A little while ago I raved about the idea of Ice Pups after learning about them at BlogPaws, so when the Honest Kitchen asked Luna to review of a free box of Ice Pups, she jumped at the chance!

Quick and easy Ice Pups from the Honest Kitchen are ready for Luna's consumption

Quick and easy Ice Pups from the Honest Kitchen are ready for Luna’s consumption

Ice Pups are just like they sound: frozen dog treats! Although they are make at home treats, they are incredibly easy to prepare.

So how easy is it to make Ice Pups?

You can do it in four easy steps.

Heat up 8 oz of water. Do it however you would like: in the microwave, on the stove, or with your heat vision. Just get it warm!

The only ingredients you need to make the Honest Kitchen's Ice Pups!

The only ingredients you need to make the Honest Kitchen’s Ice Pups!

Add one packet of Ice Pup mixture to the warm water and mix! The box recommends using a whisk, but my lack of tiny whisks forced me to use a fork instead. Be sure to keep stirring occasionally so that everything is evenly distributed.

Pour the mixture into ice cube trays or cute molds.

Freeze for a few hours and then enjoy!

If your dog is anything like Luna, you might need to add an intermediate step:

Defend Ice Pups from hungry Beagle.

Frozen or not, they will not be safe left unattended. These treats just smell too good.

Luna attempts to steal a few Honest Kitchen Ice Pups before they are ready.

Luna attempts to steal a few Honest Kitchen Ice Pups before they are ready.

What is in a mysterious Ice Pups packet?

The Honest Kitchen prides themselves on using human grade ingredients. Ice Pups contain eight of those great, but yet simple ingredients: dehydrated chicken, turkey, whey, dandelion, asparagus, watercress, honey, and parsley.

Each packet of Ice Pups is 0.5 oz and each box comes with 16 packets. A packet sells for $0.99 or you can get the box for $13.99.

The best part about Ice Pups

You can serve Ice Pups warm, as Steamy Pups, so they are great for both summer and winter nights! Steamy Pups are a warm broth that can be poured over your pups food! They are even simpler to make since there is no freezing involved. Just be sure to let the mixture cool enough before giving it to your dog. (updated 8/15/13)

Luna enjoys her frozen Honest Kitchen Ice Pups.

Luna enjoys her frozen Honest Kitchen Ice Pups.

We both love frozen treats and have already featured two homemade frozen treat recipes (Strawberry Dreaming and Blueberry Drops), so Ice Pups were a perfect fit!

Luna and I both love these quick and easy frozen treats. They smell and taste great to Luna and thanks to the Honest Kitchen, I feel good about what she is eating.

Have you ever tried Ice Pups? Do you prefer them frozen or steamy?

Disclaimer: I received the Honest Kitchen Ice Pups free to review. I received no compensation or additional benefits for mentioning this product in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman

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  • http://terriertorrent.wordpress.com/ Gizmo Geodog

    I’m curious…are the steamy pups a solid or a liquid? Is there a gelatin that sets them?

    • beaglesbargains

      They are solid! It is just a warm broth, but you can serve it over or with your food!

  • Emma

    I think we like frozen, but that is interesting that they don’t need to be frozen, they must be like doggy jello?

    • beaglesbargains

      If they aren’t frozen, the Steamy Pups are just a warm (but yet tasty) broth. You can put it on your food or just enjoy! Doggy jello sounds interesting though!

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TalentedK9Tonya Sarah D. and Talented K9 Tonya

    This looks great! I was unaware of this Honest Kitchen product!