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Luna with Pumpkins - Trick or Treat Giveaway Hop

How to Teach Your Dog to Calmly Ride in Elevators

We recently moved across the country and into a new apartment building. In our last apartment, we were located on the ground floor. It was super convenient for walking the dogs and carrying groceries! In our new place, we weren’t so lucky. We’re located on the fourth floor of our building and I wasn’t quite ready to regularly climb all those stairs in the higher Colorado altitude.

Luckily, our building does feature an elevator – though only one. Our apartment complex is extremely pet friendly, which is great! But, it also means that there are a ton of other dogs and only one elevator makes the odds of running into one of those other dogs on a regular basis pretty high.

When we visit new locations, Ralph and Luna tend to act like they own the place – walking around, sniffing, exploring – and it only gets worse once they feel comfortable. They also tend to be picky about other dogs especially when they’re on leash and can sometimes act protective of each other. After a few initial run ins in and near the elevator with other dogs, I knew we had to do some training to do.

How to Teach Your Dog to Calmly Ride in an Elevator - Trick or Treat GIVEAWAY Hop

First, I set a goal. What was I training for? What kind of things did I need my dogs to do?

I wanted both dogs to be calm and collected both while we waiting for the elevator to arrive and once inside. I also wanted them to sit back from the door in case another dog would be on the other side once it opened. That would allow me more time to react before they did to avoid any incidents.

How to Teach Your Dog to Calmly Ride in an Elevator - Trick or Treat GIVEAWAY Hop

To accomplish these goals, I just needed to dust off some old basics – sit and stay. Both Ralph and Luna have these in their repertoire, so it was more a matter of lots of practice to turn calm and collected into the norm rather than rambunctious and loud. If your dog doesn’t know sit and stay just yet, I recommend practicing those at home or out in a fenced yard first. Pair the command with a hand gesture. Start with treats and praise and then move to praise only once your dog is responsive when treats are present.

If your dog has never been in an elevator or is still reluctant to step inside, try to lure them in with a high value treat. Pick times to ride the elevator when it is least busy, so you have more opportunity to train. Once inside the elevator, ask for a sit (or other trick your dog knows well) and reward them with a treat. Repeat as necessary until they become more comfortable. This may take numerous elevator trips, so be patient!

We turned every trip into a training session. It didn’t matter if we were riding the elevator alone or if it was packed full – our goal was to practice being calm.

Our process goes as follows:

1. Sit (On the side of the elevator door)
2. Stay (Wait until the elevator arrives, doors open, and it’s clear to get on)
3. Break (Enter the elevator)
4. Sit (Find a free spot)
5. Stay (Wait until the elevator arrives at the desired location)
6. Break (Exit the elevator)

We are still perfecting the “Stay” especially when the unexpected happens or the elevator has to make stops at multiple floor, so we’ll keep practicing. After all, practice makes perfect!

This is also a great skill to have if you plan to travel with your dog. Most hotels have elevators and while walking a few flights of stairs is fine, I definitely don’t want to walk up to the 10th (or higher) floor! Hotels are strange new environments for dogs and sometimes the elevators can be chaotic and full. Having experience prior to that will allow things to go more smoothly.

For more trick training tips, visit our post on Tips to Teach Your Dog a New Trick!

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  • Linda Szymoniak

    I don’t think any of my three dogs have ever been where there was an elevator. We live in a single family home in the (Indiana) suburbs of Chicago, and there really aren’t any buildings they would need to go to that have an elevator.

    • beaglesbargains

      We ride in elevators when we travel and stay in hotels too

  • Candice

    My dogs have traveled with us some, but I don’t think they have ever been in an elevator.

  • Amanda Eagan

    Surprisingly they ride well in elevators. They walk in without issue and I can just have them side inside inside if they pace. I like your method if needed to teach this!

    • beaglesbargains

      We have a ton of dogs in our building, so we try to not have them pacing or up at the door to avoid having a doggy disagreement!

  • James Robert

    My dog has never been in an elevator but will occasionally sit and stay. He feels he needs to keep us all safe so he gets excited and nervous when he sees other people feeling he needs to protect us.

  • Will G

    My dog does not know this trick.

  • Emma

    We all started riding elevators as puppies. It was actually part of my puppy class field trip in Germany. Elevators are not our favorite thing to ride in, but we do it and are not scared of them. The ones that have you enter on one side and exit on the other are rather creepy, though.

    • beaglesbargains

      Yes, those are pretty weird!

  • Dianne H.

