Can you believe that December is just around the corner? And then Christmas is soon to follow? Not me! I’m still stuffed with pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving last night and Ralph & Luna are planning one long siesta from all the commotion of having 15 family members over to visit.

But even if I’m not ready, December is coming and so are the holidays. Holidays often mean gifts and this time I’ll be the one giving a gift to YOU! If you keep reading, you’ll find out how you can enter to win a $300 Amazon Gift Card and several other amazing prizes. So keep scrolling because you and your dogs won’t want to skip entering this giveaway.

For this giveaway celebration, we’ve partnered up with 9 super duper cool pet bloggers to giveaway three AMAZING prizes. Trust me. These prizes are so good, you won’t want to miss out! In fact, your dog might have to return his or her present for you to the store if you don’t enter and you DON’T want that!

Paws & Santa Claws Holiday Giveaway | Pet Blogger Christmas Giveaway

Grand Prize:

$300 Amazon Gift Card

Second Prize:

PET 2-IN-1 Cordless Lithium Stick
Vacuum with SMARTECH™
from Black+Decker
($199.99 value)

Third Prize:

$75 Gift Card to Inspired Dog Mom Boutique


Recently my friend Christina of The Everyday Dog Mom launched an amazing Etsy shop called the Inspired Dog Mom Boutique that caters directly to dog moms (and cat moms too)! I’ve been obsessed with many of the items she has added including printables, super cute t-shirts with relatable quotes, and of course her amazing leggings. I myself don’t have a pair, but I’m putting them on my Christmas list for sure! With a $75 gift card, you could get two pairs of leggings or anything else your heart desires from her fabulous shop.

I’m quite familiar with the Black+Decker brand through various power tools I’ve used or owned through the years, though I haven’t had the chance to try out the PET 2-IN-1 Cordless Lithium Stick Vacuum with SMARTECH™ first hand. How cool is it that this vacuum can handle pet hair, litter, AND kibble? That’s pretty amazing. Kind of jealous I can’t win this either…

Do I even have to mention the $300 Amazon Gift Card? THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Imagine the how many treats you could buy Ralph & Luna with that. Hey get out of here, you silly dogs!

So how do I enter?

Great question! First, you’ll want to check out the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post (Wait, don’t scroll just yet! I’m explaining how this all works…). You can enter it just like you would any other Beagles & Bargains giveaway. There is one mandatory entry and whole bunch of optional entries that will open up once you complete the first entry. Feel free to enter as many as you can for more chances at winning and even come back each day through November 30, 2017 to tweet for even more entries!

BUT WAIT! Your chances to win don’t end there. Since I’ve partnered with 9 other amazing pet blogs to host this giveaway, you can increase your chances of winning by entering on all 10 participating blogs. That’s 10 chances to win big!

OKay now… what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enter here, then hop on over to the 9 other fantastic pet blogs listed below. Be sure to keep hopping until you have hit all 10 for the most chances to win!

Chronicles of CardiganDog Mom Days
Dolly the DoxieKama Loves Agility
Kol’s NotesMy GBGV Life
Tenacious Little TerrierSarcastic Dog
The Everyday Dog MomBeagles & Bargains (right here!)

This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, November 30, 2017 and is open to US and Canadian residents (excluding Quebec and where prohibited by law). Three winners will be randomly selected on Friday morning and announced on Beagles & Bargains Facebook page (be sure to follow, so you don’t miss out)! The winners will be notified via email and each will have 48 hours to respond and claim his or her prize.

How do I win?

1. Enter to win right here on Beagles & Bargains via the Rafflecopter below.

2. Click through to all the other participating blogs. Enter as many or as few as you would like. More entries = more chances at winning.

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4. Three (3) prize winners will be randomly selected from the 10 finalists.

5. Winners will be announced on Facebook and via email. Each winner will have 48 hours to respond and claim his or her prize.

PLUS Stay Tuned…

This is just the first of many Holiday giveaways here at Beagles & Bargains. Stocking Stuffer Giveaways are coming back starting December 1, 2017. Keep checking back for even more ways to win amazing prizes (almost $2,000 worth!) to keep your pet’s stocking full this Christmas.

Tell us ALL about your pets! How old are they? Do you know what breed? How long have they been in your family?
What is on your pet’s Christmas list this year? Have they been naughty or nice?

Paws & Santa Claws Holiday Giveaway | Pet Blogger Christmas Giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway

No purchase necessary. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents age 18 and older, except where prohibited by law. Giveaway will run from November 24 through November 30, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST. This website will randomly select one “finalist” whose name will be added to a drawing including “finalists” from the other 9 participating websites. From there, three (3) winners will be randomly selected and notified via email. Odds of winning depend on the total number of entries received. Once notified, winners will have 48 hours to claim their prizes; failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram do not sponsor, administer, or endorse this promotion. Participants must read and agree to Rafflecopter’s Privacy Policy before entering and participating in this promotion.

Each participating blogger paid an entry fee which will be used to fund the grand prize. The items in the 2nd and 3rd place prize packages were generously donated by the participating brands. Please be sure to visit their websites to see all the amazing pet products they have to offer.

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman is a bargain hunter, food lover, and software engineer figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. Jessica has been a long time lover of all animals (especially llamas and manatees) and is happy that she can finally combine that love with technology.
Jessica Shipman

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  • ehnen6

    I have a 10 yr. old Shih-tzu. I got her when she was 6 weeks old and she’s my only child!! I can’t imagine life without her. She’s been very good this year and doesn’t have much on her list. She loves most quality treats and all people!

  • Lisa Brown

    I have a 4-year-old chihuahua named sammy: he is a little rascal πŸ™‚ We like to give our “good boy” toys at christmas.

  • Nancy Loring

    I have a 3 yr old black lab/pitbull mix named Tuc. He is the biggest baby with know sense of direction. He does not enjoy riding in the car but he will came and let me know every time his cat wants to come inside. His cat is named black cat, his choice, and they are the best of friends. Of course the cat thinks that he is a dog. When I take Tuc for a walk Black cat will walk right beside us for the whole walk.

  • I have three furkids. My oldest is Lady Girl, 10 yrs old, black lab/border collie. She is my best friend. I have two littles, chugs. Pugsley is my baby boy. He is soooo sweet. 9 mos old. His brother is more chi than pug and has the personality, LOL!!! He can be a growler. I still love him.

    Lady is always good. The littles, well, they are little stinkers and spoiled rotten.

    Christmas will be light this year because I lost my husband 3/16.

  • Melody Finch

    I have a little over 2 and half year old mix. Was told smooth fox terrier but DNA tests results were miniature pincher beagle mix. He looks like a mini lab. Max is very smart and loving, can be awnrey at times In the cutest ways. We’ve had him since he was about 4 to 6 months old. He brings joy to our family and means the world to me. He came into my life after I lost my border collie mix/first dog of 12 years from old age. Max had mange when we got him and was amazing to see him recovered, never once did he let it him slow him down. He loves treats and adores balls and playing fetch, and enjoys to snuggle. He’s very affectionate and adorable.

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I have three dogs. Junebug is 12 years old, Boston Terrier. I have had him for 11 years. Cain is also a Boston who is 3 years old, and I’ve had him for 3 years! Whitley is the newest addition, he is a Chihuahua/Boston mix and is 7 months old. They all love to play with their toys and each other.

