water bowl would be important

  • Lisa F.

    I took two of my dogs camping years ago with my friend and his dogs, It was nice. Having their food is obviously a must have.

  • Amanda Eagan

    Never have! Lots of day trips and I always make sure to bring a first aid kit, water bowl, and towel. Would love to camp with them in the future

  • Carol Ezovski

    We always take our dog camping. I guess a waterbowl and bed are high on the must have list!

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    We have always taken our dogs with us to camp. a good bed and a good tie our chain are a must have.

  • Helga

    We took a friend’s dog backpacking and he wore saddlebags with his own food! I would say a must-have would be a travel bowl for water.

  • Carolyn

    I have never taken my dog camping. Having a current ID tag on your dog would be important for camping,

  • tammy

    I have never taken my dog camping.Maybe I will if I win

  • Misty

    Yes, every summer. Extra blankets.

  • rlweitzel

    Yes, often. Blinking lights for night walks,

    I typed in the wrong Pinterest name. Here is the correct one:

  • njweitzel

    Yes, don’t forget the water, meds and food!

  • Daniel Scott

    I have been camping with the dogs and one must have item is their backpacks with water, food, cellphone and a flashlight.

  • Becky

    Nope never been camping with my dog. Would have to remember to bring an extra ID tag in case I lose it.

  • Laura Cruz

    Yes and a dog bed!

  • Michelle Taylor

    Yes, we always went camping with our Golden Retriever! It was always important to bring his ID tags and of course, water/food.

  • Melissa S

    We have not been camping with her yet but we are planning a trip next spring and will be bringing her along. We used to bring our Aussie camping and I always made sure to remember his toys.

  • ET Pruitt

    I haven’t been camping with my dogs yet

  • Meesh

    I haven’t been camping with my dog yet, since she’s still a fairly new rescue who came with a lot of fears. I’m giving her until next summer to try something new like that.

  • Kathy

    Favorite food, good leash, tie-out stake (just in case), food, and fresh water and dish.

  • Brooke Wecker

    My Chihuahua loves camping with my family…lots of fun.
    This giveaway is adorable and perfect. I pack alot of his things,lol.
    Food,water,toys,tie out…his pillow and blanket: )

  • Monique Rizzo

    I never have, but it sounds fun!

  • Elizabeth H

    I’ve only ever gone camping at a dog camp where we had a cabin – it was still rustic.

  • Brad

    I have been hiking with my dog, but have never camped overnight with him.

  • jeremy mclaughlin

    Have not been camping with my dog yet.

  • Danielle

    We are in the process of training our baby to go on trips with us.

  • Michelle

    I have not been camping with my dog yet.