    My girl is comfortable riding in elevators 🙂

  • Dianne H.

    Oops, I forgot to answer the second part of the question. I used positive methods (Yummy Treats) when exposing my girl to elevators, feeding many treats rapidly when the elevator moved and door opened. She got the hang of it quickly and never seemed frightened. That’s a nod to whoever had her before we adopted her from the breed rescue. Knowing this “trick” is useful when we travel and stay in hotels that have “pet rooms” on the upper floors!!

    • beaglesbargains

      Definitely agree! It’s better to be prepared than learning during the hotel stay to prevent unnecessary stress.

  • Molly Pitcher

    While my dog does not know how to ride in an elevator it seems like something we can learn together! She can do a variety of things and about to add to her repertoire.

  • Rust

    Our Jake has never been in an elevator, he doesn’t know this trick.

  • Allison Hoffman

    dont know this one!

  • Jackie Preas

    We have only had Beauregard in an elevator a few times and he did pretty good.My Riley was always a gentleman in an elevator.

  • Melissa S

    My dog does not know this trick. I don’t know that she ever will need to.

    • beaglesbargains

      If you travel with your dog and stay in a hotel, you might!

      • Melissa S

        That is true. I can’t imagine what kind of basket case she will be if we ever have to leave her in a kennel overnight.

  • Karen Porm

    We’ve never had to ride in an elevator, but I think he’d do ok.

  • Rachel Griesmer

    My dog doesn’t know this trick. We got her when she was 3 years old and she never picked up tricks.

    • beaglesbargains

      This is more of a basic skill – sit and stay.

  • Christine Aiello

    My dog doesn’t have a problem with the elevator. I just brought her in the elevator one day and she was fine with it. She even stands right in front of the door and waits for it to open for her LOL!

    • beaglesbargains

      That’s great! Our pups do that too, but we have a ton of dogs in our building, so we try to not have them up at the door to avoid having a doggy disagreement!

  • Rachel Davis

    We live in an apartment building so she rides the elevator everyday. She loves the elevator and she always knows when it’s our floor to get off. I didn’t teach her, she learned this on her own!

    • beaglesbargains

      That’s awesome! Ralph just tries to get off at every floor 🙂

  • Linda

    Yes my dog is fine in elevators.

  • buckyboy28

    My pup does very well in elevators.

  • Carol Roberts clark

    well no he doesnt but i live in the deep heart of texas and no elevators but some coyotes but my dog knows how to fetch one of them but hes but kerr dog so thats what they do but like its the only dog that ive had that you can actually throw the stick and he go get and bring it back so he gets lots of treats

    • beaglesbargains

      Some hotels in Texas still have elevators!

      • Carol Roberts clark

        ya i know but hun i dont get out much i train my dog at the house i wish i lived in a place with a elevators ahahah that would be heavenly

  • Bryn Nowell

    This is really helpful and a training piece that I think a lot of people don’t think about until they’re in a situation with an elevator for the first time. Yoda had never ridden in an elevator until we brought him to a Red Roof Inn this summer. He was NOT AMUSED by the noises or feeling closed in. Thankfully, he’s very treat motivated, so I literally lured him with treats (using “touch”) and kept treating while he sat in the elevator. We took multiple trips to help desensitize him to the environment. That helped him to be able to think more calmly when he was on the elevator.

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s super important!

    • beaglesbargains

      Oh yes. The first ride is never an easy one. Ralph and Luna were both like “What did we just walk into??”

  • Melody Finch

    Never been in a elevator yet, May have to try this

  • sherry butcher

    my dog Blackie has never been in an elevator, I must work on going thur auto doors and not trying to run away.

  • Juliet Whitfield

    Love this, really great tips and practical too. It’s something that most people don’t run into many time with their dog, but it’s such a good idea to have practiced so you are ready when the situation arises.

    • beaglesbargains

      If you travel with your pet, you’ll probably run into this more often than you think in hotels even if you don’t have an elevator at home.

  • Stormy loves to go out for Halloween.

    • beaglesbargains

      But does he ride well in an elevator? Has he been in one?

  • Jodi

    Great job. I love how they both look up expectantly. 🙂 I imagine being calm in an apartment building is super important!

  • You know, I never thought of training your dog to ride in an elevator. Even though I live in an urban area it never came to mind.

  • Jason Diehl

    we have not learned this trick yet, stairs are still a challenge

  • Heather D

    My dog has no problem in elevators. She’s an abused rescue so she’s skeptical when we go out but looks to me for cues. She’s the best.