  • Will G

    We have a dog named Brinlee. She is 7yrs old. She is a Maltese. Treats. She has been good.

  • Dickie Turner

    My dog is a lab. Shes 10. Named Lucy!!!! Shes always on the nice list!

  • Molly Pitcher

    for the most part my pups have been nice this year . They naughtiest thing my pooch has done this year is sneaking into a rooms that is off limits in the house.

  • Elena

    I have two dogs and two cats. My dogs are lab and golden retriever. My cats are tabbies. I will get them toys for Christmas

  • sherry butcher

    I have one mixed breed dog, Blackie, that looks like cocker and lab., I have had him 8 years and the vet said he was 5 when I got him. He such a good boy and the community thinks so too.

  • Rust

    We have a rescue Malamute, Jake, who is about 9 years old. Jake loves jerky treats (ANY treats!) and is shy and loves playing in the snow.

  • Rachel Davis

    Ellie is a 6 year old shih tzu who was been with me since she was a tiny little baby! She is mostly on the nice list although she has done a couple naughty things this year…

  • We have an orange cat named Buddy and he is around 10. I would like to get him a cat tree. He is an orange tabby and we adopted him about 3 years ago. He has been a very good boy.

  • Jackie Preas

    We have 1 dog…Beauregard who will be 5 on Valentines day.We have had him since he was 9 weeks old.He made us laugh when we were very sad over losing our Riley.Oh…he is a pure breed Cocker Spaniel.

  • catchatcaren

    I have a ten year old cat named Cody and a 10 year old dog named Dakota. Do you know what breed? Dakota is a Shetland Sheepdog, Cody is an American Shorthair cat. They have been with our family 10 yrs. My pets don’t have a Christmas list because they are Jewish…they are happy and grateful for whatever they receive. They are the perfect balance of naughty AND nice!

  • Mary W

    We were rescued by 3 dogs and 3 cats that live in the house with us. I make the distinction because we also have rescued livestock in the pastures. The dogs are 2 Border Collie siblings – 12 years old and a Boston Terrier- 15 years old. They are joined by two male Orange Tabbies – 9 years old and a black American Bobtail feral – soon to be one year old. They have already received everything on their wish list – a safe home with good food and plenty of love.

  • Anna Pry

    our pup is a lab/hound mix and she’d love lots of new toys for xmas

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I have a cat named Little, he’s about 13 years old and isn’t so ‘little’ anymore lol. & a 5 year old Boxer named Izzy. They’ll probably get treats and toys.. maybe a cute sweater for my cat that he’ll never wear lol!

  • natalie s

    we dont have any pets but are considering getting a dog bc our kids really want one. my sister has a dog that my kids adore.

  • DJohnson

    I have a 14 year old male pug baby named Sam.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I have 2 cats who are brothers and are 4 years old. We also have a mixed breed mutt dog named Travis, who is 5 years old. They are all rescued. I usually get treats for them as presents.

  • Rachel Griesmer

    I have a cat named Huey. He’s a little over 7 years old. He’s been a stinker this year but I still love him regardless.

  • We have 3 girl westies: Finley (11 1/2), Kinley (1 1/2), and Brinley (1 1/2) and three cats – Travis (a 4 1/2 year old a light orange boy), Crockett (a 3 1/2 year old dark orange boy), and Angelique (a 3 1/2 gray and white girl). They’re all asking for treats and toys!

  • Ali Celestino

    We have a 4 year old lab. She came home with us at 2 months old. She is loves playing fetch and is asking Santa for some new balls and a Frisbee! She loves the water, playing fetch. She can shake your hand on command sit on command and speak and lay down on command. We love her.

  • steve weber

    I have a dog named Nancy, she is 7 years old. She is my pride and joy!

  • Lana Shmigelsky

    We do not have a pet, but will be getting our kiddos one for christmas

  • Avrion

    We have 2 domestic shorthair cats, 14 and 12, they’ve been with us since they were kittens. The younger one likes to fetch. They have been a little naughty but mostly nice so lots of catnip for them.

  • Kayla Lussier

    I have many pets! I have 1 dog named Myla. She was born October 4th, 2016. She is a Alaskan Husky, Malamute, Black Lab mix! She has been with my fiance and I since she was 8 weeks old, so almost a year this first week of December. She is really hoping for a bunch of toys and bones from Santa this year and luckily she is on the Nice list this year! Lol! We also have 3 cats, our oldest Julius will be 10 years old in March and she’s been with me since she was born. She’s a small orange tabby and hopes for lots of treats, wet food and cat nip! She has her moments but is on the Nice list! Diego will be 3 next year, he’s been with us since around 12 weeks old. He was a rescue, him and his sister were found stuck in a wall of an abandoned house. He’s a large long haired orange tabby who hopes Santa will bring a lot of toys and cat nip! He is always on the Nice list for being such a sweetheart! Charlie our newest and unexpected addition is a Himalayan about 9 months old. He’s been with us for about a month and is full of life! He is asking for toys and treats from Santa and is definitely on the Nice list! We also have 5 birds! Frankie and Farrah are about 7 years old, cockatiels and have been with us for about 4 years. They don’t ask for much but some tasty treats and toys to shred! Both on Nice list! Remington and Duke, 3 year old cockatiels and babies to Frankie and Farrah. Been with us since they were eggs! They both made the Nice list and hope for toys! Last but not least, Jasper our Indian Ringneck. He’s 2 years old and has been with us since 8 weeks old. He can be a bit difficult and loud but he has made the Nice list and hopes Santa will bring him a variety of treats and toys for him to shred! I love all of my babies and being able to spoil them because they deserve the best and they are my world and I couldn’t imagine life without them!

  • I have a cat name Fuzzy Wuzzy. He’s a tabby and he has the BEST personality! He’s been home four years. He has toys and cat treats on his Christmas list πŸ™‚

  • Bryan Vice

    i have a cat her name is Jingles. She is 3 years old weve only had her for about 5 months now and to be honest I have never been a cat lover but she has turned me into one and at time she acts like a dog lol.She has really came into our family and made us very happy

  • Marilyn Nawara

    My dog is Fang. He is a 16 Year-Old Westie — his favorite toys are pink tennis balls.

  • Honey the golden retriever is my sole pet. She is 7 years old and has been with us since she was 8 weeks old. She is always nice and never naughty. And she only wants to hang out with people–both us and strangers.

  • Jackie Lochridge

    Galen is a boxer x German shorthaired pointer, about 4.5 years old now. I adopted him a little over 3 years ago. He got an early gift of a new bikejoring harness and line, and I feel like he needs something more because he saved me from being trampled by longhorn cattle on a hike yesterday (maybe a nice steak?).

  • Heather D

    I have a rescue dog and cat. The cat is judgey. The dog is the best!

  • My cats have been SO NAUGHTY! But then they try to suck up to me with cuddles and kisses, so I guess they know I’m Santa.

  • Becky

    Shadow is a Schnauzer mix. He turned 15 this month and we adopted him when he was 7. He started us on our journey to adopt seniors and sick pups. We lost 2 last year. Our Yorkie who was 10 when we adopted her and 14 when she died of CHF and our Pomeranian who was 10 but also had CHF. We knew he only had about a year when we adopted him to give him his best life ever. We ended up adopting a 2 year old Papillon/Dachshund and named her Zari. She had been dumped and then returned twice so we had to give her a chance! She’s on the Nice list for teaching Shadow how to play but the Naughty list for grunching at him at bedtime (she doesn’t like sharing the bed or us). Shadow will always be on the Super Nice list for always adapting to every dog we foist on him.

