WHAT. Halloween is tomorrow? Don’t worry we have you covered with a super cheap and easy last minute dog Halloween costume! It is DIY, but involves absolutely no sewing.

Last Minute DIY Dog Halloween Costumes from Onesies

Did you know that baby clothes make great costumes for smaller dogs?

Baby t-shirts and onesies are pretty easy to find and are often inexpensive. They also usually have fun patterns, characters, or even seasonal designs on them.

I stopped by the baby clothes clearance rack at my local Target and found three onsies that I thought would make a fun dog costume for Luna for about $2 each.

Last Minute DIY Dog Halloween Costumes from Onesies

Just call her Lunardo.

The biggest challenge is determining your dog’s baby clothes size. The most important measurement is your dog’s chest size to make sure the shirt or onesie isn’t too tight. Luna size is around 12 months, but she is a big chested lady.

DIY Dog Costumes from Onesies

This quick Halloween costume idea is ready in just three simple steps. All you need to start is a pair of scissors!

Last Minute DIY Dog Halloween Costumes from Onesies

1. Find a fun onesie that fits your dog and his or her personality. Try it on your dog before making any modifications.

Last Minute DIY Dog Halloween Costumes from Onesies

2. Cut off the snaps or velcro at the bottom of the onesie. I prefer to cut off the hem all the way around.

Last Minute DIY Dog Halloween Costumes from Onesies

3. Cut off the arms, so that the shirt looks more like a tank top. This step is optional, but I think this makes the shirt more comfortable for Luna.

Last Minute DIY Dog Halloween Costumes from Onesies

If you are really crunched for time or misplaced your scissors like I always do, you could even get away without modifying the onesie or t-shirt as long as it fits your dog comfortably.

Check for seasonal baby items as well. This easy trick also works for other holidays and special occasions like Christmas and the Super Bowl!

Have you ever made your dog a costume?

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman is a bargain hunter, food lover, and software engineer figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. Jessica has been a long time lover of all animals (especially llamas and manatees) and is happy that she can finally combine that love with technology.
Jessica Shipman

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  • Cathy C Bennett

    Ton’s of times, for Harley I shop in the Boys Department “sales” rack. Cute costume

  • I ended up going to the thrift store and leaving with a ton of great elements for costumes (several were small children costumes to modify). I was actually pretty surprised at how many costumes simply have open serged edges (use a serger to just go over the edge of the material) – super “unfinished” even when buying new. A dog one I got at the thrift store simply sewed together three layers and cut off the edge. But it made me realize one doesn’t really need to really spend time doing all the fancy edges or lining, just go for the overall look… super easy stuff. Love this tutorial!

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  • sandy weinstein

    i bought some baby costumes one yr, bears, went as 3 bears and i was goldilocks, read abt another idea, take the stuffing out of a big stuffed toy and make a few cuts, leave the front legs stuffed and a few stitches and you have a costume…for a small dog

  • Helga

    Thats a great idea, good for regular clothing too.

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  • Ruth Epstein

    Great idea, thanks 🙂

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  • Nichole

    HA HA – too cute… too bad the lapdogs are too big for onsies! 🙂

    • beaglesbargains

      Hehe! You could always try child or adult t-shirts as well!

  • Rachel Davis

    that is too clever! and so funny! love that

  • Ellie

    these are great! so inexpensive and so cute!

  • Christine Aiello

    I love these ideas you have for costumes. I definitely want to do the M&M one that I read about today!

  • SGilbert

    Love the idea! I would try it if I didn’t have big boys!

    • beaglesbargains

      You might be able to use a child or adult t-shirt in a similar way!

      • SGilbert

        Good idea! Thanks!

  • Amy A

    Cute Idea to bad Nala isn’t one for costumes

  • sandy weinstein

    i have purchased baby halloween costumes many times for my girls. i always check them out every halloween

  • Carolyn S

    This is a cute idea. My Target had some dog halloween costumes for only $3 each in the dollar spot area at the front of store too, for those less creatively inclined.

    • beaglesbargains

      Nice find!! That sounds like a great deal!

  • Erin Altman

    My boy’s a bit big for a baby onesie. Got any adult-size onesies? 😉

    • beaglesbargains

      How about a child or adult t-shirt?

  • Shannon Irvine

    Great ideas!

  • Scott Irvine

    Good stuff!

  • Ruth Epstein

    Great idea

  • Jordan

    Great idea!

  • Linda

    What a cool idea!

  • sara

    This dog costume is so cute

  • sherry butcher

    Cute! I have never made a dog costune.

  • Girl In Crowd

    Yes, I have made costumes for Harley. Sadly, I think a baby’s shirt will still be to big. 🙂

    • beaglesbargains

      It should work the same with kids or adults t-shirts!

  • Mary J

    What a cool idea!

  • Helga

    That’s a great idea, and Luna looks spiffy!

  • Jerry

    This is so creative. Now just need to steal an old onesie from my sister and brother in law!

  • Christine Aiello

    I want to do the M&M’s costume you made! Love it!

  • Fluffy Aussies

    Wonderful idea!

  • Nancy Loring

    I don’t think that I can get find a onsie big enough to fit my 80 pound puppy . Tuc is aBlack Lab/Pitbull mix and we made him a skunk outfit because he loves to chase skunks.. I don’t like it when they spray him.

    • beaglesbargains

      Try an adult or child t-shirt instead!

  • Mallory H.

    I used a solid black baby onesie for the base of Cassi’s skunk Halloween costume this year

  • SGilbert

    Love the idea ad thank you for telling me about using a t-shirt for my bigger dogs.

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  • sandy weinstein

    these are good to use, i have used many baby outfits and doll outfits (where they were puppies) to make halloween costumes. you can use and find accessories in the toy doll section.

  • Chelsea

    this is a great idea!!!

  • Mike

    Cool idea!

  • Laurie Nykaza

    Great idea and you can find these at so many cheap after the holidays and put up for next year had to pin it!

  • Kathy

    super creative!

  • Emily Endrizzi

    Very cute and creative idea! I haven’t ever made a costume for my dogs, but I have crocheted some winter gear for them. Also, the Build-a-Bear workshop clothes fit my smaller dog. We have a bunch of that stuff lying around.

  • Wen Budro

    I thought about it and recently tried….but my efforts were kind of less than stunning. I will keep trying.

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  • Heather W

    What a cute idea! My kiddos and I will definitely try this for our dog. I agree that it probably takes awhile to find the right size to match your dog’s chest size. Unfortunately so many onesie brands vary in size that you’d then have to keep checking size whenever the brand changes. I remember that when my kiddos were young how every brad’s onesie sizing was so different.