Okay I’m going to let you in on a little secret. My boyfriend and I are a bit of Disney fanatics. We were lucky to visit Disneyland for Halloween this year and we surely got bite by the Disney bug! We very strongly considered heading down to Disney World for Christmas because it would so merry and magical and well… #TeamDisneyWorld. But we didn’t end up going through with those plans because celebrating Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without our two dogs.

Instead we’re headed back to LA to spend the holidays with our dogs and my boyfriend’s family. We’re even planning to make to explore a few places that we’ve never been (like Utah!) when we make the drive from Colorado to California. And yes, the dogs are coming with. Maybe I can even get them to pack lighter this trip. Sheesh. How many bags to they need?!

So even though I had a minor blip in my sanity (hey, it’s been a rough year!), I’m thrilled to be bringing Ralph & Luna along for holiday travel. I also love pet brands who know and realize that pet parents want to include their dogs and cats in the holiday festivities by offering seasonal treats, toys, and more.

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How to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Dog | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | #sponsored by Wellness

When heard wind that one of our favorite pet food and treat brands, Wellness, was releasing some seasonal treats, I just knew my two pups would have to give them a try. Not only do these treats come in super cute shapes, but they are also a tasty Gingerbread recipe. Ralph & Luna can’t get enough! Lucky for your pup, Wellness has agreed to sponsor Day 9 of the 2017 Stocking Stuffer Giveaways. We’re giving away a few bags of Wellness Gingerbread Crunchy WellBars and Gingerbread Soft WellBites, so keep on reading to see how to enter!

How to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Dog

Eat Christmas Cookies

One of my favorite traditions with my family is to bake and decorate Christmas cookies. In my family, we make all kinds of cookies – Sugar, Gingerbread, Chocolate chip, Mexican (or Russian or Wedding) Tea Cakes, and then usually something new. Dogs can be included too! Though they can’t eat the cookies meant for us humans (avoid chocolate, nutmeg, and lots of sugar), you can make them special dog treats! And if baking isn’t your thing, just head to your local pet store to pick up a bag of festive Gingerbread treats from Wellness.

How to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Dog | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | #sponsored by Wellness

(Un)Wrap Presents

My family also has very specific traditions when it comes to unwrapping presents. We all go around in a circle and each person opens one present at a time. Once you are out of presents to open, you just sit back and watch everyone else (usually the kids outlast the adults!) With an extended family of 15 people, this takes a good portion of the day. But I LOVE it because you get to see what everyone else gets and you get to witness the reactions of people opening gifts you gave. Since there are so many people, there is also a lot of wrapping paper thrown about the room at the end. I may or may not jump into it with the dogs like it is a pile of leaves.

I also find it so fun when my dogs want to help unwrap. They don’t ALWAYS want to help. It’s usually only when you don’t want them too. They grab a hold of the paper and rip! You usually have to finish for them or maybe even help get them started, but it’s fun to watch.

PRO TIP: Don’t leave presents under the tree your dog might be interested in. Or at all if you have a heavy chewer. You probably don’t want your dog to eat Christmas!

Wear Matching Sweaters or PJs

Another tradition is to all get matching PJs and to take pictures for our holiday card. This year we ordered fun Moose PJs from Lazy One. We haven’t taken our picture yet because I’m running so behind this year, but I can’t wait to wear our ridiculously cute matching pajamas together.

Not a PJ person? (WHO ARE YOU?) Matching sweaters are also a thing.

How to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Dog | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | #sponsored by Wellness

Go on a Holiday Lights Walk

I love seeing all of the different holiday light displays – both professional and personal. We’re actually headed to a display at our local Botanic Garden tonight! But lately, I’ve been loving just walking around my apartment complex looking at all the balcony light displays with Ralph & Luna. If you live in a community, I’m sure there will be some up near you too! If not, hop in the car and find some. There’s nothing better than enjoying beautiful Christmas lights with those you love, especially if it ends with a hot chocolate and pet friendly PSL.

For more ideas on activities you can do with your dog over the holidays, visit our list of 7 Cold Weather Activities to Do with Your Dog.

About Wellness Gingerbread Crunchy WellBars & Gingerbread Soft WellBites

Both of these treats are made only with premium, all natural ingredients, are gluten free, and of course feature a Gingerbread flavor. That means no corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors or flavors! The Crunchy WellBars are just that, crunchy! These treats are oven baked into four different fun holiday shapes – stocking, tree, star, and snowflake. The Soft WellBites are moist treats with chicken as the primary ingredient. Though these treats aren’t available in the fun shapes, they pack a ton of flavor that my dogs love.

How to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Dog | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | #sponsored by Wellness

Right now you can get both treats at PetSmart (in store or online). The Wellness Gingerbread Soft WellBites are $4.97 for a 6 oz bag and the Wellness Gingerbread Crunchy WellBars are ONLY $2.47 for a 8 oz bag. NOW that is a Christmas bargain if I have ever seen one. My two dogs thoroughly enjoy these treats, so I bet yours will too.