  • chromiumman

    Sheila is a queenslander heeler and about nine years old, we’ve had her forever

  • Meesh

    We rescued Izzy about 1 1/2 yrs ago when she was probably about 8-9 months old, so she recently had her 2 year old birthday. We are pretty confident she’s a Boxer/Pointer/Pit Bull mix. Poor baby was so terribly afraid of ALL people she was doing the 4 leg spread and wouldn’t even walk, when we met. She has come a long way, and while still timid to most everyone but me, she’s a very good girl who has had to learn how to play with toys and even learn that she can get treats for rewards. She’ll get a couple of her fave types of toys for Christmas.

  • Heather Kinser

    My dog Ranger is a Jack Russel mix that I adopted five years ago. I also have a cat named Ruby, a foster cat named Skye, and a hamster named Alexander.

  • E Camille

    My dog passed a month and a half ago from cancer. She was always on the nice list, even when she misbehaved, because she was so sweet and brought so much joy to everyone who knew her. I miss her more every day.
    After the holidays we’ll start looking for another dog.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    We have three cats and two days ago I would have said three dogs, but I lost my sweet Coonhound girl, Kyoko. I can’t stop crying. I wish she was still here. The two dogs left are Kenji who appears to be full Treeing Walker Coonhound, and Seiji who is a mix. The cats are all DSH tabbies.

  • E Michelle Bakle

    I have two! A rescue pitbull mix named doja shes a very loud 3 year old. large and in charge! I have another rescue the old man Diego pitbull hes about 10. Very laid back and quiet. Sleeps under my desk during the day and follows you everywhere! I would love to get them new collars and a new set of tags!

  • Theresa Spaid

    I have 3 furbabies now, Shunta is 14 years old. She is hard of hearing and can’t walk or see very well but loves life anyway. Sneaky Pie is 11 my 1 and only cat now. He is kinda clingy since we lost Mushu a few months ago. They were pretty close. Last but not least there is Bandit. We had him for a year now. He is a little over a year and brings a youthful vibe into our lives.

  • Caitlyn

    I have one dog. She’s my everything. She’s a 6 year old black and silver mini schnauzer. She’s snuggly and a couch potato. On her Christmas list this year is a chuck-it ball launcher since we live by a park now.

  • Carol Ezovski

    I have one dog, a Chocolate Lab named Jasper. He is the greatest dog ever! We’ve had him almost nine years. Anything food-related is on his Christmas list!

  • tammy

    My Rocky is 6 -he has been with us since he was 4 months old. His mommy is a Rotti, his daddy a chocolate lab. Rocky looks like a very large black lab. My Cream adopted us approx.8-9 yrs ago. We guess she is around 10+ yrs. They both are very good and are wishing for lots of treats for Christmas and maybe a few new toys too!

  • Daniel Scott

    Artie is our long, haired mixed breed rescue dog that we adopted 4 years ago. We think Artie is a golden retriever/Alaskan malamute mix. Artie has been wonderful this year except for eating my wife’s pie crust on Thanksgiving day.

  • ellne2

    i have a calico cat. we’ve had her for 15 years, she’s been very nice this year.

  • bookloon

    I have a pit mix that is turning around 15 and a cat which is around the same age. We also have another cat that is 10. The 15 year old cat is a little grumpy in his old age but we’ll treat them all to some Christmas presents.

  • Kyle B

    We have two cowdog mixes. One has been with us 6 years and the other 4.5 years. They will both be getting extra treats and running gear. They are SUPER active pups!

  • April Bentley

    Such a cool giveaway!

  • Ellen Thompson

    We have a half dachshund, half shih tzu dog named Boo. She is black and white and she is about 8 years old. She will probably get a new squeaky toy for Christmas. She loves her squeaky toys!

  • Misty

    Steel is my 12 year old black lab who’s on the Nice list, it’s been double checked!

  • rlweitzel

    Seek is 16 weeks old and is a pointing lab. She’s teetering back and forth between the lists. Who knows where she’ll land!

  • njweitzel

    Molimo is my seven year old rescued chocolate lab. She is on the extra nice list.

  • Tasha F

    HeyZeus is 4 year old, 120 pound German Shepard that we’ve had since he was a puppy. He’s great around our 6 kids and fits in perfectly with our hectic lifestyle. Tennis balls and treats are at the top of his wish list

  • Elle

    I have a dog and cat, both rescues who are apart of my family. I am going to get my dog some toys for the holidays and my cat a new scratcher.

  • I have a 16 year old Mal-Shi named Buffy. She’s definitely on the nice list. She only wants treats for Christmas…and lots of them!

  • We have a 2-1/2 year old yellow lab named Bear and a 2 year old mutt named Ginger. Ginger has been with us since she was 6 months old, she was a foster dog fail πŸ™‚ Bear has been with us just over a year. Not sure yet what Santa will bring them… the jury is still out if they will remain on the good list or not!

  • Karlee

    Sahara is about 3 and a half years old adopted about 2 years ago. The shelter assumed she is a black mouth cur/pit bull mix, and I don’ve have any evidence to confirm or deny that so I just throw up my arms whenever anybody asks haha! She likes to think she’s on the nice list, but we’ll see what Santa thinks when he comes! She has a new frisbee on her Christmas list!

  • Lisa F.

    I have a Springer Spaniel who is 13 and a Mini Wire-haired Dachshund who is 10. They are both naughty AND nice. πŸ˜‰ They’ll get some special treats for the holidays. πŸ™‚

  • Candice

    My dogs have been pretty nice this year. I have 2 female Shepherd mixes named Bailey and Abbey, and they are 10 and 9 years old. I have had them since they were puppies.

  • mckim

    We have a 10 year old Hanging Tree Cow Dog named Freckles. We have had her since she was a couple months old. She is getting some new toys and treats for Christmas.

  • Sandy Klocinski

    I have a Doberman trapped in a Chihuahua’s body named Ice. I adopted him from a shelter a little over a year ago. He is approximately 6 years old. He would like a Gulpy Pet Water Bottle to take with him on road trips. Santa is definitely putting Ice at the top of his ‘Nice’ list!

  • Rochelle BaRoss

    Henry is a four year old terrier mix πŸ™‚ This will be our third Christmas together. He’s been VERY nice (for the most part) and will be getting cozy pajamas.


    My Bugsey is a rescue cat who has been with me for 7 years now. He is an orange tabby with a big M on his forehead. He is very spoiled, but I can’t help myself. He needs a new climbing tower and a new comfy bed.

  • margaretsmith

    We have a senior cat, Shadow and a two year old named Reilly. Both of our babies have been great this year and they’ll be getting a few kitty toys each.

  • Tiffany Banks

    I have a dog named Dre who is 3 years old & a cat named Cattle who is 6 years old. Our dog is a pitbull and our cat is a calico cat. We have had Dre since he was a puppy and Cattle since he was 1.
    I am sure Dre has a bunch of dog toys and bones on his list! & I am sure Cattle has catnip and toys on his list lol. They have both been good boys so far this year πŸ™‚ lol

  • Christie Veitch

    Our dog is, we think 4 but since he was rescued off the streets we’re not sure . . . He;s been VERY NICE this year which is hard to pull off as an anxious, fearful traumatized dog. However, he is a hard worker. His Christmas list is more swims at the pool and a sweater that fits him!