  • Jenna Allensworth

    We have never had to use an elevator with Dexter so I have no idea how he’d react

  • Kathy Lane

    My dog has never been in a elevator.Sometimes we take her with on vacation but so far it’s all been on ground level.I guess I had better try this soon.

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  • Tammy Horn

    All of my dogs ride in the elevator with no problem. They have been since pups, it just came natural for them.

  • Courtney Stock

    My dogs never were in a elevator but they do know sit and stay with distractions

  • We’ve all gone in elevators from parking garages for dog events. We just went in and they went inside-we didn’t train for it persay. However, we practice a lot out and about staying out of the way and being Canine Good Citizens. 🙂

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    Mr. N wasn’t sure about elevators at first but now he’s like whatever. I do sometimes carry him in because it’s faster and so he won’t get stepped on by people.

  • Mary W

    My dogs are not well trained. That’s why I love watching your videos. You guys are amazing! My dogs only leave the house and property to visit the Vet. They would freak if I tried to get them in an elevator.

  • steve weber

    My dog has never been in an elevator.

  • Aaron Reck

    I never had a lot of time to train him. We play a lot but no tricks just treats.

  • jana rade

    Ah, elevators! At least there is one challenge out there I don’t have to even think about. Back in the day, I had a hard enough time using an elevator calmly myself LOL

  • Colby

    We don’t live in an apartment building with an elevator, but we always make sure and work with our dogs on elevators especially glass elevators. Fortunately, we don’t usually have to contend with other dogs distracting our pups. Thanks for the great tips!

  • Happy-Go-Doodle

    Thanks for sharing the great tips! Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe has been on elevators when we’re traveling and didn’t seem concerned by them. However, it might be a good time for a refresher course. Your giveaways look like fun!

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I never taught this to my dogs, but they ride an elevator ok.

  • Carol Ezovski

    I can’t recall if my dog has ever been in an elevator, to tell you the truth. If he was, he did fine.
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  • Susan Pertierra

    We don’t have any elevators to go into but if we did, I would teach my dog this.

  • Tainan Lu

    My dog has never been in an elevator.

  • Natalie

    I have never taught my dog this because we rarely if ever go in an elevator.



  • sonnetdog

    I have never had my dog in an elevator but he is scared to climb stairs (OK going down – go figure) so I will try these tips.

  • Bryan Vice

    I’ve never took my dog in an elevator but where i used to work they would train dogs to jump up and hit buttons to open doors and assist the elderly.

    • beaglesbargains

      Very cool! I’ve never heard of that, but I can see how it would be helpful. Maybe we’ll try that next!

  • Brian Kautz

    He’s never tried that

  • Roxanne Carlson

    I never had to train my dog to ride, he just followed the sit stay commands and rode like a champ.

  • Brandy Champion

    Our dog doesn’t know this trick.. but elevator rides meant going to see my mom so it wasn’t a problem she loved it there

  • Kim Con

    My dog does not know this trick. She hasn’t had to get into an elevator. Thanks!

  • Joy Q

    No, my pet doesn’t know this trick.

  • Darcy Koch

    No. Nala does not know this trick. She has never been near an elevator. Would be interesting to see how’d she’d do.

  • Kathy Kramer Weir

    we got htis

  • MoonFish

    never needed to get into an elevator, but very interesting to know!

  • Stephanie La Plante

    No, we don’t use an elevator.

  • Kim ONeill

    actually my dog does know how to ride in an elevator. After my folks sold their house, we had to live in a hotel for a week and our dog had to learn to ride the elevator. he did pretty good.

  • Jessica Rhae

    I’ve been in several hotels with Gretel and, although a tad unsure at first, she’s never had an issue with riding the elevator.

  • Jill Jackson

    No she doesn’t know tricks but knows sign language since she is deaf

  • susan1215

    No, my pet doesn’t know this trick.

  • Anna M Tillou

    I have never tried taking my dog in an elevator.

  • Calvin F.

    My dog liked cat never been on an elevator, but will keep this trick in mind if he ever does

  • Natalie Schilla

    My dog and shake, and play dead.

  • Karen

    Play dead

  • heatherswanson

    no elevators in my small town life

  • ShariD

    My dog doesn’t know this trick as he is never in an elevator.

  • Barrie

    My dog doesn’t know this trick but we don’t have a need to learn this, at this time. I can see neeeding it, though. for hotels stay so good to know how to do it!

  • Char

    Thank you so much for the great offer! My dog loves to do tricks.