If you want to learn more about Wellness, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Don’t forget to check out the Wellness website too.

How to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Dog | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | Win Wellness Gingerbread Crunchy WellBars & Gingerbread Soft WellBites | #sponsored by Wellness

FIVE lucky Beagles & Bargains readers will receive a Wellness Gingerbread Crunchy WellBars and Gingerbread Soft WellBites!

Residents of the United States and Canada (except Quebec) are eligible to enter via the Rafflecopter below. Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on Friday, December 22, 2017. Winners will be notified via email within 48 hours of the giveaway closing and will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.

Five (5) winner will receive two (2) bags of Wellness Gingerbread Crunchy WellBars and two (2) bags of Wellness Gingerbread Soft WellBites. Estimated value is $25.

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What is your favorite way to spend the holidays with your dog?

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Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a commission if you click and/or purchase from the link to help support this blog. Do not worry, these links do not affect the price of products.

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman is a bargain hunter, food lover, and software engineer figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. Jessica has been a long time lover of all animals (especially llamas and manatees) and is happy that she can finally combine that love with technology.
Jessica Shipman

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  • Linda Szymoniak

    None of us like the cold and snow, so my favorite thing to do with my pups (and kitties) for the holidays is just relaxing at home. I love to cuddle on the couch and watch movies (especially Christmas ones) and just have quality time together. I’ve lost three dogs and one cat in the past three years, so I want to be sure I spend as much time as I can with each and every furbaby I have. I just adopted a 10-month-old Treeing Walker Coonhound girl and she’s the most affectionate girl. I look forward to cuddling on the couch with her while watching It’s a Wonderful Life.

  • Candice

    I get extra special Christmas treats and we play fetch in the yard.

  • Dianne

    My girl and I walk several times each day but during the holidays I especially enjoy walking with her after dark so we can take our time and enjoy the holiday lights that neighbors have put up.

  • Theresa Spaid

    Christmas Eve my daughter and granddaughter come over. That is the best Christmas present my furbabies can have. The just love it. Haaving snacks and opening presents is special too for them.

  • Allison Hoffman

    playing outside in the snow!

  • Misty


  • rlweitzel

    Outside playing.

  • njweitzel

    Baking homemade treats

  • Jason Diehl

    Playing in the snow

  • Kayla Lussier

    It is a tradition for us to get gifts for our dog to open with everyone on Christmas day and it is so awesome to see her really excited and happy when she tears open her gifts!

  • sandy weinstein

    we are not cold weather people. my girls are fl bred and born. the youngest hates the cold. so we snuggle in bed, play in the house. i have long hallway. we do training sometimes. they like to go out on the deck and bark at the deer.

  • Rochelle Epstein

    Relaxing, cuddlying and going with the flow

  • Laurie Nykaza

    We love to go out walking now its not so hot outside still can get to 80 we dont have winters like other parts of the country.

  • Rachel Davis

    we love spending christmas on the couch, watching a christmas story!

  • Christine Aiello

    We love going to visit Santa, spending the holiday with family and friends, going to see holiday lights and I love watching her open presents. She gets so excited!

  • Michelle

    We love running through the snow and looking at all the lights! It’s a winter wonderland!

  • Jackie Preas

    I love watching my boy with his stocking and then him opening his new treats and toys and sweaters that wouldn’t fit in his stocking (VBG)Yeah,I spoil him.I love being able to!

  • DJohnson

    I love taking him outside to play with his toys and watch him run and go crazy. It’s always a blast.

  • Molly Pitcher

    I love spending time with my dogs all the time but especially at the holidays! We like to go on long car rides together to visit friends and families.

  • Christina Foley

    We go walking to look at lights every night! We go visit Santa Paws and go to a dog friendly Christmas party with our rescue friends. The pups get presents from Santa and love opening them Christmas morning. We foster a pup from the shelter for Christmas and New Year also. My girls love having foster buddies to play with.

  • Carolyn

    You can bring dogs to some of the Disney hotels now…so you can do Disney & spend time with the dogs.

    I make my dog dress up in different outfits for Christmas. She has an elf costume & Rudolph & a couple Christmas bandanas & a ribbon bell collar. It is hard to even wear it all!

  • Kyle B

    Is it weird that I just love having the day off, sleeping in with the pups and snuggling up to them and my wife all day. No really worries.

  • Helga

    We like to take our doxie traveling because he is great in the car and does well in new settings.

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I like to spoil my dogs at the holiday’s. I make them special treats.

  • Dianne

    We walk after dark to enjoy the Christmas lights.

  • Barrie

    Maverick loves to help with all things Christmas. He loves to chase tinsel, when it sticks to his tail. He likes to sit near me when I bake, to give me strength NOT to burn anything. He’s very good at going into the kitchen when the timer goes off.

  • Ellen Reardon

    I love snuggling with Apollo on the couch while I read

  • Annamarie Voss

    We always have a stocking for our dog and he gets the most presents out of anyone.