  • Danielle Wood

    I have two rescue dogs, they are both black lab mixes. Chai and Arlo are their names. Chai is about 3 now and Arlo is about 2. We’ve had Chai almost 2 years and Arlo for a year

  • Dana Marie Germain

    I have a German shepherd named Bruin he is a rescue he is four years old and has lived with us for three. He has been a relatively good boy with a few naughty hiccups he would love a bunch of rugged chew toys for Christmas

  • Shannon Baas

    we have a border terrier named sparky. we aren’t sure how old he is but guessing young. he was adopted from our local vet this summer. He is a good dog except for chewing on everything not put up. he would love some treats.

  • sandy weinstein

    i have 2 little gals, Tressa, 8 and Harley, 7, who are 1st cousins. they have been very good, they are better out and about than at home.

  • Sarah C

    I have a 2 year old mixed breed that we got from a rescue, her name is Patty. We adopted her as a puppy, shes an american bull dog, shepherd mix. We also have a cat named Doug and we rescued him as well. They are both on the nice list.

  • Ashley B.

    We have one pup who is currently living with our in-laws because our landlord won’t allow pets πŸ™ hoping to buy a house this year so we can have a little fur family with us at all times!

  • Ruth Epstein

    Layla will be 11 in a month, she is a rescue and has been with me for about 5 years. She has a quirky side to her which is a mix of naughty and nice plus cuteness

  • Claudia C. Davis

    Slippers is 15 1/2 now and is a Turkish Angora. She ia a shelter rescue. I am also looking to adopt a puppy. Slippy really is my very best friend. I have been with her since she is 10 weeks old.

    Slippy is always nice and just would like snacks and cat nip.

  • Kayte CookWatts

    We have one American Short Hair silver tabby. He’s 6 and his name is Albus Dumbledore, because he is indeed, quite magical! If he could talk he’d probably ask for an electric blanket- he’s always trying to burrow under mine.

  • jalapenomama

    We have two sweet cats both females named Snotty and Lucy!
    Snotty (14 years) is a calico and Lucy (12 years) a grey/black striped tabby.
    They have definitely been nice.
    On their Christmas list is a cat bed.
    Only need one since they are so buddied and share!
    Form name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  • Ray Koo

    Entering mainly for my dad, who has two lovely English Springer Spaniel girls! They are 7 and 1 year old, and he loves them to piece. He spends pretty much all of his free time with them, just running them through the woods. I, myself, have a bunny, not sure what breed, but I must say that he is the best guy in the world. He is 2,5 old, free roaming and a member of our little family. I am buying him a few new toys and baked treats for Christmas, his favorite ones!

  • Aaron

    Rolly is a three-year-old Old English Sheepdog. He is mostly nice.

  • agordon10

    I have two cats and a dog and they are good pets. They love going outdoors.

  • cynthiac

    I have a thirteen year old cat who is always a good girl.

  • nickie burke

    I have a dog that is 2 years old and he is a goof ball

  • Kristin G

    I have three pets. Two dogs are rescues and one is a German Shepard mix. The other is a blue heeler I believe. My kitten is gorgeous. He is all white with blue eyes. They are getting treats and toys for Christmas! I would love to get them a new bed as well.

  • Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets

    Oh, Luke and Cricket do have their moments, but for the most part they’re always nice. πŸ™‚

  • dglitter

    Mr. Whiskers is our only pet at the moment-he’s been with us 4 years, and is a mixed-breed cat. He wants a new bed for Christmas.

  • jules mcnubbin

    we have a rescue dog named Charlie who is 3 yrs old and a new puppy named Bowie also a rescue, who will be 1 on Dec 20. They have both been somewhat good and they want loads of treats and toys!

  • Michel J.

    My pup is a pomeranian who is 7 year old. We adopted him from a family who could no longer take care of him.

  • Kelly mcgrew

    I have 2 cats, both almost 9yo. One is a Maine Coon named Buddy and the other is a doll face Persian/domestic medium hair named Chestnut. They are the furry lights of my life! I just ordered them a cat scratch tree, toys, and treats. They will be very happy this year!

    I also have a fur niece and a fur nephew, Grimm & Batly, who are the cutest pups around! I bought them a bunch of treats and some toys this year.

  • Annabellainla

    We have two Chihuahua’s – both sisters and we have three cats a brother and sister Calico pair and an older cat – I think all they want for Christmas is lots of treats and food

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  • tatertot374

    I have an 8 year old lab named Faith and she would love a new stuffed animal. thank you

  • Christine Aiello

    I have a 12 year old cocker spaniel named Coco that I have had since she was 9 weeks old. Coco is definitely on the nice list and will be getting lots from Santa.

  • Chris Konarski

    I have a four year old shorkie named Maddie who loves toys bigger than her. I also have a 16 year old black cat named Mika. Mika has cancer and I’d like to make this Christmas as great as I can for him.

  • Mendy Dinsmore

    My dog is Korey and my cat is Dakota. Of course they have been good this year. At least right at this moment. New toys and treats are on their list.

  • Diane Therkildsen

    calico, 16 yrs old some catnip toys

  • susan1215

    We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Pepper. He is a great lap dog. We always get him bones and toys for Christmas.

  • Daniel M

    we have a shelter cat, he was a mess when we got him but after a few years he’s right at home here now

  • Suzanne

    Bailey is a 5 year old chocolate lab. She is a good girl and very friendly. She’s been extra good lately during a move.

  • sylvia

    I have 2 dogs, Skippy and Tiberious. They are 8 year old mini-schnauzer/Chihuahua mixes. I have 2 cats, Mo and Phantom, who are both about 13 year old housecats. and 2 recent additions, 2 syrian hamsters (one long and one short haired) who have yet to be named. they are great family members, so they are on the nice list.

  • Chrystal D

    I have 2 dogs, Iron City ( the Shepherd ) and Kong ( his son the Pitherd ). I adopted Iron from a nearby shelter and Kong was the product of Iron and a dog I used to have who was a Pit. Iron is almost 8 and Kong is almost 2. They want TREATS and Santa says if they don’t stay off of my bed they’re both getting brushed every day ( which they HATE! ) I’m not holding my breath, though.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I have two cats, Lieutenant Doof (aka “The Doof”) and Miss Kitty, and two grand-dachshunds, Misha and Sherlock. All are adopted from shelters, and all have been in the family for about 4-5 years. All of the are extremly naughty! And extremely loveable! Their wishlists? Snack treats and toys lol

  • Love3570

    I have a French bulldog. She’s 5 & I had her since she was a few months old. My jazzy has been good all year & I will buy her some cute toys for the holidays!

  • Jessica Holybee

    I have an English springer spaniel, he is 8 years old and his name is rex. He survived being hit by a car so he is extra spoiled . We get him treats for Xmas and put it in his stocking .

  • Christina Sparks

    I have two dogs one that is almost 7 yrs old Chocolate Lab and one who is almost a year Rott/German Shepherd mix, they enjoy stuffed animals and ropes.