  • Tonya Wilhelm

    Great tips. It’s so important to socialize a new dog or puppy to new things, including the elevator. I’m glad your move went well 🙂

  • Rochelle Epstein

    Fantastic tips. We are happy your move went well.

  • Eileen Lammers

    I am excited to try some of these.

  • Daniel Scott

    We do not have any elevators for them to access.

  • Ken Willie

    Just had the dog downtown this week to an office building.

  • Melissa


  • Lynette Willie

    I work in a highrise and I have to hold my dog in the elevator.

  • SarahJ

    No, they’ve never needed to learn that trick.

  • Wendy Hutton

    my dog does not know this trick

  • Molli Vandehey

    we dont really have occasion to use elevators with our pup

  • Elena

    My dogs don’t know this trick

  • Carly D.

    My dog definitely does not know this trick,

  • Ralph and Luna did really well with their training. They are so adorable. well done! Treat time!

  • Kayla Lussier

    My dog hasn’t learned this trick yet.

  • Cindy Peterson

    Yes, he is a good boy on elevators

  • catgirl33

    My dog doesn’t know this trick but this looks like a great way to train him.

  • meshia

    My dog doesn’t know this one but this just gave me a better insight on how to teach her! Thank you

  • Misty

    We don’t have any elevators in our lives, so no.

  • Luminous Angel

    No but thanks for the great tips!

  • kimmye

    No he doesn’t know this trick!

  • cindy d legg

    no i live in the country my dogs never been on elevator

  • Karine

    No, my dog doesn’t know this trick… yet! Now I know how to teach her! Thanks

  • Debbie Bailey

    We’ve never had to use an elevator with our dogs, but I can imagine that it would be a bit scary for them if we did. Your dogs did great learning their new “trick!”

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    My dog doesn’t know any tricks right now, haha 😉


    Name: edye

  • Amazing giveaway- wow! New situations can be hard on us and our dogs as well. Looks like you have the matter well in hand!

  • Marlene V

    Our dog already does this in elevators and I think we didn’t have to train her because she was just a small puppy when we took her on several elevator rides.

  • Elevators are HARD. HARD I SAY. We have one two (though it’s 96 years older than yours, reminds me of the one in the Tower of Terror and always smells like soup and old lady perfume). When we first started using it, Felix would flatten himself to the tile and give me the world’s saddest stare like “What sorcery is this?!” These days, I think my dogs are two of the best behaved elevator dogs I know. YAY for being a good apartment neighbour.

  • Covalent Co

    My dog doesn’t know this trick – yet!

  • sandy weinstein

    i am not sure my girls have ever been in an elevator, i know that Evie has before and was really good, (but she passed away), dont think my 2 other girls have ever been in an elevator. so i would say no. although they are really good girls.

  • Shirley S

    No, my dog doesn’t know this trick yet.

  • Talent Hounds

    This would be great to teach Kilo. He only ever goes in elevators when we go to events at or near hotels or in multi-story parking lots but I can imagine him getting pretty upset by other dogs or anyone lunging to pat him. Luckily we have been alone or with people who ignored him so far. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway and the useful trick tips.

  • Annamarie Voss

    Our new puppy was born on 10/19 so he doesn’t know any tricks yet but we have high expectations for him.

  • Scott Macmillan

    Mine is a pretty independent soul.Tricks are not a priority with him.

  • Dash Kitten in NZ

    I had NO IDEA that dog were afraid of lifts!! Really? Who knew. But then again us cats might never go in one so….

  • This post struck quite the chord with me. Tucson doesn’t have many elevators, but having the pups exposed to them and understanding how they work seems so logical. What’s so funny to me is that one of the shopping centers pretty close to us has an elevator, which I’ve never used because I’m not a senior citizen and I don’t have a stroller. Instead, I taught the pups how to walk up and down the stairs nicely. Clearly, I need a few focused trips over to the mall to practice in the elevator. Adding this idea to my training regimen. Thanks!

  • Christine Labelle

    We do not have any buildings with elevators where I live so we do not have a need for this trick. She knows sit and shake paws.

  • Fiona Mullins

    My dog doesn’t know any tricks

  • Karen Harrison

    I can imagine elevators would be a funky experience for dogs. My dogs haven’t ever been on one, not sure what they’d do! Thanks for sharing your experience, will come in handy in the event we’re traveling and are staying in a hotel with elevators.

  • I can see how the elevator would pose a lot of issues, especially for my dogs. Luna and Ralph look like they are elevator pros now! When we went to BlogPaws, my sister’s dog was pretty uncomfortable of the motion of the elevator. It did not feel natural to her at all!