  • Lisa F.

    I like to take my dogs to my parents for opening presents.

  • Mary W

    We enjoy seeing the dogs enjoy their new Nylabones and treats

  • Daniel Scott

    My dog and I love going to the Jingle Bell Dog walk each year to support our local shelter. Artie always dresses-up for the occasion.

  • Amy A

    I love spending the holidays opening the pups gifts with them and baking them holiday pupcakes.

  • Michelle

    We love to snuggle on the couch and watch Christmas movies.

  • Heather D

    Our dog knows she has gifts but never messes with them. She gets excited when we open them and I love that.

  • Allyson Tice

    we snuggle with our pup on christmas and eat and watch tv!

  • Susan Pertierra

    We love to go on walks around the neighborhood or to the dog park.

  • Melissa S

    Our dog spends a lot of time in my sons room getting extra cuddles during the holidays. We always give her and our cat a special meal for the holidays.

  • Kim Lassiter Mangrum

    snuggle and shared good she ks

  • Shelley P

    My favorite way to spend the holidays with my dogs is to take them to Christmas doggy events and get their pictures taken with Santa. They love getting out and meeting new people and dogs, getting lots of extra attention and getting special treats at these events.

  • Kelly McGrew

    By involving them in presents under the tree and making them their own Christmas dinners!

  • Natalie hartmann

    Snuggled on the couch & enjoying the new toys

  • Sandy Klocinski

    My favorite way to sped the holidays with my dog is giving them doggy Christmas treats

  • Charlene

    Snuggled up on the couch together is the best.

  • Shea

    My favorite way to spend Christmas holidays with my dogs is watching them play with and enjoy their new toys and treats from their stockings.

  • Elena

    I like cuddling with my dogs and cats during the holidays

  • iggysaysno

    We love to walk to the river and play with the ice.

  • mullin77

    We like to take our boy Bailey for nice long walks & we get him an stocking full of toy’s & treats. We like to take Bailey with us to see the pretty Christmas lights at the park & go to Starbucks he gets his puppy treat
    Cathy Truman

  • Kristin McCall

    I love dressing my dog in cute Christmas sweaters.

  • rickel bart

    sitting by the fire

  • Jennifer Reed

    I enjoy watching holiday movies on the couch in front of a fireplace with my dog.

  • AnnaZed

    We just do nothing, go on walks, have treats. I make them a home cooked meal of beef and pumpkin and peas (but i do that fairly often).

  • Alex Stewart

    We take longer walks than usual.

  • susansmoaks

    my dog and i enjoy watching tv together.

  • sonnetdog

    Hiking in the beautiful snow in the woods!

  • Kathy Ri

    WE take longer walks and she gets a new Christmasy chew toy

  • msrodeobrat

    I like to take them to look at Christmas lights
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  • Cindy Peterson

    Curl up by the fire together.

  • Jodi Hassel

    we bring him everywhere! just spending time with him and the family

  • Char

    We bring my pup every place we go!

  • Donna Teller

    We like to cuddle on the couch with them and watch tv after they get their presents.

  • Lisa Michelle

    We bring out their special Christmas toys. They get so excited to see them, as they only get to play with them during the holidays!

  • Denise B.

    We don’t do anything different for Christmas than any other day.

  • kathypease

    we like to lay on the couch and watch Netflix

  • julie_bolduc

    We give our dog more love and buy her Christmas gifts

  • Calvin F.

    Cuddle together and stay warm. Racing around the house

  • Leela

    Just hanging out with family.

  • paigechandler

    We love to snuggle and watch Miracle on 34th street together

  • tiffany dayton

    Watching tv

  • Jessica Barrientos

    Melvin has a stocking, presents and gets special Christmas cookies!

  • susitravl

    I like giving my dogs the dog cookies that they only get at Christmas.

  • Kristen benson

    Watching movies!

  • Kristi

    We love to wrap up my dog’s toys and treats in many layers of wrapping paper since he loves to rip them up!

  • Joanne Careri

    He gets special treats. We also snuggle together to keep warm.

  • heatherswanson

    visiting my brother & his dog Benji

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Extra cuddles and love!


  • Kristen Patton

    I love putting my pups in a cozy sweater and snuggling them on the couch!

  • Kayla Klontz

    My favorite way is by including her in everything during the holidays, she even gets a little bit of the Christmas ham!

  • Vikki Billings

    My favorite way to spend the holidays with my dog is to sit with a nice soft fuzzy blanket and watch a movie and eat popcorn.

  • Laurie Emerson

    My favorite way is to include them in all of the family activities. I also like to spend a little alone time with each one and give them their presents.

  • aekz2

    I bought some toys for my dog. It’s always fun to watch her play with her new toys.

  • Robyn B.

    Curled up on the couch watching movies. She snuggles under my blanket too.

  • Buddy Garrett

    They love taking me for walks around the neighborhood.

  • Richard Hicks

    Like to snuggle with him watching tv

  • Coco C

    Extra time at the dog park!