  • Tom

    Roscoe is 11 years old mixed breed, Shepard and ?????? been with us since he was a puppy. Likes to sleep a lot now.

  • Jennifer B

    My crazy Lola. German shepherd. Still a puppy. A huge puppy. Lol had her since june.she’s been teetering between the naughty, nice list but shes really trying to be good. She loves shredding anything and everything so lots of toys are on her list. Sadly our old lady, mixed breed just recently left us.

  • veronica sandberg

    My dog’s name is baby. She is 5 years old. She is a Chihuahua. She is my best friend. She loves the stuffless dog toys. So maybe she’ll get a new one. Because she is small I have to be careful not to get them too big. LOL

  • kyl neusch

    vader is 10 mo lab

  • timmy06

    our dog name is maggie she is a mutt and is 4 years old. just found out at she has diabetes maggie has been nice this year. all she wants is a new bed and more toys

  • kcjmc

    Marley is our big yellow Lab who loves to fetch, especially when his ball is thrown into the lake. Marley’s eight years old now, and he’s been part of the family since he was eight weeks old. For Christmas this year, he will get his usual: the leftovers from our Christmas dinner standing rib roast. Naughty or nice? Marley doesn’t have a naughty bone in his body, so nice is what he always is!

  • Belle is our 16 year old Cocker Spaniel and Pumpkin is our 6 mos. old cat. He is mixed breed kitty that adopted us. He wandered up all hungry and pitiful looking, so there is no way I could turn him away. He is full, happy, and well loved. Belle would love a cozy bed and toys, and Pumpkin would love some toys and some kitty snacks. They are both nice! Santa would be happy.

  • Allyson Tice

    I have a pit/terrier mix, Daisy. we adopted her from humane society! she is 3. We then have a orange tabby named Simba whom we adopted from a local woman! both my babies have been super good all year!! daisy would love a new collar and simba would love some treats!!

  • maggiesmith

    I have a 20 month old American Bulldog named Blu. He is amazingly awesome and he is hoping for a new bed and a Benebone from Santa!

  • Carrie Mander

    Our dog Gracie is a 10 year old Potcake that we rescued from The Turks and Caicos Islands. She has a wish list a mile long full of treats of course. She has a 12 year old fur brother named Marko, who also has wish list a mile long. He wishes for mostly catnip.

  • Erika

    Beagles are actually what our family has always had! Currently an old, but sweet one named Lucy.

  • Deborah Cochran

    Our dog Millie is a black and white cocker spaniel and is 9 years old. We adopted her 6 years ago and she is such as sweet loving dog. I would love to get her a new doggie bed – something a bit more easy for her to get into.

  • Kayley

    I have a 4 year old kitty who has been with me for 2 years (she was a 2-year-old stray before I adopted her). She is a very nice girl aside from her tendency to tear up cardboard and paper!

  • Nicole Martin

    I have a two year old border collie boy named Ozzy. He’s a hyper little guy, but the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. He wants lots of toys for Christmas.

  • joegersh

    i have a boxer pitt mix, tizzy and a chocolate lab maggie and am getting them dog treats for Christmas

  • Alice Minx

    I have two Chinese Cresteds.. One is 10, the other 3. They are both monsters.. For Christmas they get personalized squeeky toys and new beds.

  • Karen Lynne

    I have a 7 year old Boston Terrier and Chihuahua mix. We got him shortly after we lost our dog of 10 years. I asked my husband if he wanted to go see our nephews puppies and wala we had a dog πŸ™‚
    My dog is so afraid of every little thing and he likes to nip so I would put him on the naughty list. Zack’s wish list contains dog treats and that’s about it he doesn’t like to play with balls or toys

  • Cindy Peterson

    My best little buddy is 10 years old. We have had him for 8 years. He looks like an angel and mostly is an angel

  • Shirley S

    I have a 2 year old lab named Lucy and she would love some treats and squeaky toys.

  • Julie H

    Orange the cat is sweet, cuddly and great with my kids! They have lots of fun together! My son named her, such an original name I know!

  • We rescued my sweet whippet Stormy last January and boy do we ever love this dog. She is a part of our family and she is sweet as sugar! It took awhile to get her adapted but she settled in just fine. She is my little shadow that follows me around everywhere I go. I can not imagine my life without her!

  • Christine Labelle

    My dog is Riley. She was born on Christmas day and she is seven years old. She is a golden/black lab mix. She is so lovable and still just as feisty as day one. She needs a new bed so that is on her list.

  • kcrmb

    I have a dog named Sitka. He is 3 years old and a beautiful Samoyed! He thinks he is human and gives us all hugs and kisses daily!

  • Marlene V

    Our puppy is Dasha – she is 2 years old and is a Manchester Terrier. She is naughty! but we still love her. She really wants some toys, treats and new dog bed that has an attached blanket that she can curl up in!

  • Lisa Michelle

    Lulu is 10 years old and she is an apricot Maltese Poodle, she’s naughty sometimes so mostly just a lovable carefree happy pup, she’s older now but acts like a puppy. And we have Stella, she is a 7 year old white Maltese Yorkie. She’s always good, and she is a very chill mellow dog.

  • Stacie H

    I have a chihuahua mix named Pokie. She is 11 years old. I adopted her when she was 1. She is always by my side. She is so cute! She is super sweet. β™‘

  • julie matek

    We have 1 dog (yellow lab mix). We have had him since last November from a rescue. We have 2 cats. 1 is 5yrs old, 1 is 6 yrs old. Both cats were rescued:) I’m sure our dog would love a large one. Our cats would love any kind if cat jungle gym:)

    Jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  • Ken C

    We have 6 dogs and they all love my wife. Some rescued and some not. A few love to go out running with us and they are all on nice list πŸ™‚

  • c costa

    my yorkipoos brothers are Cole and Riley they are amazing little dogs with big hearts. They are therapy dogs that help other people. They love Christmas because they like to ripe open there gifts. Cole love all toys and steals them from Riley but Riley just wants love..

  • sandra

    we have two senior cats and they are all about their treats

  • Maria Katie

    We have adopted our dog when he was 3.5 years old. The best dog ever, now he is almost 10. He has been a good boy

  • Vanessa

    My cat Owen is now 12. He’s a beautiful orange tabby!

  • Char

    Thank you for the offer. My poodle is 12! I love your blog, you are great.

  • lindsay

    i have a 1.5 year old cavapoo named Biscuit

  • Christy

    I have a 13 year old dachshund named Jake. He’s been with us for 13 years and he was my baby before the babies came. He’s going to get some treats and a new sweater from Santa this year.

  • Shannon

    I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. They range in ages from 6 to 10.

  • michelle garrity

    I used to have a golden retriever, who passed away, but now my fur baby is my son’s calico cat.

  • Gena Eve Viggiani


  • Calvin F.

    My cat is a maine coon tabby mix and he is around 8 years old. I adopted him from the local shelter.

  • tina jensen

    We have 2 shelter rescue dogs and they are rarely ever naughty πŸ™‚

  • sonnetdog

    I have a labrador retreivers – the “baby” — 2 years old — is a high energy handful and he is always naughty but he tries hard so I’m just waiting for a bit more maturity. The older dog is a perfect angel! And food and toys are always on the list!

  • Mike Flaman

    I have 2 cats. One is a Bombay Black cat named Maru who is 8 years old. The other is a Maine Coon named Odie. We love our cats so much.