  • Janine Alton

    my dog does not know this trick

  • Kellymcgrew

    I don’t think my sisters dogs would like elevators! They are scared of everything! Haha

  • Wanda Bergman

    Our dog doesn’t know this cute trick.

  • Heidi P

    Our dogs don’t really know any tricks, why because the rascal beagle is one that is SO stubborn, only does what he wants and the other little dog hides and runs to his spot. Wish I could teach them at least one trick but alas not so

  • I never thought about dogs needing to be trained to ride in an elevator until BlogPaws and talking to several dog owners.

  • Natalie hartmann

    Yes, my dogs know this trick and they learned the same way.

  • tammy

    My dog does not know this trick-yet.

  • Robyn B.

    No, my dogs do not know this trick, but I am going to change that.

  • Leslie

    My dogs live in the country so this is one trick they don’t know.

  • njweitzel

    No, no elevators around here at all.

  • Pat S

    Our puppy doesn’t know this and has never been in a elevator. I practice stay when I feed her.

  • Ray Koo

    He doesnt know this trick! Will have to try to teach him!

  • rlweitzel

    We don’t have any elevators, but I don’t know why it would be a problem.

  • favgreen

    Our 2 dogs have never been in an elevator! Never thought about this at all. I’d like to try!
    via Rhonda

  • Justin Sparks

    My dog is great on elevators. I rescued her almost 2 years ago and I call her my unofficial service dog.

  • Phyllis Huebbe

    Never have an opportunity for my dog to ride an elevator

  • Carolyn

    My dog never needed any specific elevator training to know what to do. But she was almost 5 when I got her so the previous owner could have done it.

  • alicia szemon

    My dog has never rode in an elevator but i am sure he would freak out! lol

  • Leela

    No, he does not.

  • Melanie Hayes

    She has not been anywhere near an elevator yet

  • paigechandler

    Petals the Pug knows no tricks. She is a wild child. Ugh

  • Kayte CookWatts

    We have a cat and his trick is waking me up at 3 AM for breakfast. haha

  • Anne

    We’ve never taken our dogs anywhere there was an elevator, so this has never been an issue for us. I guess we’re just too rural! 🙂

  • Deborah W

    My dog does ride very well in an elevator. She just gets nervous when a lot of people try and com into the elevator.

  • My dogs have never been in an elevator so I can’t even imagine how they would react.

  • Marla King

    My dogs do not know this treat & they have never been in an elevator. I don’t think they would care.

  • Jen Boehme

    Sophia has not had to ride in an elevator. She would walk on, and freeze if she had to ride one.

  • Jamie Williams

    No, wow! That would have been so hard to teach. He doesn’t know this trick.

  • tannawings

    No elevators around here, so no he has never learned this. I wouldnt even know where to take him to learn,

  • Aarone Mawdsley

    no he does not

  • Shelley Butcher

    My dog has never had problems with elevators.

  • Vera K

    My dog has never been near an elevator.

  • Madison Yip

    My dog loves going in elevators when we go on trips!

  • Leslie Crosbie

    Our Pug has only been on an elevator once and it wasn’t pleasant!

  • Jodi Hassel

    If there is a treat involved my dog will do just about anything

  • Jackie Lochridge

    Galen has been on several elevators, and didn’t care at all.

  • Helga

    Our dogs have never been on elevators but would probably adapt to them, they are pretty mellow.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    My dog does not know this trick at all!

  • Diane To

    My dog does not know this trick yet!

  • John Cabug

    my dog knows this trick

  • Holly Thomas

    My dog has never been on an elevator so have had no reason to teach him this trick!

  • Christina Foley

    my dogs have never been in an elevator, but we use the same techniques when training my fearful girl to be calm out of the house

  • Mita

    My dog does not know this trick

  • Darlene Owen

    My dog does not know this trick.

  • Theresa Spaid

    He has never been near an elevator so has never have to do this trick

  • I don’t know that we’ve ever been near an elevator. The girls are used to weird movements from agility and the teeter, but I don’t know what they’d think about the movement, but they’d be ok with going inside as long as we were all going together.

  • nancy stokell

    My dog does not know this trick.

  • Brandy Jones

    My dogs have never been on an elevator before but I imagine I would have to teach them to be ok with it.

  • Marcy Wright

    My dogs like riding in the elevator

  • Jeanette Jackson

    My one dog is comfortable in elevators and the other one is a bit nervous but not too bad.

  • no elevators that I would take my dog in.

