I haven’t been great lately at sharing what’s going on in our lives, so I’m hoping to change that with a quick recap of a fun hike we took a few weekends ago. Earlier this month, we were searching for a pretty easy, but fun hike to kick off the real start of the spring season and warmer weather. We settled on visiting the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship, which is located about an hour further west from where we live in Northern Virginia.

I hadn’t ever heard of this location before, but it turns out they have quite a few hike trails that are more than welcoming to pets! Plus, it isn’t too far away from several pet friendly wineries that I’ve been dying to try out.

Ralph and Luna During a Dog Friendly Hike at the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship

We had found a recommendation online for a good combination of a few of the available trails, but for some reason found it difficult to follow the instructions at first and ended up in a grassy pasture! The dogs didn’t mind one bit. Ralph enjoy a bit of extra space to run like crazy.

Dog Friendly Hiking at Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship

Once we made it onto the trial, it was pretty quiet. We only passed one other person and dog the whole time we were out there. Many of the trails are also suitable for horses, so we had to avoid the occasional land mine. I think Ralph thought it was a fun game. That boy loves to jump!

Ralph Jumping During a Dog Friendly Hiking at Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship

About halfway through our hike, we passed Piney Run and let the dogs jump in for a few minutes to cool down. Luna absolutely loved it, but Ralph wasn’t too sure what he was supposed to do with all this moving water.

Luna enjoys the cool water of Piney Run while hiking at the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship

I was a little disappointed we didn’t see much wild life even though the area is known for its birds. Perhaps it was too early in the season. We’ll have to go back and check. We did see plenty of beautiful flowers and plants including a ton of Redbud trees – my favorite! We also passed a few historical buildings. They were a bit dilapidated, but part of the history of the land where the trails were.

Redbud Trees Spotted at Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship During a Dog Friendly Hike

After we finished our 3 mile hike, us humans were pretty hungry! We headed back to the car to get some fresh water and then we set off to find something delicious to eat. We decided on Market Burger & Fries in Purcellville, VA. This burger joint even had a treat for dogs made with ice cream, peanut butter, and a dog cookie! Though we didn’t get one this trip, I’m sure we’ll be back.

Dog Friendly Hiking at Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship

The food was pretty tasty, but I devoured the burger far too quickly. We had plenty of fries – both sweet potato and regular – so even the pups got a few sweet potato fries!

We didn’t make it out to a pet friendly winery this time around, but it’s just the start of the season. Hopefully, we’ll change that in the coming weeks. In the meantime, stay tuned for a post on our recent camping trip to Douthat State Park!

Dog Friendly Hiking at Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman

Jessica Shipman is a bargain hunter, food lover, and software engineer figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. Jessica has been a long time lover of all animals (especially llamas and manatees) and is happy that she can finally combine that love with technology.
Jessica Shipman

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  • Looks like a beautiful hike and everyone had fun! I did my massage training in Round Hill, the next town over from Purcellville. It’s a great area!

    • beaglesbargains

      Yes, I’m very familiar! I grew up over in Loudoun County.

  • Hindy Pearson

    I know how anxious we are to get out of the house after a long cold winter, so the hike sounds like a fun idea. You’re lucky you had the trail pretty much to yourself, makes it a lot more enjoyable. I’m very impressed the restaurant had doggie treats, that’s not something I’d ever heard of before. Look forward to reading more of your adventures.

    • beaglesbargains

      I see it more frequently now! I think it’s great especially for places that have pet friendly patios.

  • I miss our time in NoVA, so many awesome hiking/walking opportunities! That picture of Ralph jumping over the logs is a great one – how long is the leash you had him on? I got the pups an extra long one for hiking/swimming adventures.

    • beaglesbargains

      Just a 6″ one for now, but I’d love to get a long biothane leash for them both! That way it will hold up better to the dirt and water.

  • Looks like a lovely hike.

    BTW, the key to seeing lots of wild life is sitting very quietly for a long period of time. Not quite compatible with hiking. 🙂

    • beaglesbargains

      I actually see quite a bit of wildlife on our hikes typically, which is why I mentioned it.

  • Great details! I’m a proud new puppy parent, so love hearing about what we can do. Thanks for sharing!