  • Virginia Patterson

    My pets are two begal mixed they are 5 months old.They have been very naughty and we are enjoying them.They will be getting new chew toys.

  • Janine vdm

    i have a little shitsu named jackson, he has been a great dog considering the new addition of a baby who he loves and protects! πŸ™‚ lots of treats on his christmas list this year

  • Rebecca C

    I have one awesome cat. He’s a short-haired orange tabby boy who turned ten this year. I’ve had him since he was two months old and he’s my most loyal companion. He’s been pretty nice this year, he’s definitely become more mellow as he’s gotten older. He doesn’t have anything on his Christmas list this year.

  • heatherswanson

    My cats are Jack(orange) & Penny (grey tabby) both adopted 7 years ago. They have been very good so will get treats for Christmas!!

  • Jeanette Jackson

    I have a miniature Dachshund named Templeton who is 10 years old. We lost our 18 year old mini Dachshund last week so Christmas will be a bit teary this year but we will get some toys and treats for Templeton.

  • David Hollingsworth

    We have a Chihuahua named Jack, who is 11 years old. He has a lots of energy, and we love him, even if he does his business all over the house.

  • Kim Con

    We have five dogs – a puggle named Teagan, a pit mix named Skylar, two “unknown” mixes named Iris and Luna and, last but not least, a 4 pound Chihuahua named El Guapo – he runs the house, of course. They ALL love to chew on rope toys so that is what they get under the tree!

  • Monique Rizzo

    We have 2 dogs. a Lab named Ty and a Dachshund named Oscar. The Lab is a GOOD dog. The Dachshund is always in trouble. We got them as 8 week old puppies, the same week! They think they are brothers. They are 6 years old. They both would just love some treats and squeaky balls!

  • Kristina Prewitt

    We have one dog, Kiki. Kiki is a rat terrier and is 15 years old!!! Kiki is old but still spry and full of energy! She’s on the nice list and will be getting a new dog bed from Santa this year!

  • Natalie

    I have a goldendoodle named Miles who is a bundle of energy and joy! He loves to go to dog parks. I would love a car seat protector so that I can take him in the car.

  • steve weber

    I have a 7 year old chug named Nancy – she is a sweet heart!

  • susansmoaks

    we have a 5 year old mixed breed medium sized rescue dog. she is our baby. we love her and we get her special treats for holidays.

  • Kayla Robison

    I rescued my stray Border Collie/ Chow mix 2 years ago and he is adorable and fluffy. I got a Border Collie/ Aussie mix 8 months ago and he is hyper and soft. They are both on the nice list this year and I’ve already bought more presents for them then I’d like to admit! πŸ™‚

  • Katie

    We have two beautiful working dogs. They love taking care of our livestock, scaring predators away and barking at cars.They are both four years plus.

  • David Gibb

    I have a mixed breed small dog named TJ.

  • Tracy Pryor

    My pets have been pretty nice this year. I have one dog and two cats. My dog’s name is Miko he’s an 11 year old Shepard mix. My cats are 17 years old and 1 year old. There both all black and named Mystic and Guinness.

  • fossie55

    I have 2 granddogs. My son has a large mix breed about 2 years old and my daughter has a miniature dachshund 7 years old.
    Florence Cochrane

  • Kimberly H

    I don’t currently have a pet, but I’d like to get a German Sheppard one day.

  • Lisa Voyce

    Our dog is a rescue and has been in the family for about 10 years now. He is a mutt and not sure what he exactly is. He is a great dog and will get goodies for Christmas.

  • SarahJ

    A rabbit hutch is on his list because he has been nice.

  • Linda Svarovsky

    My dog is 15, and turkey is a favourite treat.

  • CandieL

    Odin just turned 1 and he loves anything we will give him

  • Laura reynolds

    My puppy Moose is the best.

  • Catherine Robichaud

    We have 2 cats Ali and Froley and a dog named Stu. In general they have all been nice this year although they each have their moments of misbehaving.

  • doreen lamoureux

    I have a cat. She is my companion. I really want to get her a big scratch pad home.

  • tiffany dayton

    Our dogs are Bo a 6 yr.old Boxer and a 2 yr. old Terrier mix.Bo was 1 when we got him and Kosher was a month or so. He was found in a parking lot. They would love to receive treats. They are sweet dogs. Bo is always good. Kosher is young and roudy, but he has been good to.He loves balls.

  • john dallas

    I have an eskimo spitz and he is 11 years old. he’s cute!

  • Elizabeth E

    My cats are 1.5 and 2 yrs old. Not sure what breeds; they were rescue kitties. They have been at our house since last summer (2016). They’ve both been good so they will get toys a plenty from Santa!

  • Michelle Lee

    We have a 4yr old mini Bulldog name Layla. She has been in the family since she was 6mon old. She is a sweet heart and a great dog. Always nice and will get her doggy friendly stocking

  • Deb Philippon

    Our little housebunny, Bluebell, is a Dutch Blue who is almost eight years old. He’s been with us since our son moved to Vancouver five years ago, and is spoiled rotten. His favorite presents are tunnels and mats he can customize.

  • Holly Kennedy

    My Nelson kitty would be happy with a box and a roll of wrapping paper which he gets.

  • Sandi Tymchuk

    My sister’s family adopted an older but loving smaller dog, Murphy, this year. I am so happy for them and their new “fur-baby” in his forever home.

  • Natalie Schilla

    My dogs name is Niko, He is 9 years old and we have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is a Pomeranian.

  • Richard Hicks

    We have two rescues that are part siamese. They are now 10 years old and from same litter, Will be getting them treats for xmas

  • Amanda Eagan

    I have two fawn pug rescues- otter which I rescued in 2015 and he’s about 9 years old and Abby is about 12 and I’ve only had her about a year and a half. They are sweeties and love to cuddle and be with the family. They were both nice this year and are both asking for treats this year even though they will get some some new toys too!

  • C L. Chin

    i don’t have a dog, i think i’d get a French bulldog

  • Lauren Hecker

    I have a cute little black cat, not exactly sure what breed, maybe American shorthair? She’s a bad girl but I’m gonna get her some toys I think. I wanna get something robotic so she can be enetertained while I’m at worl.

  • Janice Gabriel

    My cat is a mixed breed gray and white beauty named Cody. He’s two years old, and was a stray that we got at around 6 months. He’s very lovable and just wants laps and hugs and attention for Christmas.

  • Lisa Pecora

    I have 3 cats, Kaci (10, Mixed Long Hair..her birthday is tomorrow!). Vince (5, mixed tabby), Luke (2, tabby). Luke is sometimes a brat and harasses the other cats.

  • textbookmommy

    We have a mini zoo at our house with one dog, two cars, a turtle, a guinea pig, a cockatiel, and a leopard gecko. Our dog is 13 years old and he is getting some new toys for Christmas!

  • Nina Bergeron

    we have one pet cat named oreo. We have had her for about 2 months. For christmas she will be getting a new toy.

  • BobbiJo Pentney

    We have a maremma and she is around 7 and 1/2. We are her third, but forever home. She is definitely on the nice list and she would love a toy to throw around

  • Chrissy Kim

    I have a 13-year old Jack Russell terrier. I adopted him when he was a little puppy, so he’s been with me for a very long time. He’s recently had some health issues so my wish for him this Christmas is to be healthy. He’s been very nice. I just want him to be with me for a really long time.