  • Meesh

    I have never had to try an elevator yet with my dog, but she’s afraid of everything new, so I appreciate this info.

  • Annabellainla

    My dog has never rode in an elevator before

  • Cassandra Sarling

    Yes my dog has no problems riding in an elevator.

  • Dejanae

    I don’t get in elevators much so my dog doesn’t know it – nor is it Practical for us

  • We don’t encounter elevators in our every day roaming, but now I’m curious to know how he’d behave! Maybe we’ll try to find one and use your tips!

  • Sarah p

    If I lived in a place with an elevator this would be a great way to teach these skills.

  • Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets

    This is one of those situations where knowing and practicing those basics is so important. Ralph and Luna were very impressive with their calmness and focus. Luke jumped up and came over when he heard the bell on your elevator go off! 🙂

  • Charles Sutherland

    I have never taken my dogs on an elevator and to be honest, it never crossed my mind that it might be an issue.

  • sarah k.

    I haven’t ever needed to use elevators with my dogs so I haven’t tried this trick.

  • fossie55

    I have never had my dog in an elevator so never had to try the trick
    Florence Cochrane

  • Amy A

    Neither of my pups know this since they have never been on an elevator but I can see how this could be a super useful trick.

  • Sarah Cool

    My little one does know this trick and i taught her th same way

  • KLynn Schrotenboer

    My dog doesn’t know this trick and would not have any reason to be in an elevator so I won’t be teaching this one. Though I have no doubt she’d be unfazed as movements and sounds don’t bother her in the least. (Teaching her a wobble board and first time on a agility teeter-totter was a breeze.)

  • Michelle R. Carlino

    No my dogs do not know this one.
    Never been in a situation where we had to take them on Elevator.

  • DJohnson

    No my pup doesn’t know this one, but it would be a great one to learn.

  • Lisa F.

    It’s been awhile since I trained anything. I eventually would like to train again. I like clicker training and that can be a useful tool.

  • Surinder gurm

    My dog has never been in an elevator but I think he would be ok

  • Jessica S Whitehouse

    My dog doesn’t do any tricks.

  • Birdiebee

    No, my dog does not yet know this trick.

  • Mary Ballerin

    My two pugs did very well during many trips in the hotel elevator in Chicago in May, they seemed to folow my lead or are just smart, they are pugs after all!

  • Megan C.

    My dog knows how to sit and stay. I am trying this to teach her how to give paw.

  • scottsgal

    my dog has never been in an elevator and not sure when she ever would be

  • Darla Peduzzi

    My dog hasn’t ever been in an elevator. Thanks for the good tips.

  • Not yet, but it might be a good thing to teach her.

  • Trixie Dotson

    My dog has never had to ride in an elevator so I’m not sure how he would do. However he does know sit, wait, down, shake, crawl, and sit pretty.

  • Gunner Miller

    I’m entering this for my BiL and his dumb dog. The only trick he knows is “throw, no take”….he’s rather dumb.

  • Kate S

    We haven’t tried b/c she is very shy, but this looks like a good start!


    My dog hasn’t ever needed to go in an elevator yet so no.

  • priya vaidyya

    Never had a need to get on a elevator

  • shannon fowler

    Our one dog has no problem with it. We’ve traveled quite a bit with him, and he goes right into the hotel and airport elevator. I have a feeling our other one would. She is more skittish.

  • Mike Bratek

    Never needed for her to go in an elevator….yet.

  • tiffany dayton

    We have no reason to take them on an elevator.

  • donna porter

    My dog does fine in elevators.

  • Kristen

    I’ve never taken my current dog in an elevator.

  • Heather B.

    I don’t have a dog yet 🙁 Hopefully soon!

  • Betty Spry

    being small I pick him up in the elevator so not sure

  • C. Jackson

    My dog can sit , follow, and like most beg.

  • Kayla Robison

    My dog is terrified to ride in the elevator!! I’m excited to try this out with them! Thank you for the awesome tips. 🙂

  • Jonathan Robison

    My dogs are both enamored and confused by elevator rides. This would be great to help them out!

  • Jennifer Herman

    We do teach our dog this trick.

  • John Herman

    Yes, we teach this trick.

  • PhancyPheet

    She has never been near an elevator so has never had the option to do this trick

  • Jerry Marquardt

    No, my pup, Don, wouldn’t want to know this trick.

  • Seyma Shabbir

    Yes my dog knows this trick. Probably the only one. LOL

  • Wen Budro

    Actually- I live in a small rural town where there are no elevators. My dog does know how to roll over.