The health of my two dogs is one of my top priorities. I want to ensure I get as much time as possible with them and that they are happy and healthy for every moment of it. Though there are some things that are out of my control, I can actually do a lot, as a pet parent, to help with my dogs’ health.

Tips to Prioritize Your Dog’s Health in the New Year | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | #sponsored by WellyTails

One way that I try to provide my dogs their healthiest life possible is by including quality supplements as part of their regular diet. My top brand of choice when it comes to supplements is WellyTails. Lucky for your dog’s health, they are also the sponsor of Day #13 of our 2017 Stocking Stuffer Giveaways. I seriously can’t get enough of their fish oil. Okay, so I don’t actually use it first hand (because you know it’s made for dogs), but it has changed the lives of both Ralph & Luna SO MUCH. (Read more on that here.) I challenge you to put your dog’s health first in 2018. Keep reading on for five ways to do just that and to find out how to enter today’s giveaway.

How to Prioritize Your Dog’s Health in the New Year

Schedule the Next Vet Check Up

Regular annual check up veterinarian appointments are important to ensure your dog is as healthy as he or she can be. (Don’t forget puppies and senior dogs may need to go every 6 months rather than once a year.) And, I bet you’ll be more likely to go if you schedule your pup’s next appointment now rather than waiting until it’s time. I know how many times “Call Vet” gets pushed down on my to-do list for “higher priority” items. Do it now, put it on the calendar, and get it out of the way for the rest of the year.

Tips to Prioritize Your Dog’s Health in the New Year | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | #sponsored by WellyTails

Revisit What You’re Feeding and Your Budget

My number one budgeting rule when it comes to having pets is to always put food first. It’s what they eat every single day, so it can have a profound affect on your dog’s overall health and wellness. If nothing else, read the ingredient list on your dog’s food. You should be familiar with what you are feeding your furry family member after all! Take it a step further and actually browse the aisles the next time you are at the pet food store or look up reliable ratings and reviews online.

If your budget has changed, feel free to revisit what your dog eats. Hopefully, you’re seeing an increase in budget and can pick out a higher quality food the next time around. No matter what – buy the best you can afford. You’re dog’s health will surely thank you!

Consider Adding a Supplement

I can’t say enough about adding fish oil to a dog’s diet. It has so many benefits – many of which I have seen first hand after adopting Ralph. Our go-to is the Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil from WellyTails. It made such a huge difference in Ralph’s coat and skin. WellyTails also offers a Fish Oil and Coconut Oil Blend, which offers the same Omega-3 benefits. Some of these benefits include helping reduce dry itchy skin, supporting a strong glossy coat, and building brain and eye health. It’s great for dog’s of all ages and comes in a Stay Ever Fresh Airless Pump System to prevent the oil from becoming rancid (which can be harmful!)

As Luna is aging (CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE’S 6 ALREADY?), I’ve been looking into adding a hip and joint supplement as well. Since losing her ability to walk and play would certainly affect her quality of life, I want to add a supplement as a preventative rather than waiting for signs of pain or decreased range of movement. WellyTails also offers a Cartilage, Hip & Joint Supplement with all kinds of good stuff! In this supplement, you’ll find Glucosamine HCL, Freeze Dries New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, all 3 forms of Omega-3s, Tart Red Cherry Powder, and more to help maintain your dog’s hip and joint health.

Tips to Prioritize Your Dog’s Health in the New Year | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | #sponsored by WellyTails

Develop a Cleaning Routine

As much as I love to plan and to stick to a schedule, I’m the WORST when it comes to having a cleaning routine. Probably because I don’t like doing it. But can you really blame me? To ensure my dogs and myself aren’t living in a pile of filth and germs, I’m going to set one up for 2018. Who knows… Maybe I’ll even share it here! In the meantime, if you want to create your own cleaning routine I highly recommend it (This is one of those do as I say and not as I do things).

Here are several tasks you may want to include –
Washing Bowls and/or Water Fountains
Washing Bedding
Washing Clothing, Accessories, and Collars/Leads
Mopping (or “Swiffering” as I like to call it)

Set a Grooming Schedule

Proper grooming can be extremely important to a dog’s health and well being. Long nails can lead to poor posture and pain. Poor dental health can be a gateway to other health issues. And, lack of brushing and bathing can cause a damaged or dry skin and coat.

Just what you need to include in your dog’s grooming schedule is going to depend on your dog and their breed (or mixes). Short haired dogs like Ralph & Luna, don’t need to be trimmed but they do need to be bathed, brushed, have nails clipped, and have teeth brushed. Maybe your dog requires fewer baths, but more trimming or maybe a blow out. Whatever it is, put a schedule together. You’ll be more likely to get these tasks done in a reasonable manner if you have a grooming time set aside each week or month.