  • DeeG131

    My Goldie (a Yorkshire Terrier) passed away 2 years ago but I am ready to adopt a new pup into our family and have my heart set on the cutest French bulldog πŸ™‚

  • DeeG131

    As for Goldie, she was always on the nice list – best dog ever and I miss her so much! <3

  • Mark Marville

    I recently adopted a dog from the hurricanes! We think she’s a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. She’s just a pup so she’s definitely naughty! I hope Santa brings her a huge chewy so she quits chewing my shoes!

  • Jessica S Whitehouse

    My cat was found as a kitten, abandoned. We estimated that he was about 4 weeks old- still not old enough to be weaned. My husband said we could not keep him an that the next day he would be taking a kitten to the vet or shelter. Later that evening, after bottle feeding the kitten, my husband let him fall asleep on his chest. Three years later, Tiger’s favorite place is still curled up on my husband’s chest.

    We also have a dachshund mix who thinks she’s a cat. Stormy came into my life just a few weeks after my pug-mix dog passed away. (I’d had her for over 12 years.) I didn’t want another dog, but I saw a post for free puppies on Facebook. My husband took me to meet the pups and I fell in love with Stormy immediately. Since she has never been around other dogs, she’s taken to acting like the cat.

    I was surprised at how easily Tiger and Stormy got along. Even now, two years after Stormy joined our family, it’s not uncommon to find them sitting together on the couch or grooming each other.

  • Wayne Couzens

    I have a 3yr old st.poodle named Earl. He has been a good boy this year and wants Santa to bring him a new purple ball and a new nylabone.

  • Joyce_Ycas

    I have the sweetest shih tzu that ever got picked up by a city shelter and put up for adoption (by me!). Mimi is not lucky to be with me — I am lucky to have her. She has converted dog-dislikers (including my dad) in record time. She converted a friend, whose past experience stopped her from interacting with dogs at all, to wishing she could own a Mimi of her own. She is almost too friendly, as she will treat everyone just the same and strangers wonder what this affectionate pooch is doing wandering up to them in the park. I do my best to spoil her. She has several more beds in the house than I do.

  • decsn

    We have 2 dogs and both of them is 1 year old, they have been with us since they were born
    our pet’s Christmas list this year will be chew toys and their favorite snacks, they have they been nice for the whole year.

  • SandyC

    We have a 3 year old Standard Poodle Earl. He has changed our lives in so many ways. He has helped us meet so many new friends while out for our walks. He has helped us get out and enjoy nature everyday. He is a 70 pound lap dog that we couldn’t love more. He has a long Christmas list, number one is a nice new soft red leather collar and of course a toy that squeaks. Thank You and Happy Holidays πŸ™‚

  • Cathleen Nesheiwat

    my clairebear is an 18 yr-old norwegian forest cat who is always naughty but still expects a lot of treats this xmas

  • bilqees bano

    I have two cats ..I saw them on the road and took care of them they are mine .. they also love me a lot πŸ™‚

  • Michelle R. Carlino

    I have 3 rescues and 1 that shows up to eat twice a day.. 2 dogs.. Travis is golden Aussie mix, Poo Poo is Amer.staff/Bull terr. Mix. Both came from a local shelter where I worked.
    2 Cats.. Meatball came to use from a friend, And Luna showed up 6 years ago.. and basically shows up to eat twice a day.. attempts to catch her have failed.. several times..
    My furkids made the nice list and we always but presents and sticking stuffers for them.

  • Bridgett Wilbur

    I have two dogs a blk lab and a german shepard. They both have been very good this year and are going to get lots of treats and toys for Christmas.

  • jackthewiseman

    The family pet is Herbie, he’s a mostly Black Lab and is about 7 years old. He’s been very nice this year, is always great with the kids.

  • Carolyn Daley

    Our cat is a Snowshoe Siamese that turned five years old a few months ago. He loves to lay in your lap and get a good belly rub. For Christmas I got him a cat scratching pad, a couple of cat nip toys, and the Sheba meat stick treats.

  • Joann F

    We have a cat named Oliver that my son found in the bushes as a kitten . He was working as a security at our local mall when he found him so he bought him home. He is now 3 years old and a very good cat.

  • Scott Dickinson

    I have a 2 year old kitty that seems to always love to run around the house right at my bedtime.. appears it isn’t hers!

  • Mary Gardner

    I have 2 beagles, both boys. One is an 8 year old pocket beagle. The other is a 4 year old standard beagle. They love to bury and then dig up all kinds of things. They have been very good this year.

  • shelton

    I have one cat that’s 1yr & 8mths old. His name is Dorian Gray so you can easily guess what color he is. He’s been a blessing to me and especially to momma. She has some dementia and the company Dorian provides is amazing. It seems to calm her, let alone very happy. He’ll get something very special from Santa this year for being so good.

  • Betty Spry

    we have a happy shih tzu mix who is very lovable he is 2 years old and a great walking buddy

  • TheresaJenkins

    we have 3 grand dogs that come along with our 5 grandkids, that are here daily

  • Vasyl

    He has toys and cat treats on Christmas.

  • Jen R

    I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Cody who is 5 years old and a cat Oscar that is 1 1/2 years old. They have both been with our family since they were little. They are both on the nice list this holiday.

  • Francine Anchondo

    I have 1 dog . His name is Ollie – Miniature Schnauzer and we have had him for almost 7 months .

  • Terry Cross

    I have a Siamese mix cat. I got her at a shelter 3 years ago when she was 3 months old. She is a mixture of naughty and nice but still deserves her favorite treats for Christmas.

  • Ty Beth

    This is going to be long because we have a bunch of pets. 4dogs; Maya, an Alaskan malamute and all drama queen. She is 10 years old.
    Della, an Alaskan malamute and easy going. She’s a rescue and 5 years.
    Denali, a bernese mountain dog. He’s a trouble maker. He’s a rescue and 7 months old.
    Buddy, a mix, he’s 12 and is a lounge dog. Also a rescue.
    Sir hiss, is a snake and is 10. Might be older though. Hes a sweetheart.
    2 turtles. Speedy and Bugs
    Fish lots of fish and we refuse to name them. Lol

  • Karley Moore

    I have one male dog named Muppie. He is a terrier mix rescue. I have had him 8 years. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Katrina Angele

    We have just one cat now, Mama’s and she likes it that way. All her “brothers” have passed in the last few years so she is enjoying being an only child. She has been a very good girl this year even though she is licking her butt on my dining room table as we speak.

  • shellshock63

    My beautiful coon cat is very naughty but can’t help it! He can’t retract his claws and I feel so sorry for him. When people come over he so badly wants to be petted but then they end up getting scratched and shoo him away. I can tell he is confused. It’s just the kinda way he is, some Coons have extra long sharp claws and he is one of them. He is a beauty though, and I love him dearly!

  • Angela Thorpe

    We have one puppy named Zafira. She is a 2 yr old golden retriever. Her wish list is for a new rope and some jerky treats!

  • Starla

    So many awesome fur babies! I have 7 pets! I have a dog, 4 cats, a hamster and an Ectlectus Parrot named Romeo. My dog is Bentley, cats are Milo, Kai, Kira and Kinsey. Tofu is my hamster! Romeo is definitely wanting a portable cage so we can take him more places!

