During the past few weeks I have had an increasing number of migraine headaches. I don’t know if it is the fewer daylight hours, the drier weather, or if I am just eating too much chocolate, but they sure have been a pain. One of the remedies I use to feel better when a migraine comes around is lavender.

Lavender has natural soothing and calming proprieties that allow me to rest and get some sleep until the pain can pass. I have been using a lavender scented neck pillow and lavender butter that I picked up from a local lavender farm called Renaissance Lavender.

One of my favorite things about using lavender is that I don’t have to worry about it negatively affecting Luna. So yes, lavender is safe for dogs. In fact, lavender is not only NOT poisonous to dogs, but it also has some beneficial qualities.

Is Lavender Safe for Dogs?


Lavender is known to have a calming, grounding, and almost sedating affect as it acts on the central nervous system. This can be helpful if you have a dog who is particularly anxious or nervous during travel, thunderstorms, fireworks or any other stressful situation.

Lavender essential oil can be used for this calming effect. According to Wikipedia, lavender essential oil is made by distilling the flower spikes of certain species of lavender. Adding just a few drops to your dog’s collar or neck can help to soothe anxiety and nerves.

For this same effect, culinary lavender can also be incorporated into your dog’s food or baked in homemade dog treats

Lavender Shampoo can also be used to soothe your dog if he or she finds bath time stressful. Since soon after adopting Luna, we have used Burt’s Bees Calming Shampoo with lavender (affiliate link). We chose the lavender shampoo for its calming properties because bath time always seemed like the end of the world to Luna. I had no idea what other benefits lavender shampoo can have.

Lavender Shampoo can also enhance the shine and smoothness of your dog’s coat through its soothing properties. If you don’t have lavender shampoo for your dog, you can make your own by adding lavender essential oil to your existing shampoo.


Lavender essential oil can be used to soothe irritated skin and prevent possible infections. It is also a natural way to help allergies, burns, ulcers, and more. Lavender can provide relief from itching and can be used to help with wound healing and scarring.

Lavender may also be helpful in treating hot spots and other sores. A mist of diluted lavender essential oil can be applied to a hot spot. Lavender’s calming, healing, antibacterial, and pain killing properties help it clear up fast.

Insect Repellent

Lavender also proves to be a natural insect repellent. It’s scent repels fleas and ticks, but does not kill them.

You can find lavender spray or mist from Renaissance Lavender or make your own by diluting a few drops of lavender essential oil with water. Use the lavender spray on yourself, your dog, and your furniture to help repel fleas and ticks. You can also add lavender essential oil directly into your carpet shampoo.

A Few Words of Caution

While lavender and other essential oils are safe for use around dogs, they should not be used around cats. However, dogs can have negative or allergic reactions to lavender, so be sure to try lavender out in small amounts initially. Always keep a close eye on your dog to observe any negative reactions. It is also not recommended to use essential oils on pregnant or nursing dogs.

Dogs should not ingest lavender essential oil as it can cause liver or kidney damage.

Lavender essential oil should be heavily diluted before using with pets. It is recommended to not use any Lavender hybrid oils or blends containing Linalyl acetate as they are unsafe for pets. Look for Lavandula angustifolia only.

How have you used lavender with your dog?

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman is a bargain hunter, food lover, and software engineer figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. Jessica has been a long time lover of all animals (especially llamas and manatees) and is happy that she can finally combine that love with technology.
Jessica Shipman

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  • Kim M

    Wow. The title scared me at first. I have several products for my pugs with lavender. Then I read and relief washed over me. I love my Lavender Chamomile Shampoo from Aroma Paws.

    • beaglesbargains

      Ha, sorry 🙂 Some people don’t realize that it is safe!

  • Katty k

    I use Lavender for my dog to calm her and my rabbits like to eat it

  • Dolly the Doxie

    Most of Bobbi Panter’s all natural dog shampoos have lavender in them and they work great! Love Dolly

    • beaglesbargains

      Good to know! I’ll have to check them out when we are shampoo shopping next.

  • GlamistaHome

    Interesting tid bits, thank you for sharing. Next summer I will be spraying Daisy with some lavender to prevent ticks from visiting her. Glad that stuff helps with the pain.

    • beaglesbargains

      I haven’t personally tried lavender on Luna yet, but I’m planning on it. I like the way it smells a bit better than other essential oils that have natural insect repellent properties. If you are looking for lavender, I highly recommend Renaissance Lavender! Her prices are so reasonable and I love that she is local.

  • I’m quite partial to the smell of lavender and I picked up a shampoo and leave in conditioner that is Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Rosemary. It smells divine and Essential Dog said that it has relaxing properties like you have mentioned in your article.

  • Cathy C Bennett

    Didn’t know – thanks for sharing!

  • Helga

    Great info, learned a lot about this herb here.

  • Hana Kim

    Thanks for sharing this! I didn’t know some of the facts posted here!

  • Thank you for this advice. I have a lot of essential oils here, but haven’t learned what I can and cannot do with my animals yet. This is a great start. All the best!

  • Heather Martin

    awesome post and information!!! Thank you so much for it all.

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  • Good info! We have an herb garden with a lavender plant. It’s a beautyand good for dehydrating for sachets and using in dog treats.

  • Christine Aiello

    This is good to know! I never knew lavender was safe for dogs!

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  • SGilbert

    I love the smell of lavender. I have it in my backyard…seems to keep away bugs too!

  • Jeanette Massura

    Does anyone know if using lavender in a humidifier could also cause an allergic reaction in dogs? My poor little guy has had allergies for most of his short life (he’s an 8 month old lab retriever mix). We have been putting lavender and tea tree oil in a humidifier in the living room and running almost daily, and I never thought that could be the reason behind my guys allergies.

    • beaglesbargains

      In my experience, lavender is safe for dogs in general. However, it is possible your dog could be allergic to it. How is he with other forms of lavender? I’d stop adding it to the humidifier and see if he improves.

  • Christine Aiello

    I took my dog to a lavender field for the first time this summer. She enjoyed walking around it.

  • Lisa F.

    I’ve wondered about lavender for dogs because I know it’s good for calming/de-stressing for people. Glad to read your thoughts on it. Thanks!

  • Erin Topp

    We’ve used lavender and the dogs love it!

  • Emily Endrizzi

    I love the smell of lavender. I never new of all its many uses.

  • Christine Aiello

    I took my dog to the lavender fields by us last year. We loved it and plan to go back again this year!

    • beaglesbargains

      That sounds awesome! We have one near us though I’m not sure if it’s pet friendly. I will have to check it out!

  • Jackie Preas

    Interesting!Will have to check it out :).Thanks!

  • Kim

    Hi does anyone know if u add lavender it can make the shampoo antibacterial thanks

  • Gemma

    My dog loves visiting my mum’s as she has a lavender plant and she loves rolling in it

  • Gemma

    my dog loves lavender she loves visiting my mum’s because she has a lavender plant and she loves to role in it

  • Kayla Lussier

    Lavender has always been great for both me and my dog since we both suffer with anxiety. It has helped us so much and I love how much it calms my dog down.