Tips to Prioritize Your Dog’s Health in the New Year | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | #sponsored by WellyTails

About WellyTails

WellyTails has been a favorite brand of mine in the pet industry since I was first introduced a few years ago. I’ve had first had success with many of their products, but especially their Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil.

I just love that WellyTails is a family based business and has set out on a mission to help pet parents show their pets love through honest nutrition in the form of foods and supplements. I even have the privilege of catching up with the WellyTails founders (John and Gladys) at several pet industry events throughout the year and they are a delight every single time! It’s clear to see how passionate they are about creating products with quality nutrition for our furry family members.

If you want to learn more about WellyTails, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget to check out the WellyTails website to purchase supplements for your dog, just in time for 2018! You can also save 25% off your purchase with promo code beaglesandbargains25.

Tips to Prioritize Your Dog’s Health in the New Year | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | Win WellyTails Supplements for Dogs | #sponsored by WellyTails

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What steps do you take to ensure your dog is happy and healthy? Do you currently use any supplements in their diet?

Disclaimer: WellyTails provided product free to review. I am being compensated to help spread the word about WellyTails. I received no other compensation or additional benefits for mentioning the brands or products in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business. WellyTails is responsible for all giveaway prizes including shipping.

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman is a bargain hunter, food lover, and software engineer figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. Jessica has been a long time lover of all animals (especially llamas and manatees) and is happy that she can finally combine that love with technology.
Jessica Shipman

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  • Candice

    My dogs take a glucosamine and fish oil supplement. I also make sure they eat quality food and dental bones.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I give mine fish oil once a week and regularly clean their bedding, bowls and they get monthly flea/tick/heartworm medicine.

  • sandy weinstein

    i give my girls supplements and have been for many years. i also put eggs in their food. they also get fish oil, probiotic goat’s milk kefir, low fat greek plain yogurt, and some other supplements. they also get joint supplements and fish oil.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I feed my dogs healthy food, take them for walks, and make sure they see the vet regularly (and in between if they aren’t feeling well). I love my furbabies and want them to have long, happy, healthy lives with me!

  • Shelley P

    To keep our dogs healthy and happy we make sure they get plenty of exercise, we feed them premium food and treats, we get them to the vet on a regular basis and give them supplements every 2 – 3 days.

  • Brooke Wecker

    My pup gets daily Pro plan diet food with his daily skin and coat,antioxidant, fish oil and digestive supplement s . I clean weekly. Clean his clothes,bedding…food and water bowls.

  • Jackie Preas

    Beauregard gets his food from Only Natural Pets and he is given daily supplements along with coconut oil added to his food every morning.We recently had a bout of IVDD and have learned that supplements are a necessity.He is not quite 5 years old and I want him around for many more years.

  • Dianne

    My girl’s coat and her teeth are brushed every day. I feed her a raw diet. We walk several times a day, usually totaling at least 5 miles/day. Except for her dew claws, her nails rarely need a trim because of all the walking. I add coconut oil, raw honey, and goat yogurt to her food. Her bedding is washed weekly. Food and water bowls are washed daily. I wash her collars and leads often (garment bag in the washing machine) and vacuum the kitchen floor daily. I don’t have a swiffer type cleaner, but I am considering buying one. Of course, we go the vet for regular check-ups and routine senior blood work. (My girl is 9 yo; she was 5 yo when we adopted her). I also vaccine minimally — rabies because it is required by law. I titer for protection from distemper and parvo. I keep her away from any lawn/grassy/park areas that have been treated with lawn chemicals.

  • Allison Hoffman

    My dog gets 2 walks/hikes a day (sometimes 3 if we have time!) and yes, supplements! He gets a grain/chicken-free diet and fish or flax oil and a joint supplement daily. Also gets dental bones! Would love to win this!

  • Mary W

    My dogs get lots of fresh air, exercise and stimulation. They also get down time when needed to refresh their body. They seem to be happy and healthy and have lived long lives.

  • Helga

    We feed our dogs a high quality dog food and give them chews for their teeth. Also daily exercise, teeth brushing, and fresh veggies.

  • K9 Bytes

    I feed him a high quality food and supplement with a CBD fish oil

  • DJohnson

    I feed my pup grain free food and he takes supplements for join paint and inflammation. I also bathe my pup regularly to help ease his joint pain. He loves soaking in the warm water.

  • Christine Aiello

    I give Coco a bunch of supplements every day and vitamins to keep her healthy. I keep taking her for walks to keep her moving too.