  • Brooke Wecker

    My rescue Chihuahua, Nacho is almost 7. Has been with me for four years.. can be both but most has been a nice boy. Oh boy, there are plenty things he wants!

  • Jeanna johnson

    We have a 3yr & 2 month old YorkiePoo named Sammi. In January we will have had her for 3years! She’s a good girl and loves to just be with us! I know she’s hoping for some new bones to keep her occupied while we are at work!

  • Wanda Bergman

    Our little guy is a 10-year-old Cockapoo and we’ve had him with us since he was 8 weeks old. He is sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, and we love him to bits!! He would love some new toys and tasty treats!

  • Barrie

    Maverick is about 9 years old and a yellow lab mix. We purchased him from our local humane society when he was about 4 months old. Maverick would love a new night frisbee this year!

  • traymona

    Pip is a marmalade male cat that was given to me by my granddaughters for christmas 2 years ago. They brought him to me in a christmas stocking. He is my constant companion and my confidant. He knows all my secrets because I can trust him not to tell them.

  • Jennifer Herman

    I would say he has been good this year.

  • juanita may

    I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. Baby is a pit bull aged 11, Buster is 6 and 1/2 pit and 1/2 beagle (her son) and Beau is 3 and a pit bull. Then we have Tigger, Barney and BooBoo. BooBoo is a kitten and a rescue we just took in about a month ago. They are all spoiled rotten.

  • mommyto2girlz

    We have one dog named Bella. She is the baby and has us all wrapped around her finger. She’s almost 4 years old and we got her when she was five weeks old. She’s a pit bull and the absolute sweetest dog you will ever meet. She sleeps in my arms most nights, she loves to be cuddled. She’s been a very sweet girl so she will be getting lots of toys from her sisters.

  • Stephanie La Plante

    I have 8 beautiful rescues ranging from the ages of 3 to 17. They’re all extremely spoiled cats literally run our household. They’re not pets, they’re family. <3

  • Angie S

    Our Daisy has been good this year for sure! She’s finally out of her chewing phase and deserves extra Santa gifts this year. I think a comfy doggy bed would be at the top of her list. She’s already taken over the recliner in our family room and she’s been eyeing the couch!!

  • Lisa Knox Neutel

    Maggie is a spirited gal she is a beautiful mix bread part black lab, beagle and something else -she has been a part of our family for 9 years – I think she would love some new toys or treats for Christmas

  • Samantha Martin

    We have a little chiuaua named Tiny who is 9 this year. She has been with us since she was weened. She is very good with kids. She has been awesome this year.
    There are also two Cats, not sure of their breed, ended up at our home this year. One name Ryder the others name is gray. They are newborns still yet not even 6 months old. So of course they will be on the good list as well.
    I am sure they all want some kind of treat, toy, or in Tinys case a new bed or blanket. and they really deserve it as well. πŸ™‚ You couldnt ask for better!!

  • Tammy Woodall

    We have a Maltese named Cotton, because she looks like a Cotton Ball. She is definitely a lapdog. She is very loving and smart. We taught her to ring a little bell (we keep in on the door) when she has to potty. She shakes hands, sits, and rolls over. She is so adorable. She is 3 years old. We love her dearly. She wants a new sweater for Christmas.

  • Tracy Shafer

    I have 3 cats. Sammy, Lily and China. They are all very spoiled and always get everything they want.

  • MichelleS

    Toby (terrier) and Zoe (boxer/lab) have been “decent” this year; on Zoe’s list is a heated dog bed, and Toby wants treats LOL.

  • John Herman

    Yes, I gotta say that he has been good.

  • Kathryn C

    my friend that I live with has a 7 year old German Shepherd dog named Conan and yes, he is a good dog. I have 5 indoor cats that I have saved over the years- ranging in age from 5 months to 5 years old- mostly well behaved but well, the youngest one (the kitten) has a LOT of energy LOL

  • Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    We have 3 rescued girl kitties….Miss Jerrie, Ninja and Booty….I have no clue how old they are as they were rescued from outside on our acerage. I “think” Jerrie is a sweet American Shorthair, Ninja is a loving and attention needing Bombay Kitty, and Booty (the youngest) is a beautiful Tuxedo Kitty. I think they’d love an interactive “big” toy that stays in one place, but has moving parts to chase. Thanks and God Bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol dot com

  • Lindsay A.

    My cat (technically my boyfriend’s – but we live together) is a shorthair tuxedo girl. She is 1.5 years old and has been with him since she was a kitten. Special kitty treats & some new toys are on her Christmas list! She is playfully naughty, yet nice! We love her!

  • mizztara71

    We have a 4 month old and a one year old. They are both German Rottweilers. We will be buying lots of chew toys and a huge dog bed.

  • We have a 9 year old German Shepherd named Custo. He has been very nice this year! He has epilepsy but it is controlled with meds. I want to get him a very comfy bed for this winter here in Chicago!

  • Linda G.

    I don’t have any pets, but I have a little neighbor dog will come over almost every day to visit me and get a treat!!

  • Brandy Jones

    I have 24 animals so I won’t go through all the names but I have 15 cats, 5 dogs, 2 birds and 2 guinea pigs. My kitties will be getting new cat trees, my pups always have to have new squeaky toys. My birds will be getting new perches and toys, and my cavies will be getting some rattle balls and new blankets.

  • Leela

    Cat, dog and birds. All of various ages and types.

  • Surinder Gurm

    Bailey is six years old and has been pretty nice this year

  • DV

    We had a dog named Lucy – very friendly

  • rowellreviews

    We have a 12 year old chocolate lab named Asia. She’s a bit grumpy, but we love her all the same. We also have Harley an alligator pit bull, he’s almost 7. He’s a spoiled baby that knows it! I also have three cats Roman is 14 and Kai and Po are 4. I love spoiling each and every one of them. My life would be incomplete without them! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Christina Foley

    I have Minnie who will be 4 next week, she’s a JRT/Italian Greyhound mix. Tucker who is 3 and a beagle/weimaraner mix and Betsy who just turned 1, who is a hound of some sort lol

  • Shelley P

    I have a dog named Kandy who we adopted when she was 6 months old from the shelter. She is 18 years old now and such a wonderful dog. She is a spaniel mix and would love to get some chicken jerky for Christmas and a big comfy new bed πŸ™‚

  • Christian Alejandro

    my dog is named Oakley. She’s a collie rott mix. I love how she still likes to act like a puppy at times.

  • I have an orange tabby. He is so cute and sweet. On his list, I think he wants grass.

  • Darlene Carbajal

    I have a dog named Biscuit. He is a mix chihuahua and we had him since he was a puppy. He has been a bit of naughty and nice this year lol. My dog would love new toys and treats!

  • katty k

    I have 2 dogs
    Pumpkin is 10 years old beagle mix and really grouchy she wants a new bad for Christmas. then there is Zoey Luna who is a 19 month old aussie who has been a very bad dog this year. however she needs some new chew toy.

  • Michelle Spayde

    I have a 13 year old Pomeranian named Sarah that has been with me for almost 8 years. Sarah’s list would probably include more car rides and soft blankets.

  • Buddy Garrett

    Rocky is a Chihuahua. He has been in our family for four years.