  • Carolyn

    We won some Well Tails supplements in the 2015 Stocking Stuffer giveaways. Angel takes glucosamine supplements for joint health; she turned 10 this year but I have had multiple people ask if she is a puppy due to how fast she can run.

  • Daniel Scott

    We use joint supplements to ensure that he stays happy and healthy.

  • Kayla Lussier

    My dog gets regular checkups at the vet, although she does not take supplements right now, it is something I am considering. She gets a lot of exercise, grooming once a week because she has sensitive skin, a healthy grain free diet.

  • Misty

    Yes, each dog is on supplements that I hope are the for them and their needs

  • njweitzel

    Yes Molimo is doing fish oil and we are looking for a great joint supplement to add for her hips.

  • Michelle Taylor

    Wes gets the highest quality dog food and exercise every day.

  • rlweitzel

    Yes, we do our best to make sure they have what they need.

  • Jennifer Leigh Dace

    Well, I try to buy the best kibble I can afford. Then we add coconut oil, Cosequin ds chews and a tumeric chew. And we take a daily walk or run, work on tricks and play ball and or disc.

  • Mary Somerville

    I give my guy, and girl a joint supplement. To try to feed them healthier, I cook a ‘broth’ to put over their kibble a few days a week- with things like pumpkin puree, grated cranberries, a bit of lean meat, and olive oil. They are slowing down a bit with age- so we make sure to get them plenty of walking.

  • AnnaZed

    I do. This same company makes a powdered Phytonutrients that I always use. Now Sammi needs the Hip & Joint supplement.

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    Mr. N is currently on a probiotic. Thinking about adding a joint supplement.

  • Ellen Reardon

    Apollo gets very high quality food, but no supplements

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I make sure that mine get their shots every year and I give them a turmeric mix with their food every day.

  • Elizabeth H

    In addition to regular check-ups, vaccines, bloodwork and flea/tick/heartworm medications – they get supplements throughout the year. We recently introduced egg shells to the diet for extra calcium without a lot of calories.

  • Dani S.

    I don’t use any supplements for my dogs, but I feed a high-quality kibble and give them fresh fruits and veggies as an occasional treat.

  • Charlene

    I used a calcium supplement for my st. bernard when he was a puppy. Vet recommended it & it worked wonders.

  • iggysaysno

    We do supplements before their dinner. They also go to the vet regularly.

  • mullin77

    We take Bailey to the Vet for his shots and we feed him gain free high-quality dog food. He is given an fish oil advantage capsules every day. Cathy Truman

  • Molly Pitcher

    I currently use fish oil to help with my dogs arthritis.

  • Barrie

    I ensure my dog has quality dog food. I always wet his hair before brushing and brush 2x/week. He is well loved and gets excercise daily through play and walks!

  • Rochelle Epstein

    I cook for Layla adding freeze dried food, bathe her, clean the house twice a week, add honey to her food and in a nutshell am a Jewish Mom so do everything. Plus of course one long walk a day plus dog park time

  • Amanda Eagan

    We have a grooming schedule and feed high quality food but are still lacking in the supplement dept

  • Jodi Hassel

    We take him to the vet and give him qulity food

  • Leela

    We feed him well and he gets regular checkups.

  • Sarah Borns

    Good food and regular health checks

  • Lisa F.

    I don’t give them supplements. I feed them good food, watch their weight, and have done acupuncture for them when age/condition calls for it.

  • Joanne Careri

    I haven’t given my dog any supplements. He gets good food and regular vet check ups.

  • yellowlabs

    I exercise them several times a week by taking them for walks. I also take them to the vet to make sure they are up to date and healthy. I am currently not using any supplements in their diet.

  • Michelle

    We currently don’t use any supplements but vitamins.

  • Cindy Peterson

    No supplements. We kept his weight appropriate for his size, feed hime quality food, and exercise him both physically and mentally.

  • Calvin F.

    No but I choose special dry food, usually have added flax seeds and omega 3s

  • Aarone Mawdsley

    i give him yummy food

  • Robyn B.

    I take them for regular vet check ups and daily exercise, but no supplements.

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy gets regular veterinary checkups and we do not use supplements but we do use a monthly tick protection as well as a heartworm preventative.

  • I use supplements and medication as he suffers from arthritis and a heart condition.

  • Char

    We like to give our pup vitamins every day!

  • Jonnie

    I make sure she gets plenty of exercise with daily walks and playtime. Also lots of love and snuggles from the whole family. She is our princess for sure! I haven’t used supplements yet but would be interested in trying them.

  • brukeferencz

    I make sure I walk him 2 times daily. He always has fresh water. He wears a coat when outside and I feed him the best food that’s best for him

  • Surinder Gurm

    Currently use fish oil, need to brush his teeth regularly